Expression Session: HR Holden coupe

Browsing American car mags can be quite depressing — all those two-door cars to choose among. Except for a smattering of Monaros, Falcons and Chargers, Australia has been starved of stylish two-door streeters. Don’t get me wrong, we have some ...

2002 Holden Commodore SS owner review

About the Holden Commodore R B purchased this Holden Commodore new with additional options for $40,000 (including all on-road costs). R B would buy this car again because: “Absolutely. Easy to drive, cheap to service and work on, extremely reliable, ...

Trevor Cass's trophy-winning 'Starfire' EH Holden

If not for the Geoff Paradise-penned feature it received in the December ’81-January ’82 issue of Street Machine, you’d be hard-pressed to believe Trevor Cass’s ultra-classy EH was finished way back in 1978. And you might think that it’s probably ...

SMOTY-winning 454-cube HQ Holden Monaro - Rat Attack

Looking back on David Bennett’s injected, big-block, SMOTY-winning Monaro This article on David Bennett’s HQ Holden was originally published in the April 1989 issue of Street Machine WELCOME to David Bennett’s incredible travelling circus. Be amazed, ladies and gentlemen, as ...

Opel Insignia production to end, after Vauxhall axes Holden Commodore twin

UPDATE, July 21: Opel Insignia to be axed as German production wraps up The story to here May 18: Vauxhall Insignia axed in the UK two years after end of Holden Commodore’s run Snapshot Opel Insignia to be retired ...

Paul Harris's Holden HG Monaro GTS

We spotted a tidy green HG Monaro hauling around Lakeside recently, and once we got chatting to its owner, Paul Harris, we discovered that he was a bit of a Willowbank legend back in the day. Geez mate, you don’t ...

Could this have given Holden a fighting chance? Chevrolet Blazer SS electric car looks to be tough alternative to Hyundai Ioniq 5 N, Tesla Model Y Performance and Kia EV6 GT

This promising Chevrolet EV offers a look at a future Holden never had a chance to be a part of. Chevrolet has fully revealed its all-electric Blazer EV line-up with a range of go-fast trims, and even a pursuit ...

The van that time forgot: Neil Dieckmann's FJ Holden

If you’ve attended a car show or swap-meet in South East Queensland in the past 45-odd years, you’re sure to have seen Neil Dieckmann’s FJ Holden panel van. Neil was introduced to the humpy scene by Kyren O’Loan and bought ...

Wild custom FJ Holden coupe

Curves and chrome: the automotive style of the 1950s is a baseline for a lot of car crafters, even if they were born decades later. Like 32-year-old Queenslander Anthony Fuller, for instance. He works as a panel beater at resto ...

For Sale: Peter Brock’s 1974 Holden Torana GTR XU-1

Shannons is back at it again with the auction of a stunning piece of Australian motoring history, with none other than Peter Brock’s 1974 Touring Car Championship-conquering LC Torana GTR XU-1 set to go under the hammer next month. The ...

Engine ID guide - Ford, Holden, Chrysler & Chevrolet

HOLDEN SIXES FORD SIXES CHRYSLER SIXES CHRYSLER SMALL-BLOCK FORD SMALL-BLOCK CHEV BIG-BLOCK HOLDEN V8 CHRYSLER BIG-BLOCK FORD BIG-BLOCK WHAT’S A BIG-BLOCK? It is the first question when people get together and talk about their cars: what’s under the bonnet? ...

Legendary FJ Holden up for auction

The FJ Holden that changed the face of Australian street machining in 1986 has quietly appeared on a Gold Coast auction house website. Rex Webster’s ‘High Tech’ FJ appeared in the December 1986 issue of Street Machine, went on to ...

Rex Webster's iconic FJ Holden

In 1986, Rex Webster’s astonishing ’55 FJ Holden blew our street machining minds. Here’s a look back at the original story detailing the creation and incredible attention to detail of this revolutionary masterpiece, as it was first published in the ...

Ground breaker: Johnny Musladin's EH Holden

Johnny Musladin’s EH Holden was built to simple criteria: good looks and rule books This article on Johnny’s EH Holden was originally published in the June 1996 issue of Street Machine WHEN it comes to Aussie icons, lots of folk ...

