Does the 2023 Toyota GR Corolla have Apple CarPlay?

How Apple CarPlay brings the smartphone experience to automobiles Does the 2023 Toyota GR Corolla come with Apple CarPlay? What else will you get with the 2023 Toyota GR Corolla? The GR Corolla is set to come out in ...

The latest 911 Singer Cabriolet is a candy-apple-red whale-tail

Image: Singer Image: Singer Image: Singer Image: Singer This is unlike anything the California based tuning company has ever done before. Yes, it may still be a Porsche, one of hundreds to roll off of their production line but ...

Apple CarPlay now available on 2022 Perodua Alza – Updates provided at Perodua SC

Perodua Alza owners who are also Apple users can now rejoice as the Apple CarPlay has now been enabled. For Alza owners who have already received their cars, they can get the software update during their next service/inspection at ...

Does the 2023 Porsche Macan Have Apple CarPlay?

First, what is Apple CarPlay? Does the 2023 Porsche Macan have Apple CarPlay? What else does the 2023 Porsche Macan provide? Today, most consumers expect new luxury cars like Porsche models to provide tech features such as Apple CarPlay. ...

Does the 2023 Mazda CX-50 Have Apple CarPlay?

2023 Mazda CX-50 specs and pricing Does the 2023 Mazda CX-50 have Apple CarPlay? What other standard tech will you find in the Mazda CX-50? Many modern vehicles are now expected to have standard infotainment features, such as Apple ...

Does the 2023 Toyota GR Supra Have Apple CarPlay?

How does Apple CarPlay work? Does the 2023 Toyota GR Supra have Apple CarPlay? What else can you expect with the 2023 Toyota GR Supra? The 2023 Toyota GR Supra promises the features one expects of a sports car. ...

Does the 2023 Nissan Z have Apple CarPlay?

How Apple CarPlay works Does the 2023 Nissan Z have Apple CarPay?  The 2023 Nissan Z’s other tech features The 2023 Nissan Z has enthusiasts excited for a car that blurs the line between eras. The company’s reliable line ...

Green Apple Little Trees Failed to Save These Cars from the Crusher

You'll find 100 Black Ice Little Trees for every Green Apple.

2023 Nissan Titan Gets Small Price Hike, Wireless Apple CarPlay

The Titan now starts at $41,495—up only $890—and wireless CarPlay becomes standard on the Pro-4X and Platinum Reserve.

Green Apple Car-Freshner Little Trees in Junkyard Cars

One of the more unusual Little Tree scents to be found in discarded vehicles.

Far from 'kosong', the Volt City EV is Thailand's cheapest car with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

As Thailand ramps up its goal for electric mobility, it opened the gateway for plenty of new brands to make a mark in the Kingdom, mostly from China. With Ora and MG already establishing themselves as electric vehicle (EV) ...

Apple CarPlay Bakal Tiba Di Perodua Alza 2022 – Sedang Menunggu Sijil Kelulusan MFi

Tunggu Kelulusan Sijil MFi Apple CarPlay Untuk Varian AV Model pertama Perodua yang menerima sambungan Android Auto, Alza 2022 juga bakal menerima sambungan Apple CarPlay, berkemungkinan dalam tahun ini juga. Bagi menjawab soalan yang ditanya oleh ketika sidang ...

Apple CarPlay MFi cert pending for 2022 Perodua Alza, update to come before year end

Good news Apple users, as Apple CarPlay is in the works for the all-new 2022 Perodua Alza, as confirmed by Perodua president and CEO Dato’ Sri Zainal Abidin Ahmad during a press conference at the Alza’s media drive. According ...

Volvo Cars adds Apple® CarPlay® support for new models with over-the-air update

The latest over-the-air software update from Volvo Cars adds a variety of feature and quality improvements including Apple CarPlay to Volvo passenger vehicles equipped with Google built-in

Does the Toyota bZ4X Have Apple CarPlay?

Toyota’s new EV with a quirky name Does the Toyota bZ4X have Apple CarPlay? Other tech features in the 2023 Toyota bZ4X Toyota was among the first automakers to introduce environmentally friendly cars with the Prius. And though the ...

Volvo Owners With iPhones, Rejoice: Apple CarPlay Now Available

We’ve privately bemoaned Volvo’s lineup-wide rollout of its latest-generation multimedia system run on Android Automotive OS because it left Apple users with nowhere to turn. The luxury brand was listening, evidently: A new over-the-air software update includes the addition ...

Volvo Cars Receive Apple CarPlay Via Update

Volvo’s latest over-the-air (OTA) update has enabled Apple CarPlay for passenger vehicles equipped with built-in Google services. Once the update is downloaded to the vehicle, drivers and occupants will be able to sync up their iPhones to the system. ...

Everrati gains Nest founder and former Apple engineer Matt Rogers as investor

The U.K.’s Everrati, a company that converts much-loved classics like the Porsche 911 and Ford GT40 (replicas only, thankfully) to run on electric power, has gained a new investor in the form of Matt Rogers, a co-founder of Nest ...

