GMC Hummer EV Owner Charged Over $4,000 For Taillight Replacement

You could buy a decent used hatchback for that kind of money.

GMC Hummer EV Taillights Cost Over $3,000 Each

Replacing both is $6,100, and that doesn't include tax or labor.

GMC Hummer EV Is over the Top, and So Are Its $6100 Taillights

One member of a GMC Hummer EV Facebook group announced they were quoted $4040 for a passenger-side taillight, not including the cost of labor. GM lists the price of a replacement taillight at $3045.48 for the part alone. Replacing ...

Replacing a GMC Hummer's Taillights Costs $6,100 in Parts Alone

Turns out, fancy taillights that do little animations come with their own downsides.

Electric Pickup Truck Towing Test: GMC Hummer EV Vs. Ford F-150 Lightning

What are the challenges faced by these two electric pickup trucks? Where did TFL take these two EV pickups for the towing contest? Which electric pickup has the most towing power and driving range? Will most owners tow with ...

TFL Tests GMC Hummer EV By Using It To Tow 5,000 Pounds

They use it to tow a Polaris side-by-side buggy on a 130-mile route.

Ford F-150 Lightning And GMC Hummer EV Take On Toughest Towing Test

While it's a towing competition, it really boils down to electric driving range, and only one electric truck succeeds here.

New Hummer EV Strands Owner

The electric future sure looks fun! After spending $115,000 for a luxury all-electric pickup truck you’d expect the thing to work properly for a few years. Unfortunately for YouTube channel The Fast Lane Truck, the GMC Hummer EV they bought ...

Here’s Why TFL’s GMC Hummer EV Malfunctioned Leaving YouTuber Stranded

According to the GMC dealership that serviced the vehicle, the root cause was “a known software anomaly.”

Driving the GMC Hummer EV and Mercedes-Benz EQS, EQE, EQS SUV | Autoblog Podcast #750

Autoblog Podcast #750 Get The Podcast In this episode of the Autoblog Podcast, Editor-in-Chief Greg Migliore is joined by Senior Editor, Green, John Beltz Snyder. This week, they talk about driving Mercedes’ fleet of EQ electric vehicles, including the ...

Fail of the century #21: Hummer H2

Fail of the Century If you’re gonna do something, do it with conviction. While the original Hummer H1 – the civilian version of the Gulf War-era military Humvee – was a vulgar, tasteless abomination, at least it went all-in on ...

Fail of the century #21: Hummer HZ

Fail of the Century If you’re gonna do something, do it with conviction. While the original Hummer H1 – the civilian version of the Gulf War-era military Humvee – was a vulgar, tasteless abomination, at least it went all-in on ...

Watch Ford F-150 Lightning And Hummer EV Race Cadillac Escalade-V

It's time for a battle of colossal EVs versus a 682-horsepower supercharged V8 gas-guzzler. Place your bets ...

GMC Hummer EV Drag Races F-150 Lightning Before Battling Escalade V

The big, beastly Hummer is a rocket that is hard to beat.

GMC Hummer EV Orders Are Closed Despite Its Sky-High Price

General Motors needs a ringer The GMC Hummer EV is already a hit How many EV Hummers did GM sell? The GMC Hummer EV is General Motors’ secret weapon in the race to produce the most exciting electric vehicle. ...

Rivian and Hummer EV utes spotted in Australia

Rivian R1T in Sydney Hummer EV spotted by “EV Spy” Good news for EV Utes in Australia Image: Facebook EV Utes are all the rage at the moment and the past month has seen a few major announcements highlighting ...

GMC Hummer EV Malfunctions, Leaves YouTuber Stranded In Traffic

This was most likely a software error, not something physically wrong with the vehicle.

US: GMC Hummer EV Pickup Truck Sales Increased In Q3

However, the Factory ZERO plant upgrade will require a pause in production for several weeks.

GM will pause Hummer EV production to upgrade Factory Zero for 2023 EV push

General Motors said it would pause production of the GMC Hummer EV for several weeks, starting in late November, to complete upgrades on its Factory ZERO plant in preparation for a massive electric vehicle push in 2023. GM said ...

GMC Hummer EV: The Freedom Launch of 9,000 Pounds Is Real

What is the Watts to Freedom feature of the Hummer EV? What happens when you engage this feature in the electric Hummer? Are 9,000 pounds heavy for a pickup truck? Does the GMC Hummer EV have a complicated torque ...

Citroen Oli EV Concept Seems Inspired By The GMC Hummer EV

Even with the upright windscreen, this electric concept can do 400 km (248 miles) with its 40 kWh battery pack.