Peter Kelly's elite LS-powered 1961 EK Holden

As the covers slid from Peter Kelly’s EK Holden during the Great Meguiar’s Uncover at Street Machine Summernats 34, it represented so much more than just showing off a freshly minted high-end build. For Peter, it was his vision come ...

WAU eyeing ultimate Holden farewell in Adelaide

Ryan Walkinshaw. Picture: Ross Gibb With his team’s 2022 championship ambitions having faded, Ryan Walkinshaw has two particular races in his sights to send off Holden on the ultimate high. The Holden Commodore will be replaced by the Chevrolet ...

More Holdens of Milwaukee Young Street Machine of the Year

While a new generation might be coming of age without seeing new Holdens in the dealers, there’s no shortage of enthusiasm for the mighty Lion in our first Milwaukee Young Street Machine of the Year! While the sheer number of ...

Short circuit: Why the Holden Volt was the electric car ahead of its time | Opinion

The Holden Volt launched in 2012 but was gone by early in 2015. The electric revolution is well and truly underway in Australia. In the first five months of 2022 as a nation we’ve bought more than 43,000 electric ...

Kia Stinger out on bail: How the Australian Police are saving a modern icon from following the Holden Commodore SS and Ford Falcon XR8 into oblivion

Thanks to the support of police departments throughout Australia, Stinger sales are growing and Kia is keen to exploit this. Great news for people who love affordable old-school petrol-powered rear-drive performance sedans. The Kia Stinger will continue to be ...

Mitsubishi Australia hoping to capitalise on Holden closure

Mitsubishi Australia wants to woo buyers who would have gone for a Holden in the past. Mitsubishi Australia is keen to capitalise on the exit of Holden from the local market, revealing it is “absolutely” hoping to win over ...

Not even Toyota, Holden or Kia could save them: Affordable fire-breathing V8 family cars, stylish small wagons, cool cabrios and other quirky niches lost forever as new-car variety nosedives in Australia

Big V8s, done dirt cheap: EXTINCT Small wagons: ENDANGERED Inexpensive four-seater convertibles: ENDANGERED Small MPV/tall hatchbacks: EXTINCT It’s amazing that – just a few years ago – Australians could buy a Corvette V8-engined Commodore SS for under $45K. If ...

Right car, wrong time: Holden Commodore VE/VF - Australia's best-made car was also the last | Opinion

The final Australian-made Holden Commodore was a great car but arrived as large sedans became deeply unpopular. Twenty-years ago the family sedan market was in rude health. A broad range of 11 models – including the Holden Commodore, Ford ...

Andrew Ash's Holden FX ute - flashback

HIT PARADE ANDREW ASH 1950 FX HOLDEN UTE The July-August 1987 issue of Street Machine was an absolute cracker. Mark Sgaravizzi’s infamous 88NATS XD Falcon was bursting off the cover, while inside was Andrew Reader’s sensational EH, the Castrol ...

Where's the choice? From Australian Holden and Ford Falcon ute legends to the likes of the Honda Accord Euro and Toyota Tarago, here are more cars that have departed over the past decade in dwindling or now-dormant segments

Affordable medium-sized sedans: ENDANGERED Sporty three-door hatches: ENDANGERED Car-based utes: EXTINCT (for now…) Car-based large People Movers and MPVs: ENDANGERED Want a new car-based ute like the traditional Ford Falcon or Holden Commodore? Tough luck! Imported trucks swept them ...

Klimenko: Holden fans should give GM same respect

A Gen3-spec Chevrolet Camaro in Boost Mobile/Erebus Motorsport colours. Render: SS Media Erebus Motorsport founder Betty Klimenko says dyed in the wool Holden fans should give General Motors Specialty Vehicles the respect it deserves when Gen3 arrives. General Motors ...

Home-built LS1-powered Holden HR Premier

Jason Pellett has been tinkering with cars since he was 15 years old. This affinity for all things automotive led him to pursue an apprenticeship as a panel beater, fuelling a passion for homebuilt projects that continues to this day. ...

2013 Holden CRUZE owner review

About the Holden CRUZE Matt C purchased this Holden CRUZE new with additional options for $25,000 (including all on-road costs). Matt C wouldn’t buy this car again because: “Ok so for one, you can’t get them new anymore! Great car, ...

