Mick Stevenson’s custom EK Holden road trip to Red CentreNATS

Holden nut Mick Stevenson reckons he’s owned one of nearly every classic Lion, but FBs and EKs remain his picks of the bunch. “It just happened that way,” he reasons. “An EK was the first registered car I’d had, and ...

Barry Milburn's FX Holden

What we didn’t realise was that Barry’s love affair with this particular humpy spans an unbroken 60 years, replete with a hot Colin Russell-built grey motor! Tell us about your history with this FX, Barry. I’ve had the car for ...

Farewell to Holden’s Supercar

The final curtain is about to come down on the famous marque’s last weekend of racing at Pukekohe.

Nigel Warr's big-block HQ Holden ute

UPDATE: Since our 2020 feature on Nigel’s ute, he’s given it a big birthday and taken out one of the most-prestigious prizes in our sport – the Red CentreNATS Grand Champion gong! The recent mods include Mods included a de-stroke ...

Twin-turbo Lexus V8-powered FB Holden

UPDATE: Since we featured Peter’s stunning FB in 2018, the heavily-customised Holden has had a serious crack at the top awards in our sport. At Street Machine Summernats 34, the FB finished in the top three for the Grand Champion ...

Larry Perkins Bathurst-winning Holden V8

Jack of all trades Holden/Perkins Engineering cast block The Holden and Ford rivalry at the Bathurst 1000 is as Aussie as koalas, servo pies and wanting anyone except the English to win at sport. Nearly 30 years ago, it ...

Who the hell needs Holden? Walkinshaw now TWICE as big as HSV ever was as Aussie automotive manufacturing booms

Who the hell needs Holden? Australia is in the midst of a local-manufacturing boom, with engineering house Walkinshaw now bigger and employing more people than Holden-backed HSV was at its peak. Take it as further evidence that Holden (and, ...

Holden heroes still in hot demand

The 1996 HSV GTSR is an in-demand collector car Classic car collectors continue to pay top dollar for Holden performance cars, with Lloyds Auctions again attracting plenty of interest. At the time of publication the company was still negotiating ...

Disappearing brands: Holden, Chrysler, Opel and the other brands that have left Australia - and the one that's making a comeback

Alpine – 2021 Chrysler – 2021 Holden – 2020 Infiniti – 2019 Dodge – 2016 Opel – 2013 Saab – 2013 In the graveyard of brands in the Australian market, which one is making a comeback? Australia is often ...

Holden Camira at 40: How Australia's "worst-ever" car and Holden's most hated model was also the most advanced it ever made in this country

Camira rarities like the SJ, Formula and later SLi 2000 are the pick for collectors, though every version is becoming valuable. “Oh Steve could you move the Camira? I need to get the Torana out so I can get ...

Holden VE Commodore SS: Buyer's Guide

Launched in July 2006, the VE Commodore was a whole new platform that radically dragged the old and tired Commodore into the 21st Century. It is rumoured we were meant to get the VE much earlier, as design sketches that ...

Dave Hemsworth's FJ Holden ute

When is a humpy ute not a humpy ute? When it gets dropped over a Chev LUV chassis, is powered by a Ford Windsor and grunts through a Ford driveline! The man behind this schizophrenic creation is plumber-turned-storeman, Dave Hemsworth. ...

Ed Brodie's SMOTY-winning 1974 Holden HJ Sedan - MR HJ

The 1998-99 SMOTY show judges loved Ed Brodie’s injected Holden 304-powered HJ sedan. Look close, real close and see why This article on Ed’s Holden HJ was originally published in the February 1997 issue of Street Machine IN TERMS of ...

How Holden and GM robbed Australians of Very Good Utes | Opinion

How Holden and GM robbed Australia Holden is no more, and while the pain of its departure is now beginning to fade, it is quickly being replaced by a new and furious anger over the fact that – as ...

Gareth Lougher's 1967 HR Holden Premier

THE day WA’s Gareth Lougher bought this HR, he and his wife Alison were leaving to take her showstopping LH Torana, 6APEAL (SM, Apr ’13), to MotorEx Sydney in 2012. This article was first published in the October 2019 issue ...