GMC Closes Reservations For Hummer EVs: They Are Fully Booked

The company is not able to keep up with demand and takes a break until the balance improves.

Forget GMC Hummer: The Paramount Maatla Is Way Better

What kind of military SUV is the Maatla? What is Maatla’s “Smart Floor” feature? Remember Top Gear’s Paramount Marauder? GMC just stopped taking orders for its bloated Hummer EV. If you want one, it’s not for off-road excursions or ...

GM investing $760 million in Ohio plant to build drive units for EV Hummer,  Silverado, and Sierra

GM upgrades Ohio plant to build electric drive units Electrek’s Take General Motors is preparing for an all-electric future as the automaker announced Friday it would be investing $760 million into its Toledo, Ohio, plant as it gets the ...

GM stops accepting Hummer EV reservations

General Motors (GM) said that it will no longer accept reservations for its all-electric GMC Hummer pickup and Hummer SUV. The company’s spokesperson, Mikhael Farah told the Detroit Free Press that the enthusiasm for the Hummer brand “has led ...

2022 Hummer EV Pickup Edition 1: InsideEVs 70 MPH Range Test

We find out how far its 212 kWh battery pack will take the electric behemoth at a constant 70 mph.

The GMC Hummer May Not Be as Waterproof as It Had Hoped

Release of the GMC Hummer EV Potential water damage in the Hummer EV A unique “crab walk” feature sets the Hummer EV apart The GMC Hummer EV challenges any doubts a person might have about the potential power of ...

Which Electric Truck Is Quickest Ever? F-150 Lightning, Rivian, Hummer

There are only a few electric trucks available on our shores, and these guys were able to race them all at the same time.

GMC Hummer EV Edition 1 owner reports leaking roof after 800 miles — but GM already has a fix

Faults in vehicles are nothing new, but for more pricey cars, the scrutiny is substantial. This is one of the reasons why Tesla’s electric cars, from the entry-level Model 3 to the top-tier Model X, are scrutinized for their ...

Ford has a GMC Hummer EV at its Detroit headquarters: a hint of what’s ahead?

General Motors’ GMC Hummer EV has been spotted outside Ford headquarters in Michigan. According to The Drive, a GMC Hummer EV pickup was spotted just outside Ford’s Detroit headquarters. The company could be looking at GM’s Ultium battery tech ...

GMC Hummer EV Edition 1 Owner Complains About Leaking Roof Panels

Fortunately, GMC has a fix for that as part of a Customer Satisfaction Program.

GMC Hummer EV in Digital Version Will Join 'Call of Duty' This Fall

Blowing up bad guys from a comfy couch is about to get a little more horsepower, thanks to the upcoming introduction of the GMC Hummer EV to the Call of Duty video-game series. The Hummer will be available as ...

Weird crossover of the week: the Hummer EV is coming to Call of Duty

Gaming Hummer trades on its US military history by getting its new electric pickup into CoD Gather round all, for there is a new automotive/gaming tie up for you to be aware of. Yep, GMC has teamed up with Activision ...

GMC Hummer EV Goes Gaming In Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare II

The all-electric truck will be featured in two upcoming Call of Duty games.

2023 GMC Hummer EV Racks Up Over 90,000 Reservations

The number includes both pickup and SUV versions of the GMC Hummer EV.

GMC Teases Hummer EV Collaboration With Call Of Duty

The electric truck appears to be making its video game debut soon.

Marques Brownlee Discusses What It's Like To Daily Drive A Hummer EV

Never before has such a gigantic vehicle been so much fun.

China Gets Its Own Hummer EV-Like Vehicle That Can Crab Walk

It has over 1,000 horsepower from its four motors and a 140 kWh battery pack good for a claimed 310 miles (500 km).

Chinese Hummer EV Knock-Off comes with 4 motors and its own crab walk

Dongfeng has unveiled what is being referred to as a “Hummer EV knock-off” and it features its own impressive 4 electric motor powertrain and crab walk. There already have been a few issues with Chinese knock-offs in the EV ...

2022 GMC Hummer EV: What We Know So Far

How Much Will the 2022 GMC Hummer EV Cost? When Can You Get a 2022 Hummer EV? 2022 GMC Hummer EV Performance Specs 2022 GMC Hummer EV interior and tech specs Should you buy a 2022 GMC Hummer EV? ...


