1913 Bugatti Type 18 Black Bess

Of all the prewar Bugattis, this Type 18 is the most distinguished and maybe even the most famous. It is also one of the rare five-liter models first sold to aviator Roland Garros. But it was during the car’s second ...

Bugatti Shows Off All Three Models in Dubai

The Trilogy Of Modern Bugatti

Bugatti Chiron owner hits 257 mph on the autobahn

Few places in the world are appropriate for the Bugatti Chiron to really stretch its legs, but Germany’s autobahn network is one of them. Chiron owner Radim Passer recently took his car to 414 kph (257.2 mph) on a ...

Bugatti Divo Deliveries to Begin

Bugatti has announced deliveries of the 1,500 hp Divo will commence

Bugatti Takes Aim at Corners and Back Roads with the Chiron Pur Sport

It's not for everyone, but it's a heck of a way to spend $5 million on a car.

Three Bugattis, three eras, one gallery

– All photos taken on a Nikon D300, 18-135mm f3.5-5.6G

Meet The Man Who Drives Every New Bugatti Before Its Owner

There are worse jobs than official test driver for Bugatti. There are boring jobs, cool jobs, and there's being a test driver for a supercar manufacturer. Bugatti test driver Steve Jenny has one of the coolest jobs in the world: ...

Bugatti's Next Special Edition Will Be Inspired By 100-Year-Old Car

The past always serves as good inspiration for the future at Bugatti. Think of a hypercar that redefined speed in the 21st century and you'll likely think of Bugatti. When the Veyron came out, it changed the way we thought ...

Dubai Police Car Collection- Bugatti Veyron, Ferrari FF And More

Dubai is one of the safest cities in the world and the Government has spared no expense with regard to equipping its police forces with the best vehicles from several parts of the world. The Dubai police force is ...

Here's the technology that got the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+ to over 300 mph

Bugatti stunned the automotive world in 2019 by announcing that it had broken the 300-mph barrier for production cars with a special version of the Chiron called the Chiron Super Sport 300+. The automaker has since provided more detail ...

Bugatti “Woody Gatty” 57SC Atlantic Is a Digitally Blown Custom Like No Other

Much can be said about Jean Bugatti and his Bugatti Type 57 masterpiece. It was the crown jewel of Ettore Bugatti’s son’s career, many would say. And it’s one of the most coveted cars ever, according to others.

Tailored To Fit: Bugatti Begins Sur Mesure Custom Program

Not The First Factory Custom Bugatti Celebrating Its History We guess it makes sense that, if you’ve got the money to spend on a 2022 Bugatti Chiron, you’d have more than enough bank to get it customized. What if ...

Métier de rêve - Pilote d'essai chez... Bugatti !

Les modèles Bugatti collés par Steve Jenny Les modèles Bugatti collés par Steve Jenny Les modèles Bugatti collés par Steve Jenny Les modèles Bugatti collés par Steve Jenny Les modèles Bugatti collés par Steve Jenny Les modèles Bugatti collés ...

2022 Ford Expedition cashes in, Bugatti Super Sport takes off, EV tax credit explainer: What's New @ The Car Connection

The Timberline model appeals to off-road enthusiasts and the Stealth performance package improves on-road dynamics. The updated 2022 RDX will be quieter inside, and it adds standard blind-spot monitors; refreshed styling takes after the larger MDX. The refreshed Passport adds ...

Is the Perodua Kancil a future classic? Malaysian Bugatti Divo owner JP Chin thinks so

Unlike property, cars aren’t exactly good investments unless they are rare, special, and one-of-a-kind. That said, special edition versions of regular cars don’t quite get the same appreciation as say a unique hypercar like the Bugatti Divo. Speaking of ...

Qatar royal family member driving Bugatti Chiron Super Sport supercar on public roads [Video]

Bugatti Chiron is one of the most popular cars in the world because it is the spiritual successor to the legendary Bugatti Veyron. Not many people own the supercar because of its expensive price tag and exclusivity. Here, we have ...

How Good Is Your Engine Ear? A Dad Splurged On Bugattis, A Mystery Car In The Water, And The Dumbest Reason To Wreck A Car

There’s so much to unpack this week! Headlines… A Father Bought Bugattis For Each Of His Six Kids An anonymous father of six visited Bugatti’s headquarters in France recently, taking delivery of eight cars. That’s right, the man got two ...

Bugatti Type 57 SC Atlantic in special exhibit at Guggenheim Bilbao

Bugatti Type 57 SC Atlantic at Guggenheim Museum Bilbao. If you love ultra-rare cars and happen to be heading to Spain for a holiday, you could consider making a trip to Guggenheim Museum Bilbao to view a Bugatti Type ...

These Zebra-Striped Bugatti Chirons Took 5 Weeks to Paint

Both a Chiron Super Sport and Chiron Pur Sport with custom Vagues de Lumière liveries recently left the factory. Every Bugatti Chiron is special, with each hypercar’s owner selecting their own personalized spec in terms of paint color, interior scheme, ...