Grant Mahoney's custom HQ Holden wagon

This article on Grant’s HQ wagon was originally published in the August 2018 issue of Street Machine magazine For custom car fans, Grant Mahoney’s extensively modified HQ Holden wagon is a welcome blast of fresh air in this era of ...

Brothers in arms: How the Ford Ranger and Holden Commodore are more similar than you think

Aussie engineered and designed Ford Ranger and Holden Commodore share personnel and suppliers Both appeal to the same demographic Both best in class Both have serious high-performance versions Both enjoy/ed rich model mix sales Both espouse dated technologies Both ...

Expression Session: slammed HR Holden

IN DETAIL: Laurie Starling Memorial Trust 1967 Holden HR Premier If you’re a seasoned street machiner or you’ve been around the scene for a while, this slammed HR Premier might look familiar. Dubbed ‘Premi-air’, (’cos, y’know, it’s ’bagged), this ...

Holden ZB Commodore recalled

General Motors has issued a recall for most examples of the Holden ZB Commodore due to a brake booster issue. The issue affects 13,898 units of the ZB Commodore built between 2017 and 2020. According to the recall notice issued ...

Holden Monaro CV8: What You Need to Know Before You Buy

Sharply priced projects are getting increasingly harder to come by, especially if you don’t know what to watch our for when hunting down the ride of your dreams. Here’s our guide on what to look for and what to avoid ...

Final Holden Commodore recalled

The Holden Commodore ZB was the final model to wear the famous badge Holden may be gone, but that hasn’t stopped the problems for the brand. The final Holden Commodore, imported from General Motors’ European arm Opel, has been ...

Blown 1968 Holden HK Premier

There has been plenty of doom and gloom in the mass media of late, with predictions that petrol-powered cars are done and soon we’ll all be forced to drink tofu lattes in our electric vehicles on the way to jazzercise ...

Majority of Holden ZB Commodores recalled

General Motors is recalling the majority of European-sourced ZB Commodores sold in Australia due to a manufacturing defect that may cause the brake booster to fail. This recall affects 13,898 ZB Commodore models built between 2017 and 2020. “Due to ...

Kurt Martiensen's HK Holden Premier

This article on Kurt’s Holden HK Premier was originally published in the July 2001 issue of Street Machine In front of a crowd of many thousands at the Street Machine Summernats Supercruise, Kurt Martiensen’s HK Holden Premier performed what some ...

Avoiding the Holden Commodore trap! Ford must kick its Ranger and Everest over-reliance with coming crossovers, SUVs, 4x4s, trucks and electric cars | Opinion

Video of Ford Fail! Why it can’t sell anything but Ranger pickup and Everest SUV – CarsGuide Podcast #242 After half a decade or so of intense research and development, Ford’s new Ranger is out of its creators’ hands and ...

Readers' Rockets: 1966 Fairlane, LX Torana, HZ Holden, Fox-body Mustang, plus more

Karl Miegel 1966 Ford Fairlane Stephen Borg 1968 Ford Mustang Luke Nagy Holden LX Torana Craig Marty HZ Holden Ash Dalton HJ Holden ute Byron Judd Holden VF Sandman tribute Karl Miegel1966 Ford Fairlane “Here’s my 1966 US Fairlane, ...

Peter Brock's 1979 Repco Round-Australia Trial Holden VB Commodore

Back in 1979, Peter Brock and a tough-as-teak VB helped crate the Commodore legend This article was originally published in issue six of Street Machine Commodores. Believe it or not, this beaten-up old car is one of the most heroic ...

355-powered EJ Holden wagon

We’ve worked closely with Mick McCrudden at Brunswick’s Glenlyon Motors for almost ten years now. Mick has helped up out with many of our project cars over the years and it is always a treat to visit the shop and ...


Packing 574 HP, this glistening, heavily modified two-door Holden FJ is the jewel in Pro Customs’ crown This article on Pro Customs’ FJ was originally published in the May 2017 issue of Street Machine MAN, this FJ is the bomb!” ...

