Honda Civic Type R: Motor Authority Best Car To Buy 2023 finalist

Can Honda usher in its next-generation hot hatch and win the Motor Authority Best Car To Buy award for the second time? The latest Honda Civic Type R just might have what it takes. Just like the millennials who ...

Which 2023 Honda CR-V Trims Have Wireless Android Auto?

2023 Honda CR-V overview Which 2023 Honda CR-V trims have wireless Android Auto? Other audio and connectivity features in the 2023 CR-V Honda has redesigned its most popular SUV, the CR-V, for the 2023 model year. For instance, the ...

4 Honda Accord Alternatives That Aren’t a Toyota Camry

1. Kia K5 2. Hyundai Sonata 3. Nissan Altima 4. Subaru Legacy There are a lot of great midsize sedans on the market right now, and some of the best options in the segment are the Honda Accord and ...

Honda Civic e:HEV RS hybrid – more than 180 units delivered in one month since launch

Honda Malaysia recently held a special ceremony at the MH Prestige Auto dealership for the delivery of the first hybrid Civic e:HEV RS in the nation. As owner number one in Malaysia, Chin Kok Fung received RM4,000 worth of ...

2023 Honda Civic: Car and Driver 10Best

The Honda Civic satisfies a wide range of needs. Looking for a thrifty highway commuter? The EPA says it’ll do 42 mpg. Fancy a bit of extra space? The hatchback fits up to 18 carry-on suitcases, which is small-SUV territory. ...

2023 Honda Accord: Car and Driver 10Best

What’s the old saying? Nothing is certain but death, taxes, and the Accord making C/D’s 10Best list? This year is a little different in that Honda is shaking up its offering with the 11th-generation model. Our favored powertrain, the turbo ...

Honda Launches 2023 Pilot Production at Alabama Plant

Described as the largest and most powerful SUV Honda has ever built, the fourth-generation model challenged the Alabama Auto Plant’s 1,500 associates with the most changes of any Pilot since the first model was introduced in 2003, the automaker says.

2023 FL5 Honda Civic Type R: China CKD model seen, launching soon

Ahead of its debut in the near future, the 2023 FL5 Honda Civic Type R has been spotted in China. This marks the first time in China’s history to locally assemble (CKD) such an iconic car. According to Autohome, ...

2023 Toyota Corolla Has 1 Big Thing Honda Civic Doesn’t Offer

Unlike the US-spec 2023 Honda Civic, the 2023 Toyota Corolla offers an efficient hybrid powertrain  2023 Corolla Hybrid gets higher gas mileage than the 2023 Civic Corolla also offers an all-wheel drive system, but all Civic models have front-wheel ...

2023 Honda HR-V Review: Fresh and Comfortable But Weak

Which Honda HR-V trim is best?  How does the 2023 Honda HR-V drive?  Can the 2023 HR-V go off-roading?  Does the 2023 Honda HR-V have a good fuel economy? Is the 2023 Honda HR-V comfortable?  How is the 2023 ...

The 2023 Honda CR-V Hybrid Is a Fuel Saving Bargain

How much does the 2023 Honda CR-V Hybrid cost?  What is the 2023 CR-V Hybrid’s fuel economy?  What comes standard with the CR-V Hybrid?  As SUV and truck prices continue to climb, the Honda CR-V Hybrid could provide a ...

New Honda Civic and new Vauxhall Astra vs Seat Leon

This trio of family hatchbacks each takes a different approach to maximising efficiency. Let's see which one is the best choice...

1 Big Reason 2023 Honda CR-V Is Better Than Toyota RAV4

Unlike the 2023 Toyota RAV4, the 2023 Honda CR-V has a redesign 2023 CR-V is larger than the previous year — and offers more interior space than the 2023 RAV4 The cabin of the 2023 CR-V is more luxurious ...