Bugatti Chiron Super Sport And Pur Sport Bespoke Editions Unveiled

Bugatti took five weeks to finish each Chiron bespoke editions. Bespoke editions and customisation are not new to Bugatti and ever since the first Chiron rolled out, the company tried keeping the range fresh coming up with bespoke models ...

No charges laid on Bugatti Chiron driver who exceeded 400kmh on Autobahn

The Czech millionaire who hit 417 km/h in his Bugatti Chiron on Germany’s Autobahn will not be charged over the incident. The road is known for its unrestricted sections, which allow drivers to set their own pace – no matter ...

Would You Buy This Bugatti Veyron For $150K?

Would you buy a Bugatti Veyron for $150,000? Of course, you would, no matter what it took to come up with the scratch. You could sell it in a week for $1.5 million and the new owner would have him ...

A Father Bought Bugattis For Each Of His Six Kids

And for good measure, he bought two for himself… An anonymous father of six visited Bugatti’s headquarters in France recently, taking delivery of eight cars. That’s right, the man got two for himself (or maybe one for the wife) and ...

Bugatti Sur Mesure has revealed these custom-painted Chirons

Modified The company’s new customisation department has spent many weeks wielding many paint brushes Remember just before Christmas when Bugatti announced it was launching a special customisation division? Well the pair of Chirons you see here are two of the ...

Bespoke Bugatti Chirons Have Paint Jobs That Took Five Weeks To Finish

They were created through the automaker’s Sur Mesure customization program. The Bugatti Chiron is already an extremely rare supercar. Production is ongoing, with only 500 slated to be built over the course of several years. The Super Sport and Pur ...

Bugatti reveals two bespoke Chiron models with unique liveries

The one-off cars, based on the Chiron Super Sport and Pur Sport, feature designs inspired by ‘waves of light’ Bugatti has revealed two bespoke models that have been produced through its Sur Mesure customisation programme.  The two hypercars – a Bugatti ...

Jay Leno Plays Art Deco Racer in a 1931 Bugatti Type 51 Dubos Coupe

1931 Bugatti Type 51 Dubos Coupe article highlights: An evolution of the Type 35, the Bugatti Type 51 is a true Grand Prix race car that can work on the road The 1931 Dubos Coupe is unique even amongst seven-figure ...

Homemade Bugatti Chiron Is The Purest Definition Of Built Not Bought

A dream hypercar with a Toyota engine. Bugatti will assemble just 500 examples of the Chiron hypercar with the last units expected to leave the factory in Molsheim, France, by the end of this year. All 500 Chirons have been ...

Greatest road tests ever: Bugatti EB110 GT

A huge injection of cash brought Bugatti back from the dead. The EB110’s five-star Autocar verdict confirmed that it was money well spent TESTED 16.3.94 Some of the world’s most talented automotive designers and engineers produced the long-awaited EB110 GT. ...

Jay Leno checks out the unique 1931 Bugatti Type 51 Dubos Coupe

The 1931 Bugatti Type 51 Dubos Coupe is a unique combination of coach-built bodywork and race car mechanicals. Now part of California’s Nethercutt Collection, it was recently featured on “Jay Leno’s Garage,” where Cameron Richards, vice president of the ...

Collector Buys Eight Bugattis, But Only Two Are Full-Size Models

The other six are Bugatti Baby II EVs. Purchasing a Bugatti isn’t your typical car-buying experience. It’s a very involved process that whittles down potential customers to a select few who will get the opportunity to take delivery of their ...

A single Bugatti Chiron has been recalled over a single loose screw 

Bugatti have stated they will cover the transportation costs and assessment of the single model. A single screw is responsible for the recall. Only a single Chiron is being recalled over the incident. Some would call it pedantic but ...

Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse Looks Dapper In Dark Blue Carbon Fiber

The Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse was formerly the world’s fastest convertible and a particularly stunning example is currently up for sale. Of the 450 Bugatti Veyrons that were produced, just 92 are thought to be Grand Sport Vitesse models. ...

Bugatti Issues Recall For The Chiron Over Loose Screw Issue

Bugatti has recalled the Chiron that were assembled on November 19, 2017 to tighten a loose screw. Bugatti has issued a recall for the Chiron that were assembled on November 19, 2017 to tighten a loose screw. In a ...

A Single $3 Million Bugatti Chiron Supercar Recalled Over Loose Screws

For most automakers, issuing a recall with the NHTSA is a major situation. But when it comes to supercar brand Bugatti, issuing a recall isn’t a big deal. Especially when it is for one single Bugatti Chiron supercar. The National ...