ProCharged HZ Holden One Tonner

Things can get pretty hectic when a fully armed honeybee flies into a moving car. A flick can send it back out the window or, in Levi Chitty’s case, directly under his old man’s double-plugger-clad foot. “We were in Dad’s ...

They live on! Modern versions of the once-common Toyota Avalon, Hyundai Excel, Holden Captiva, Ford Territory and others that Australians are barred from buying

2000-2006 Toyota Avalon then, 2023 Crown Crossover now 1986-2019 Hyundai Excel/Accent then, 2017 Accent now 2006-2018 Holden Captiva, 2020 Chevrolet Blazer now 2004-2016 Ford Territory then, 2020 Explorer now 1996-2004 Daihatsu Terios then, 2020 Rocky now The latest Toyota ...

Is this the ute that could have saved Holden? New Colorado ZR2 is the Ranger Raptor-fighting beast Australia needs

The ute that could have saved Holden? Is this the ute that could have saved Holden? It’s no secret that the big thing missing from Holden’s Australian portfolio was a battle-ready ute to take on the headline-stealing Ford Ranger ...

‘Brock Enhanced’ Holden going under the hammer

This ‘Brock Enhanced’ Holden VZ SS Ute is up for sale Peter Brock is synonymous with Holden and particularly his run of high-performance HDT ‘Brock Commodores’ of the 1980s. But what few people know is that the King of ...

Budget-built HJ Holden Sandman tribute

“Travis here. I am a tank crewman in C Squadron, 2nd Cavalry Regiment ADF and a hardcore street machiner. This is my 1975 HJ Sandman tribute that my father Greg and I built. I have owned it now for more ...

Steve Santos's elite-level EJ Holden wagon

Canberra’s Steve Santos is a man of many talents. While some enthusiasts knock out a ton of killer builds with a common style or brand, Steve takes a broader brush to his art – everything from 1000hp Walkinshaws to killer ...

Expression Session: HR Holden coupe

Browsing American car mags can be quite depressing — all those two-door cars to choose among. Except for a smattering of Monaros, Falcons and Chargers, Australia has been starved of stylish two-door streeters. Don’t get me wrong, we have some ...

2002 Holden Commodore SS owner review

About the Holden Commodore R B purchased this Holden Commodore new with additional options for $40,000 (including all on-road costs). R B would buy this car again because: “Absolutely. Easy to drive, cheap to service and work on, extremely reliable, ...

Trevor Cass's trophy-winning 'Starfire' EH Holden

If not for the Geoff Paradise-penned feature it received in the December ’81-January ’82 issue of Street Machine, you’d be hard-pressed to believe Trevor Cass’s ultra-classy EH was finished way back in 1978. And you might think that it’s probably ...

SMOTY-winning 454-cube HQ Holden Monaro - Rat Attack

Looking back on David Bennett’s injected, big-block, SMOTY-winning Monaro This article on David Bennett’s HQ Holden was originally published in the April 1989 issue of Street Machine WELCOME to David Bennett’s incredible travelling circus. Be amazed, ladies and gentlemen, as ...

Opel Insignia production to end, after Vauxhall axes Holden Commodore twin

UPDATE, July 21: Opel Insignia to be axed as German production wraps up The story to here May 18: Vauxhall Insignia axed in the UK two years after end of Holden Commodore’s run Snapshot Opel Insignia to be retired ...


Paul Harris's Holden HG Monaro GTS

Could this have given Holden a fighting chance? Chevrolet Blazer SS electric car looks to be tough alternative to Hyundai Ioniq 5 N, Tesla Model Y Performance and Kia EV6 GT

The van that time forgot: Neil Dieckmann's FJ Holden

Wild custom FJ Holden coupe

For Sale: Peter Brock’s 1974 Holden Torana GTR XU-1

Engine ID guide - Ford, Holden, Chrysler & Chevrolet

Legendary FJ Holden up for auction

Rex Webster's iconic FJ Holden

Ground breaker: Johnny Musladin's EH Holden

Peter Kelly's elite LS-powered 1961 EK Holden

WAU eyeing ultimate Holden farewell in Adelaide

More Holdens of Milwaukee Young Street Machine of the Year

Short circuit: Why the Holden Volt was the electric car ahead of its time | Opinion