Apple hires Lamborghini head engineer for car project – report

Apple and Lamborghini are perhaps two of the world’s best-known brands, and now the latter’s head of chassis and vehicle dynamics has reportedly been poached by the tech giant. Luigi Taraborrelli has moved from Italy to the San Francisco Bay ...

Lamborghini R&D vet flips to Apple for self-driving EV project

Lamborghini Research and Development veteran Luigi Taraborrelli is reportedly flipping to Apple after twenty years with the Italian carmaker. Taraborrelli is reportedly going to help the tech giant develop its self-driving electric vehicle, which has been rumored for over ...

Apple Taps Lamborghini Chassis Guru For Its Driverless Electric Car

With 20 years of experience at Lamborghini, Luigi Taraborelli was most recently the carmaker's head of chassis and vehicle dynamics.

Apple Car just got a big win by poaching this Lamborghini exec

The Apple Car could get some Lamborghini influence

Apple Car Project Scores Lamborghini Chassis Boss: Report

Work continues on the long-awaited car from the tech giant.

Polestar, Volvo adding Apple CarPlay; OTA update now rolling out in Australia

UPDATE, July 28: Apple CarPlay over-the-air update rolling out for Australian owners What about Android Auto? UPDATE: Polestar 2 announces CarPlay availability for overseas markets The story to here: Polestar and Volvo confirm Carplay is coming Related video UPDATE, ...

Apple Poaches Lamborghini's Veteran Car-Development Exec to Work on its Electric Autonomous Car

Apple Hired Lamborghini’s Luigi Taraborreli to Manage Apple’s Upcoming Vehicle Apple is Using iPhone’s Success to Enter the Vehicle Market As it aims to produce cars in 2025, Apple employed Luigi Taraborreli, who worked for Lamborghini as the head ...

Many Volvo Owners Just Got Apple CarPlay

Volvo is rolling out Apple CarPlay to owners Which models are getting Apple CarPlay? Do you need Apple CarPlay? Are you the owner of a Volvo model equipped with over-the-air updates? For some time now, automakers have been using ...

Volvo Cars Now Get Apple CarPlay via Over-The-Air Update — Here's How to Install

Volvo Adds Apple CarPlay to Android Auto Cars Volvo Over-the-Air Updates No Wireless CarPlay on Volvo Vehicles Yet? Volvo is adding Apple CarPlay via its over-the-air (OTA) update to its newer vehicles, which only had the infotainment system of ...

New Volvos get missing Apple CarPlay via OTA update

Apple CarPlay connectivity is now available in models using Android Automotive OS – the infotainment software rolled out on new Volvos since 2021. Volvo has issued a new over-the-air update for newer versions of its cars which use Android ...

Volvo rolling out over-the-air update adding Apple CarPlay

In some positive news for Volvo owners that use an iPhone, the company has announced that Apple CarPlay support will be added to its vehicles via the latest over-the-air update. Volvo’s current infotainment system is built on the Android operating ...

Volvo adds missing Apple CarPlay to newer models with over-the-air update

Apple CarPlay connectivity is now available in models using Android Automotive OS - the infotainment software rolled out on new Volvos since 2021

Is the Apple Car Really Happening? The 248 Patents Suggest It Is

Apple Has Around 250 Car-Related Patents, Report Say What Are Patents Used For? Apple Recently Hires a Ford Veteran Does Apple truly intend to enter the car industry? (Photo : Kevin Frayer/Getty Images) Apple Has Around 250 Car-Related Patents, ...

Volvo update adds Apple CarPlay

Volvo has rolled out an over-the-air update for its Google-powered infotainment system in the UK, which allows iPhone owners to finally use Apple CarPlay. This update comes more than a year after the brand switched its latest models to an ...

Latest Volvo over-the-air software update adds Apple CarPlay

This week marks the beginning of an over-the-air update that enables Apple CarPlay for Volvos with Google-based infotainment

Does the 2023 Mini Cooper Have Apple CarPlay?

Overview of the 2023 Mini Cooper Does the 2023 Mini Cooper have Apple CarPlay? What other standard tech can you find in the 2023 model? The Mini Cooper has a devoted following. Its quirky design appeals to many drivers, ...

2022 Toyota Veloz shows off Apple CarPlay that the Perodua Alza doesn't have

498-litres of bootspace is the number that equalises the just-launched-in-Malaysia 2022 and upcoming 2022 . However, don't pin them as mere carbon copies, and that's what Toyota wants to say in their latest bare-it-all teasers. Beyond a familiar, blocky ...

Does the 2022 Perodua Alza come with Apple CarPlay? Yes and no

The 2022 Alza is the first Perodua to offer Android Auto Perodua mentioned that CarPlay is available during the preview We tried to get Apple CarPlay to work, but it won't run, why? Perodua just pulled the covers off ...

Why Apple should not build an iCar

Like Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster, rumors of an Apple car never seem to die. But unlike Sasquatch and Nessie, at least there have been various verified sightings of Apple testing its self-driving technology, albeit on production vehicles. ...