Bugatti recalls a single US$3-million Chiron to inspect screws

There’s mounting evidence one would have to have a screw loose to pay US$3 million for a new set of wheels. Bugatti, the French supercar maker, just notified U.S. safety regulators it’s recalling the 2018 Chiron — well, a single ...

A Bugatti Chiron is being recalled over a single loose screw

Photo / Supplied A Bugatti Chiron has been recalled due to a single loose screw.  The recall, issued on March 28th, covers just one 2018 Chiron, and explains how just one loose screw could affect the functionality of the ...

Bugatti Chiron Owner In US Has Hypercar Recalled Over Loose Screw

When you have a screw loose, it’s best to fix the problem. Some recalls from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration affect serious problems that rectify issues that could result in the injury or death of drivers. This isn’t one ...

Limited edition Bugatti Chiron Super Sport models to be delivered to customers

25 centimetres wider for improved aero at ludicrous speeds. The Sur Mesure customization program allows owners to spec their Chiron in bespoke specs. You get 1,177 kW and 1,600 N.m from the W16 in this application. Painted to mimic ...


Bugatti Chiron Super Sport Deliveries Begin; Limited To Only 9 Examples

Bugatti Chiron Super Sport enters production, first car features Vagues de Lumière paintwork

Two new Bugatti Rimac hypercars headed our way

One-Of-30 Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+ Casually Parked In London

Bugatti Chiron Super Sport First Customer Deliveries Begin

Bugatti Centodieci production to begin soon; photos

Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 2022 review

Street-Parked Bugatti Divo Gets All The Attention In Downtown London

Bugatti Rimac Teases Pair Of Upcoming Hypercars In Photo Background

$8.8M Bugatti Centodieci is now production ready after strenuous testing

Electric hypercar maker Bugatti Rimac is hiring

Bugatti Rimac teases new hypercars at Berlin hub announcement

Bugatti Centodieci ready for production

Bugatti Centodieci about to enter production – over 50,000km covered in endurance testing

Toyota GR Corolla Launch Date, Bugatti Centodieci Enters Production, And Mazda CX-50 Driven: Your Morning Brief

Qatari Sheikh’s $7.1 Million Bugatti Divo Found Hard Parked In London

2023 Ford F-150 Rattler, 2023 Mercedes-Benz AMG GT, Bugatti Centodieci: Today's Car News

With development complete, Bugatti's Centodieci is ready to enter production

1,600 ps Bugatti Centodieci completes endurance testing, ready for production

Bugatti Centodieci Enters Production After 31,000 Miles Of Rigorous Testing

£7.3m Bugatti Centodieci nears production ahead of 2022 deliveries

Qatari Sheikh Sends Bugatti Divo, Lamborghini Sian, And Ferrari Monza SP2 To London

Keith Urban Owned a $2.7 Million Bugatti Veyron

New Bugatti Chiron Sport revealed in Geneva - lighter, firmer, faster

The Chiron that evo built - how you buy a £2.5m Bugatti Chiron

1951 Bugatti Type 101 Coupe

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Bugatti, Lamborghini, VW, Audi Cars in 'Felicity Ace' Ship Fire to Be Replaced

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1922 Bugatti Type 30

Post Malone Is Selling His Bugatti Chiron Packed With Over $150,000 In Options

Tesla Model S Plaid vs Bugatti Chiron | DRAG RACE

La Toyota 2000GT qui valait plus cher qu'une Bugatti Chiron

Este Toyota 2000GT... ¡cuesta más que un Bugatti Chiron!

Post Malone's very white Bugatti Chiron is up for grabs

Bugatti Chiron Super Sport passt nur knapp in den McDrive

Este Bugatti Chiron a la venta es de un americano muy famoso

Bugatti Chiron successor might ditch big engine says Mate Rimac

Driving A Bugatti Chiron Through A Drive-Thru Is Even Harder Than You Might Expect

Rapper Post Malone’s Bugatti Chiron is up for sale

Post Malone’s 2019 Bugatti Chiron Is for Sale and It’s All White

Post Malone Sells 1-of-1 Bugatti Chiron Originally Bought by Quebec Businessman

Post Malone Is Selling His All-White 2019 Bugatti Chiron

Bugatti Chiron Super Sport Barely Fits Into McDonald's Drive Thru

Rapper Post Malone Is Selling His White-On-White 2019 Bugatti Chiron

Next Bugatti model won't be fully electric - report

Rimac says Bugatti's next model will be 'heavily electrified'

Next Bugatti to feature ‘heavily electrified’ powertrain, with ‘attractive’ ICE

Bugatti Chiron Successor Will Be "Heavily Electrified," Mate Rimac Says

Bugatti’s Future Under Rimac, Russian Auto Production Idled, And Honda e Driven: Your Morning Brief

Bugatti CEO says next hypercar will be a hybrid

For $1.6 Million, Will You Go For A One Of A Kind Beige Bugatti Veyron?

Plus de 12 millions d'euros pour une Bugatti même pas encore produite