Battle of the Hybrids: 3 Advantages the Ford Escape Hybrid Has Over the Honda CR-V Hybrid

1. Better Pricing 2. Better fuel economy 3. User-friendly technology Crossover SUVs have taken the automotive industry by storm. Most automakers now offer hybrid powertrains, like the Ford Escape Hybrid and Honda CR-V, which are two popular compact hybrid SUVs. ...

3 Reasons the 2023 Honda Accord LX Is Worth Buying

1. The 2023 Honda Accord LX comes standard with a good amount of tech features 2. The Honda Accord LX comes standard with a turbocharged engine 3. The entry-level Accord LX comes with Honda’s improved safety features The 2023 ...

Proof That Toyota and Honda Aren’t as Affordable as They Used To Be

An overview of iSeeCars’ affordability index Toyota and Honda cars made multiple appearances on the list It’s probably not Toyota or Honda’s fault for this rise in prices Toyota and Honda are Japanese automakers that have become extremely popular ...

Honda Civic Type R (2017-2021) review

Overview What is it? From the moment it arrived in 2017, it’s been a truly outstanding hot hatchback that operates on a different level to the rest of its front-driven rivals. One with barely a chink in its armour, ...

Cheapest New Honda Car Is an SUV That’s Even Better in 2023

2023 Honda HR-V crossover SUV is the cheapest new Honda car Redesign for the 2023 HR-V The affordable Honda HR-V crossover SUV also has a more powerful engine Honda has a solid lineup of vehicles, including many new ones ...

Test Drive Review: Does The 2023 Honda CR-V Redesign The Brand's Best-Selling SUV Past The Status Quo?

Mid-Size Asterisk Average Power, Below Average Fuel Economy Shopping The Status Quo High Is it possible for a vehicle to make almost no impression? In some cases this might seen a serious negative, an indication that the designers failed ...

Affordability Is No Longer One of the Honda Accord’s Strengths

The Honda Accord got more expensive Why you could pay more for a used Honda Accord right now Is this car worth the extra spend? Honda makes many reliable vehicles, from small sedans to compact pickup trucks. The midsize ...

The 2023 Honda Pilot TrailSport Is Actually Made for Rugged American Off-Road Terrain

Does the 2023 Honda Pilot TrailSport include exclusive off-road hardware? Is the Honda Pilot TrailSport lifted? Is there anything significant about the Honda Pilot TrailSport Interior? Keep an eye on the trails with the TrailWatch camera system Where has ...

Honda Pilot or Toyota Sequoia: Which Off-Road Package Is the Real Deal?

Honda Pilot or Toyota Sequoia: which costs more? What does off-road tuned mean on the Honda Pilot and Toyota Sequoia? Mall crawler or rock crawler? Is the Sequoia worth $28,000 more than the TrailSport? Honda and Toyota are starting ...

First Honda Civic e:HEV RS owner feted

Chin posing with his new car alongside Yoshimura (right) and Honda Malaysia president and chief operating officer Sarly Adle Sarkum. KUALA LUMPUR: Honda Malaysia today held a ceremony at a dealership here to honour the first owner of the ...

180 units of the 2022 Honda Civic RS e:HEV delivered, this man is the first owner

Honda Malaysia recently held a ceremony at Honda authorized dealer, MH Prestige Auto Sdn. Bhd. to honour the first owner of the e:HEV RS, Mr. Chin Kok Fung. As a token of appreciation, Mr. Chin Kok Fung received Honda ...

With petrol prices at RM 4.40/litre, 1 in every 3 new Hondas sold in Thailand wears the e:HEV hybrid badge

As of October 2022, Honda has sold 67,190 cars in Thailand, giving it a 23.5 percent market share of the passenger car market (including SUVs). The figure places Honda in second place behind Toyota’s 29.4 percent. The figure above ...

Honda Malaysia introduces City Hatchback variant with V-SENSING

The City Hatchback line-up is equipped with Honda SENSING, which is the most complete advanced safety features in its class. HONDA Malaysia has recently introduced a new variant of its City Hatchback lineup, the V-SENSING. The car is the ...