Enzo Ferrari drama series in the works for AppleTV+

Talk of a new movie centered on the life of Enzo Ferrari dates back decades, but perhaps a new drama series on Apple TV+ could eventuate first. Apple’s streaming service has a series about the Ferrari founder in the ...

Apple CarPlay Seen Running On Lucid Air Screen At Test Drive Event

We don’t know when this "major update" will be rolled out, but it could be in the next few months.

Apple's self-driving car effort stuck in low gear, says report

SAN FRANCISCO: Apple’s quest to produce a viable self-driving car remains stalled despite years of work, with its team plagued by setbacks as rivals race ahead, The Information tech news website reported Monday. Buzz surrounding a potential Apple car ...


Lucid Air spotted testing Apple CarPlay for update next quarter

Apple Car project continues to veer, report claims

Try This Secret Apple Trick on a Car Windshield and Watch the Magic Happen

Laid-off Tesla employees find new home in Rivian, Lucid, Amazon, and Apple

Norris’s assessment as Ricciardo grapples with ‘dark race’

Volkswagen Makes Hiring Apple's Global Head of Battery Development Official

Apple eyes fuel purchases from dashboard as it revs up car software

Apple CarPlay connectivity continues to be biggest problem for new car owners

Carmakers Grapple With Lower Quality Due To Production Stoppages, Parts Shortages

LG acquires EV charger maker AppleMango in South Korea

Want to use Apple CarPlay or Android Auto in your Tesla? Here’s how

All Tesla Vehicles Can Now Have Apple’s CarPlay Support Thanks To Polish Developer

Tesla gets updated “Apple CarPlay” hack that can work on new models

Polestar Cars Now Equipped With Apple CarPlay via OTA Update

Mercedes-Benz Unlikely To Let Apple Takeover Its Interface: Ola Kallenius

New CarPlay Update Is Classic Apple Before It Invades A New Product Category

Apple Dives Deeper Into Autos With Software For Car Dashboard

Apple's Next Frontier Is Your Car's Dashboard

Motor Mouth: Did Apple just announce its iCar?

3,000 Miles In: The Nitto Nomad Grappler Makes Our Toyota RAV4 Prime Funner & Tougher

Crunch time for car makers as Apple takes a bigger bite

Proton X50 Owners Install Apple CarPlay, Android Auto - Some DIY, Some Charging RM500

2023 Honda HR-V, Ram TRX Sandblast Edition, Apple CarPlay: RAC #75

Volvo and Polestar to add Apple CarPlay to their vehicles in the next update

The New Apple CarPlay: What You Need to Know

Apple is making an F1 film with Brad Pitt and Lewis Hamilton

Apple CarPlay Has Evolved: Will Now Show Driving Data, Gauges, and Climate Controls

Lewis Hamilton to produce Formula One movie for Apple, Brad Pitt to star

Next-generation Apple CarPlay will take over your whole cabin

R34 Nissan GT-R, iOS 16 and Apple CarPlay, 2024 Cadillac XT4: The Week In Reverse

Next-gen Apple CarPlay to extend to instrument cluster

Apple to make new F1 movie with Brad Pitt and Lewis Hamilton

Volvo, Polestar adding Apple CarPlay to latest infotainment

Apple CarPlay Is Shifting In-Car Connectivity Once More

How Apple CarPlay plans to take over your car

Next-generation Apple CarPlay infotainment unveiled

Apple hires "Top Gun: Maverick" brass to direct Brad Pitt F1 movie

Hamilton to co-produce Apple’s new F1 film

Few Automakers Haven't Figured Out Apple's New CarPlay Despite WWDC Announcement

Apple confirms F1 movie project with Hamilton producing

Polestar, Volvo adding Apple CarPlay in Australia

Apple’s “next generation” of CarPlay plans to take over every screen in your car

New Apple CarPlay update goes beyond the infotainment screen

Apple Unveils Next Generation CarPlay–BMW Involvement Unclear

Apple CarPlay’s Next Generation Sees Multi-Screen Integration

Your next car’s cabin could be powered entirely by Apple CarPlay

The new Apple CarPlay is here to save us from carmakers’ own software

Apple Maps Have Now Improved Driving And Navigation Functions

New Apple CarPlay infotainment update incoming

Apple's next-gen CarPlay with widgets, greater integration

Next-gen Apple CarPlay to mirror on infotainment and digital driver’s displays by 2023

Next-gen Apple CarPlay to be smarter than ever with driver display integration

Next-gen Apple CarPlay aims to takeover in-car screens & functions

Next-generation Apple CarPlay will control more than media

Apple CarPlay could revolutionize your car’s interface in 2023

Apple CarPlay dives deeper into car infotainment for late 2023

Next-Gen Apple CarPlay to Take Over the Entire Cockpit

Apple Introduces Massive CarPlay Update At WWDC 2022

How New Apple CarPlay Will Revolutionize Your Car’s Dashboard

Next-Gen Apple CarPlay Brings Custom Features To Multiple Screens


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