Ultium Cells starts making batteries for Hummer EV in Ohio

Second-coming of Hummer: Why the new GMC Hummer can succeed where the original failed

GM begins US Ultium battery production for Hummer EV in Ohio amidst union pushback

New Hummer EV 2022 review

Can’t Afford Hummer EV? Buy This 1000 HP Chinese Copy Instead

Bad News For GMC Hummer EV Owners Wanting To Go Off-Road

Charging the New GMC Hummer EV Can Cost More Than Gasing Up Most Cars

GMC Hummer EV Shows That Electric Cars Can Have $100 Fillups Too

Tested: EV Pickups in a Trailer-Towing Test — Hummer, Rivian, F-150 Lightning

Are electric utes dumb? Or are we missing the point of the GMC Hummer, Ford F-150 Lightning, Tesla Cybertruck and others | Opinion

2023 GMC Hummer paint choices are out of this world

GM Voluntarily Recalls GMC Hummer EV For Battery Connector Concern

GM initiates “Customer Satisfaction Program” for Hummer EV over battery connector issue

Dead GMC Hummer: Dealership Says It Can’t Fix

GMC Hummer EV sits lifeless in dealer service garage with no answers in sight

Did the US Army Just Buy a GMC Hummer EV?

GMC Hummer EV (2022) review: electric monster truck driven

Hummer EV, AMG G63, Durango Hellcat Face Off In Drag Race Battle

Watch Colossal Hummer EV Race Durango Hellcat & Mercedes-AMG G63

GM cracks down on Corvette and Hummer flippers through warranty threats

Would You Pay $300,000 For A Used GMC Hummer EV?

Is The GMC Hummer EV The Quickest Pickup In The World?

GM To Penalize Flippers Of Corvette Z06, Hummer EV SUV, Escalade-V

The GMC Hummer EV Has 3x the Battery Capacity of Most Electric Cars

GM imposes strict measures on those flipping Z06, Hummer EVs for profit

GM to “Limit” Warranties and Ban Buyers to Combat Z06 and Hummer EV Flipping

Hummer H1 Overlanding RV Has All The Creature Comforts Of Home

Hummer Electric SUV Purchased By US Military – For Testing

USA Army buys Hummer EV for testing

GMC Would Need Over a Decade to Clear Hummer EV Waitlist at Current Production Rate

GM Chosen To Provide Hummer EV To US Army For Demo And Testing

Uncle Sam Put the 2022 GMC Hummer EV to Work

Off-Roading Corvair Wagon Tows Broken Hummer H1 Through Rocky Desert

U.S. Army Goes Full Circle and Buys a GMC Hummer for Experiments

The U.S. Army Just Bought a Hummer EV

Tested: 2022 GMC Hummer EV Edition 1 Pickup Breaks Barriers

4 Reasons to Wait for the new 2024 GMC Hummer EV SUV

GM responds to study about Hummer EV's high emissions

General Motors Replies Regarding Why GMC Hummer EV Emissions Are So High

Is the GMC Hummer EV Actually Environmentally Friendly?

Study Claims GMC Hummer EV Pollutes More Than Chevrolet Malibu

The Worst Dealership Markups on Include a $339,999 GMC Hummer EV

New Hummer EV Produces More Emissions Than A Gas Powered Sedan

Hummer EVs Sold Higher than MSRP at an Auction | Here's Why

GM Wants to Sell the Hummer EV in Europe, but a CDL Will Be Needed to Drive It

Stock Suzuki Jimny Challenges Modded Hummer H2 In Off-Road Battle

GMC Hummer EV Edition 1 sells for three times its MSRP at Las Vegas auction

GM struggles with Hummer production ramp-up

How Can Hummer Have 16-Inch Ground Clearance?

Hummer EV Edition 1 Pickup's Extract Mode Maxes Ride Height To 15.9"

GMC's Upcoming Extract Mode Software Update Will Give Hummer EVs an Additional Six Inches in Ride Height

GMC Hummer EV will get new ‘Extract Mode,’ delivering 16 inches of ground clearance

Cadillac's Wild New $300,000 EV Will Make the GMC Hummer EV Look Pedestrian

Cadillac's Wild New EV Will Make the GMC Hummer EV Look Pedestrian

The 4 GMC Hummer Trucks You’ll Be Able to Buy Soon

GM Idling Hummer EV Plant To Prepare For Production Expansion

How Much Is a GMC Hummer EV? Here’s a Price Breakdown

Tupac’s Hummer, Bought Only a Month Before His Death, Has Plenty of Personal Touches

GM hikes Hummer EV price as commodity, shipping costs rise

GM hikes Hummer EV electric ute price by up to $9,000


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