Did General Motors make the right decision to axe Holden? Why the 2022 Chevrolet line-up would have been a threat to Toyota, Mazda and Hyundai | Opinion

Chevrolet Trailblazer – replacing Holden Trax Chevrolet Blazer – replacing Holden Equinox  Chevrolet Tahoe – replacing Holden Acadia  Chevrolet Suburban – replacing Holden Trailblazer Chevrolet Colorado and Silverado 1500 – replacing Holden Colorado  Chevrolet Corvette – replacing Holden Commodore ...

Dude, where are our cars? From the Holden Caprice and Ford Territory to the bargain-basement Suzuki Alto and sexy Honda CR-Z coupe, the car segments that have virtually or totally disappeared over the past decade

Sub-$14K driveaway bargains: EXTINCT Big inexpensive luxury limos: EXTINCT Cheap coupes: ENDANGERED Affordable non-truck-based RWD family SUVs: EXTINCT The booming popularity of SUVs means that there are fewer model choices for new-car buyers in 2022 compared to a decade ...

Memorable off-road expeditions! Mal's Holden Drover cleared for take-off! - CarsGuide Podcast #232

Video of 4WD adventure hit list! Off-road trip ideas for your ute or SUV in Australia! CarsGuide Podcast #232 Episode 232 – Best 4WD adventures! In this episode, James Cleary, Malcolm Flynn and Dave Morley talk all things motoring, including: ...

Todd Dicker's HK Holden ute

Todd Dicker had whale of a time at Motorvation 36 in his party car, this awesome HK ute with genuine patina and small-block Chev power. First published in the April 2022 issue of Street Machine How did your love of ...

Ford F100, HT Holden, Ford F6 LTD, LH Torana + more - Readers' Rockets

Clinton Broadbent 1977 Ford F100 Troy Colquhoun HT Holden Senad Cekovic Ford F6 LTD Brad 1933 Ford Coupe John Smith Holden LH Torana Jamie Lewis 1968 Chevrolet Caprice Clinton Broadbent1977 Ford F100 “I first discovered this truck rusting away ...

Michelle White's HZ Holden Premier

Project cars scar your hands, cause sleepless nights, push your patience and stress-test your bank account like little else in life. But they can also bring amazing, like-minded people together, and the satisfaction of overcoming a difficult automotive problem is ...

Vauxhall Insignia axed in the UK two years after end of Holden Commodore's run

Snapshot Vauxhall Insignia leaves UK due to low sales Marks the final GM-era vehicle on sale in the UK Opel Insignia continues to be sold in Europe Slumping sedan sales are being blamed for the death of the Vauxhall Insignia ...

Holden EH restoration project - in the build

This EH is Darcy’s first car, and he’s investing a great deal of effort in making it something really special. This article on Darcy Chircop’s EH Holden was originally published in the May 2018 issue of Street Machine magazine Since ...

Top 10 worst cars of all time!: SsangYong Stavic, Holden Captiva & more! CarsGuide Podcast #230

Video of 10 worst cars of all time! Biggest car, ute and SUV fails in history named – CarsGuide Podcast #230 Episode 230 – Top 10 worst cars of all time! In this episode, James Cleary, Byron Mathioudakis and Andrew ...

Weiand-supercharged 202 HR Holden ute

This 1966 HR was my grandfather’s work ute and the first car I learned to drive in. It was sold at a clearance sale, brought back, sold again, then offered back to me, as the owner’s car club would not ...

Holden nameplates to return? Who's in line to nab GMH's Astra supplier and emerging electric car superstar, Opel, now that it's hot property in Europe, UK and (soon) NZ

Under Peugeot stewardship, Opel has blossomed into a vibrant brand with striking, electrified models like the Astra and Mokka. Opel is suddenly hot property and here’s why. Nine years on from being unceremoniously dumped in Australia by Holden after ...

325hp Holden six with Phil Irving 12-port head

Ben Judd’s PRO EH took out the 2018 Street Machine of the Year award thanks to stunning bodywork, a very cool cruise-style interior and a stove-hot Holden red six. After racking up plenty of road miles, Ben decided it was ...

