Michael Stewart

Head of state representation will be decided nationally through a referendum. Let the people decide.

Paul Stevenson

The people will decide that, Ian.

Georgina Gibbons

That’s for a independent country to decide. The Queen is looking very frail.

Pete Barrie

Irrelevant, as they’re already making excuses as to why there won’t be a referendum in 2023. Or 2024, 2025…… yet the blind still believe their nonsense.

Eileen McBride

That might be the SNP’s hope, but they cannot guarantee anything post independence. It would depend on which party won the first election. The House of Windsor, advised by the RUK govt might also have an opinion on the subject.

Juan-Pablo Discobar

She’ll be long deid by the time we are there at this rate.

David Nivison

As it should be. Not all who support independence are republicans, just those who support a united Ireland.

Jock Burns

Nothing new here. Alex Salmond told us this before 2014.

Roland Clark

There will never be an independent Scotland.

Atholl Cunningham

Does he have permission from Sturgeon to make that comment, I wonder?

David Nisbet

Totally pointless topic as there will never be an independent Scotland.

Breezy Breezy

The man is an embarrassment to my country.

Barry Kirk

Let’s get independence first, we can deal with all the other stuff when we get there.

Spaces for People

The 20mph speed limits, introduced as part of a Spaces for People initiative in towns and villages across East Lothian, could now be made permanent.

Jim Robertson

We had a very sensible but voluntary scheme, “where its twenty it’s plenty”. These are used in built-up areas and within housing estates. These should have been made mandatory, but when you are on A roads passing through villages at 20mph it’s ridiculous. Outside schools at the relevant times also makes sense. Modern cars with modern braking systems and bodywork designed to reduce impact have all made roads safer for pedestrians.

Devon Longstone

Nobody follows them in Edinburgh, including the police. All they do is frustrate drivers who get stuck behind the odd person who does follow it and in turn makes the roads more dangerous due to angry motorists.

Anna Mosspaul

Just how will East Lothian enforce these 20mph speed limits, as they failing to enforce them here in the Borders?

Jacqueline Ramsay

It has taken some effect as drivers have got used to it and now, especially with cyclists and pedestrians. But think it should be 25mph everywhere for the gears in the vehicles to function without any extra pollution as petrol /diesel has increased so high in price using more petrol for emissions in slower mph.

Ross A Brown

Nobody can police the relentless antisocial behaviour in East Lothian, but no doubt they’ll have endless resources at various intervals throughout the year to police this.

Tingtong Macadangdang

The worst thing to come from this is pedestrians walking blindly in front of traffic. Happens several times a journey – backs to the traffic, no intentions of looking.

Colin Gilbert

Crimes of drivers are given this unique set of excuses. “20mph holds up the traffic!” Nope. Journey times barely increase at all. “20mph is unenforceable!” Of course it’s enforceable. Like assault, burglary or letting your dog foul the kids’ playpark – it can be enforced as and when we give it some priority. “20mph increases pollution!” Oh, you just care so much about pollution, you’ll do anything to help reduce it, except perhaps drive a bit less. There’s little evidence of any increase in pollution. “20mph doesn’t reduce injuries!” Actually there’s good evidence that it does. “20mph means cars and bikes are going at the same speed, so I have to drive over the speed limit to overtake cyclists!” Yes, someone really said this on here. Not worthy of a response.

Henry Campbell Gillan

Deary me, I cannae drive ma motor as fast as I like just cos a few bairns get killed. Ridiculous.

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