Kia Stinger out on bail: How the Australian Police are saving a modern icon from following the Holden Commodore SS and Ford Falcon XR8 into oblivion

Mitsubishi Australia hoping to capitalise on Holden closure

Not even Toyota, Holden or Kia could save them: Affordable fire-breathing V8 family cars, stylish small wagons, cool cabrios and other quirky niches lost forever as new-car variety nosedives in Australia

Right car, wrong time: Holden Commodore VE/VF - Australia's best-made car was also the last | Opinion

Andrew Ash's Holden FX ute - flashback

Where's the choice? From Australian Holden and Ford Falcon ute legends to the likes of the Honda Accord Euro and Toyota Tarago, here are more cars that have departed over the past decade in dwindling or now-dormant segments

Klimenko: Holden fans should give GM same respect

Home-built LS1-powered Holden HR Premier

2013 Holden CRUZE owner review

Did General Motors make the right decision to axe Holden? Why the 2022 Chevrolet line-up would have been a threat to Toyota, Mazda and Hyundai | Opinion

Dude, where are our cars? From the Holden Caprice and Ford Territory to the bargain-basement Suzuki Alto and sexy Honda CR-Z coupe, the car segments that have virtually or totally disappeared over the past decade

Memorable off-road expeditions! Mal's Holden Drover cleared for take-off! - CarsGuide Podcast #232

Todd Dicker's HK Holden ute

Ford F100, HT Holden, Ford F6 LTD, LH Torana + more - Readers' Rockets

Michelle White's HZ Holden Premier

Vauxhall Insignia axed in the UK two years after end of Holden Commodore's run

Holden EH restoration project - in the build

Top 10 worst cars of all time!: SsangYong Stavic, Holden Captiva & more! CarsGuide Podcast #230

Weiand-supercharged 202 HR Holden ute

Holden nameplates to return? Who's in line to nab GMH's Astra supplier and emerging electric car superstar, Opel, now that it's hot property in Europe, UK and (soon) NZ

325hp Holden six with Phil Irving 12-port head

Six Holden Commodores to celebrate

Holden Acadia v Toyota Kluger: Head2Head

Driving the Chevrolet Camaro in Holden country

Last chance to win Holden TribUTE

Holden, Mazda top Australian JD Power Sales Satisfaction survey, BMW leads premium

Holden Monaro to be reinvented

At least 3 Holden Commodore limited editions confirmed

Holden's best concept cars

Mint Holden VL Walkinshaw Group A could chalk up another million-dollar sale

Rust in pieces: From the last of the V8 Holden Commodore replacements to China's answer to the Toyota LandCruiser Prado, here are 11 cars removed from sale in 2021

Young Gun Jaidyn Seng's HQ Holden

Your Holden Commodore could be on the road even longer! GMSV set to honour Holden service and spare parts beyond required 10-year mark

LSA-swapped 1991 Holden VN SS Commodore

Dodge Demon Drags Australia-Made Holden Commodore SS, Gap Is Ocean-Wide

Holdens reunited: Efijy, Hurricane, GTR-X, Monaro, Commodore and HSV set to be part of some 80 classic Holdens relocated to a new home as GMSV rebuilds heritage fleet as well as Australians' trust in GM

GM Australia wants Holden fans to 'come on the journey', as Chevy sales spike

Move over Holden Commodore and Ford Falcon, there's a new Victoria Police Highway Patrol vehicle on the beat

Holden Supercars heroes defect to Ford

Would you pay $700k for the best Holden ever made?

The old Holden Racing Team of V8 Supercars fame is switching to Ford?! How Walkinshaw Andretti United's brand switch is hardly the first time a race team has jumped ship

Walkinshaw's history outside of Holden and GM explored

Right car, wrong time: Holden Adventra - How Holden tried but failed to take on the Subaru Outback

Holden 355 stroker-powered LX Torana SL/R 5000

1976 Holden HX LE

For sale: Holden Commodore that helped the US spy

Which car should I buy? Ford Falcon XR8 Ute v Holden Crewman SS


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