Six Holden Commodores to celebrate

Commodore is on death row, so here are six good reasons to pay tribute to the once-favourite Aussie nameplate


Holden Acadia v Toyota Kluger: Head2Head

Driving the Chevrolet Camaro in Holden country

Last chance to win Holden TribUTE

Holden, Mazda top Australian JD Power Sales Satisfaction survey, BMW leads premium

Holden Monaro to be reinvented

At least 3 Holden Commodore limited editions confirmed

Holden's best concept cars

Mint Holden VL Walkinshaw Group A could chalk up another million-dollar sale

Rust in pieces: From the last of the V8 Holden Commodore replacements to China's answer to the Toyota LandCruiser Prado, here are 11 cars removed from sale in 2021

Young Gun Jaidyn Seng's HQ Holden

Your Holden Commodore could be on the road even longer! GMSV set to honour Holden service and spare parts beyond required 10-year mark

LSA-swapped 1991 Holden VN SS Commodore

Dodge Demon Drags Australia-Made Holden Commodore SS, Gap Is Ocean-Wide

Holdens reunited: Efijy, Hurricane, GTR-X, Monaro, Commodore and HSV set to be part of some 80 classic Holdens relocated to a new home as GMSV rebuilds heritage fleet as well as Australians' trust in GM

GM Australia wants Holden fans to 'come on the journey', as Chevy sales spike

Move over Holden Commodore and Ford Falcon, there's a new Victoria Police Highway Patrol vehicle on the beat

Holden Supercars heroes defect to Ford

Would you pay $700k for the best Holden ever made?

The old Holden Racing Team of V8 Supercars fame is switching to Ford?! How Walkinshaw Andretti United's brand switch is hardly the first time a race team has jumped ship

Walkinshaw's history outside of Holden and GM explored

Right car, wrong time: Holden Adventra - How Holden tried but failed to take on the Subaru Outback

Holden 355 stroker-powered LX Torana SL/R 5000

1976 Holden HX LE

For sale: Holden Commodore that helped the US spy

Which car should I buy? Ford Falcon XR8 Ute v Holden Crewman SS

Home-built Holden 355-powered 1965 HD Premier

Right car, wrong time: Holden Commodore ZB and why it was always destined to fail | Opinion

Harry Haig’s LS-swapped HG Holden wagon

1968 Holden HK Monaro GTS

The best canopies for your Holden Colorado

Used Holden Captiva review: 2006-2017

Readers' Rockets: EH Holden, XM Falcon ute, '57 Chev wagon, XC Fairmont + more

2001 Holden Caprice WH owner review

Australia's biggest new-car fails! From the Holden ZB Commodore to the Mercedes-Benz X-Class, these are our biggest flops ever

Used Holden Cruze review: 2009-2016

L98-swapped Holden EH sleeper

Blown and injected, Holden V8-powered LX SL/R Torana

You Won’t Believe How Much Power This Holden Commodore Wagon Has

Holden Commodore Wagon With Massive Turbo Makes 1,100 Horsepower

DCW cars at Holden Nats

Is this a spiritual successor to the Holden Commodore SS? Forget the V8 - new Chevy Blazer SS secures electric future for iconic badge

Expression Session: Holden FC coupe

1969 Holden Hurricane Concept Car

Right car, wrong time: Kia Stinger, Holden Cruze, Ford Territory Turbo and other near misses from the motoring world

Holden Monaro Convertible: Australia's Mercedes-Benz SL that almost was

1968 Holden HK GTS Monaro Auctions For Less Than Expected

1970 Holden Torana GTR-X

Results & Gallery: Holden Nationals 2022

Iconic Holdens sell for unbelievable amounts at auction

Holden duo scores record price

Service your Holden, win a Corvette

Classic Holden Commodore and Monaro roar at auction

Never Driven Prototype 1979 Holden Commodore VH SL/E Found Hiding In A Barn For Over 40 Years

Rare Holden classic tipped to fetch big bucks at auction

Iconic Holden Monaro expected to break records at auction

Holden-powered HG Belmont ute

Classic Holden Commodore prototype to go under hammer

The first and final Australian super-ute? 2023 Ford Ranger Raptor detailed, and why it gate-crashes the ranks of the Ford Falcon GT, Holden Commodore SS and Chrysler Charger E49

1942 General Motors Holden anti-tank gun sells for $45,000

Holden-built WWII anti-tank gun sells for $45,000


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