With petrol pries at RM 4.40/litre, 1 in every 3 new Hondas sold in Thailand wears the e:HEV hybrid badge

As of October 2022, Honda has sold 67,190 cars in Thailand, giving it a 23.5 percent market share of the passenger car market (including SUVs). The figure places Honda in second place behind Toyota’s 29.4 percent. The figure above ...

Honda Civic Hybrid e-HEV LX 2023 review

Hybrid 11th-generation Civic arrives with a sparkling chassis and excellent fuel economy, but is $55,000 pushing the friendship too much?

What’s so Special About 2022 Honda Accord Sport Special Edition (SE)?

Feature upgrades of the 2022 Honda Accord Sport SE over the Sport trim Honda Accord Sport Special Edition: Engine output and fuel economy Safety and driving assistance features in the 2022 Accord Sport SE How much does the 2022 ...

Does the 2023 Honda CR-V Hybrid Have a Spare Tire?

Why some new hybrids and EVS don’t include spare tires Honda advises drivers to carry a full-size spare tire Substantial price increase for the 2023 Honda CR-V The redesigned 2023 Honda CR-V Hybrid is one of the best-selling EVs ...

2023 Honda CR-V vs. 2023 Civic: Popular SUV-Car Showdown!

2023 Honda CR-V vs. 2023 Honda Civic: What are the differences? CR-V vs. Civic: Performance CR-V vs. Civic: Gas mileage CR-V vs. Civic: Towing CR-V vs. Civic: Off-road capabilities CR-V vs. Civic: Passenger and cargo space CR-V vs. Civic: ...

Honda Malaysia shares knowledge with Abang Bomba on responding to hybrid car accidents

The influx of hybrid or electric vehicles on our roads have required our first responders, such as Abang Bomba, to upskill themselves in tackling the wreckage or putting out the fire. Honda Malaysia, who carry a number of hybrid ...

Honda Fields Tarran Mackenzie In World Supersport Return

Malaysian rider Adam Norrodin joins the 2021 British Superbike champ.

The 2023 Honda Accord Is Stacked With Many Essential Tech-Savvy Features

The 2023 Accord will be the first Honda model to feature Google Built-in The built-in Google software will allow for apps to be downloaded The 2023 Honda Accord Touring will come standard with more new tech features The 2023 ...

2023 Honda HR-V safety misses mark in ANCAP scoring, Ford Mustang Mach-E rates higher

Honda’s new HR-V small SUV falls short in a couple of key safety categories, and loses a star for it. The Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) has published results for three new cars, the Honda HR-V, Ford Mustang ...

Honda Civic Type R Will Return to Motorsports

After months of camouflaged teases, this past summer we finally got a real look at the latest Honda Civic Type R; and soon after that we had a chance to drive Sonoma Raceway for a flat-out track session. And ...

A $750 Honda Accord Type R Is Just as Bad as You Think

No amount of time and effort is worth saving this rust bucket. Yet these guys have a plan to do just that.

Can Honda Reach the Safety Goal of Zero Traffic Collision Fatalities?

What’s the future of Honda safety technology? What is Honda’s global safety vision? What should we expect in the new Honda Sensing 360 package? Is the Honda Sensing Elite Package the next level of hands-free driving? Will Honda reach ...

Honda teases Civic Type R TCR race car due in 2023

The redesigned 2023 Honda Civic Type R is set to spawn a racing variant designed to meet TCR regulations, just like its predecessors. Honda this week revealed the first photos of the new race car which is being developed ...

Battle of the Hybrids: 3 Advantages the Honda CR-V Hybrid Has Over the Ford Escape Hybrid

How the Ford Escape and the Honda CR-V Hybrids were alike  1. Honda CR-V’s interior space 2. Honda CR-V’s drivetrain 3. CR-V’s richer feeling interior Fuel efficiency is one of the many reasons to buy a hybrid vehicle. Ford’s ...


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AA DRIVEN NZ COTY 2022: Honda Jazz is the best Passenger vehicle of the year


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