1965 Shelby Cobra 289 “CSX 8001”

The original 289 Shelby Cobras are among the most iconic cars ever built. The creation of racing legend Carroll Shelby, the Cobra was introduced in 1962 and produced through 1967. The short run of Cobras led Shelby American to create ...

Shelby 427 Competition Cobra, Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class, Nick Heidfeld's Porsche 959: Today's Car News

A 1965 Shelby 427 Competition Cobra race car is headed for auction, and this one was driven in anger by no less than three Formula 1 drivers. Shelby only built 56 Competition Cobras, and only 23 of these remain ...

Rare 1965 Shelby 427 Competition Cobra heads to auction, will likely fetch millions

The Shelby Cobra is a common sight at car shows thanks to a burgeoning replica business, but original cars are exceedingly rare—and the 1965 Shelby 427 Competition Cobra headed to auction next month is among the rarest of Cobras. ...

Less is More: Simple Mods make this 2014 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Stand Out from the Pack

Have They Gone Too Far? Keep It Simple Bang for the Buck Mods Nitto Tire Combo More Power to Come Low For as long as muscle cars have been a staple in the American automotive marketplace, the need to ...

Unrestored 1965 Sunbeam Tiger Mark I: The Cheap Shelby Cobra Alternative?

Sunbeam Tiger Development: Carroll Shelby’s Other British Roadster Sunbeam Tiger vs. Shelby Cobra: Discerning Taste or All-Out Performance Sunbeam Tiger Mark I, Mark IA, or Mark II—What’s the Difference? Unrestored 1965 Sunbeam Tiger Mark I: the Savvy Collector’s Choice ...

This Crazy-Rare Shelby Mustang Is the Dream Car You Never Knew Existed

What was the coolest Hertz Mustang? What was special about the Hertz Shelby Mustangs?  Take this one home with you The Shelby American and Hertz partnership is one of the coolest marketing ploys ever devised. This partnership was little ...

Auction-Bound, Shelby-Driven Ferrari 410 Sport Could Sell for Crazy Money

Photo: RM Sotheby’s Maranello has built several very significant sports racers that started life as Scuderia team cars and later became legendary in American privateer circles, but very few of these can compare to the 1955 Ferrari 410 Sport ...

Several Shelby GT500s Stolen From The Factory

Not this again… You know car theft is completely out of control when the criminals are stealing vehicles straight from the factory. Unfortunately, this trend of pilfering assembly plants’ secured parking lots to get the goods fresh off the assembly ...

1968 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350

This Shelby GT 350 is powered by a 302-cid, 250-hp V-8 engine featuring the factory aluminum intake and carburetor. The glorious sound of the Shelby GT 350’s V-8 is emitted through a dual exhaust system. The engine is paired to ...

Shelby GT500 From ‘Need for Speed’: Movie Car Monday

What Shelby was in Need for Speed? Why is the Shelby GT500 special? Can you buy a Shelby GT500 like the car in Need for Speed?  What other cars are in Need for Speed?  What other famous Shelby GT500s ...

No Plate Like Chrome: Shelby builds new Cammer Cobra

For many gearheads, the words ‘Shelby’ and ‘performance’ go together like bacon and eggs. After a lifetime of building some of the world’s best hot rods, Carroll Shelby’s namesake company continues the tradition by cranking out high-powered vehicles and special ...

R.O.C. face to face with SA’s only Shelby Speedster

“/> 615 kW produced by a supercharged 5.0-litre V8 and packaged into a gorgeous American muscle car. This Shelby Speedster is one of three that will land in SA this year and is currently being built by a single ...

Carroll Shelby's Cobra Cammer Concept Comes to Life

Built to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Shelby American.

Modern Sportscar, Beware - We Drive the Shelby Daytona Coupé

Carroll Shelby and the Shelby Daytona Cobra Coupé need no introduction

Shelby has built a V8-powered ‘Cammer Cobra’ concept, and it is SHINY

USA Cobra Daytona Continuation imagines a 1964 Le Mans racer This is the Shelby American Cammer Cobra concept, and it shall ride eternal, shiny and chrome. An extraordinarily shiny and chrome reminder that Carroll Shelby did in fact, love Le ...

BMW M LMDh Hybrid V8, Gordon Murray electric SUV, Shelby Cammer Cobra: Car News Headlines

BMW M has given us a first look at its LMDh race car that will compete at the top level in the IMSA SportsCar Championship starting from 2023. It’s powered by a new V-8 hybrid powertrain that hopefully we’ll ...

Shelby Cammer Cobra is the 427 Daytona Coupe that was never built

Shelby American used the past weekend’s Carlisle Ford Nationals in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, to present the Shelby Cammer Cobra, a car Carroll Shelby had wanted to race in the 1964 24 Hours of Le Mans. The Cammer Cobra is based ...

2022 Hertz Ford Shelby Mustang GT-H First Drive Review: Go Ahead and Rent-a-Ripper, Again

Why It’s Important Pros: What We Like Cons: What We Don’t Like The Bottom Line ford mustang Full Overview Fifty-six years ago, Carroll Shelby made a whole bunch of hot-rodders who were working on a budget real happy when ...

1968 Shelby GT500 KR Is Rare And Desirable

This car may be one of the coolest hidden gems on the pony car market. The first-generation Ford Mustang was a significant step forward in the American performance automobile industry. Whether you like the sleek styling, low-slung ride height, lightweight ...

2022 Hertz Ford Shelby Mustang GT500-H First Drive Review: A 900+HP Rental?!

Why Does It Exist? Pros: What We Like Cons: What We Don’t Like The Bottom Line ford mustang-shelby-gt500 Full Overview Yes, you heard right. Hertz is going to rent a 900-plus-horsepower Mustang GT500 to just about anyone who can ...

Shelby Mustang: What Is a Predator?

What is the Ford Predator engine? Which Shelby cars come with the supercharged 5.2L Ford V8? Can you buy a crate Predator engine?  What is next for Ford and Shelby? When Carroll Shelby first got his hands on the ...

Get More Chances To Win This Stunning 2022 Shelby GT500 Heritage Edition

For as little as 25 bucks, you could bring home this dream car Mustang. If owning a brand new GT500 has been your dream, today is your lucky day, and you could own it for practically nothing. We’re offering Motorious ...

1968 Shelby GT500 KR

1968 was an amazing year for the, now famous, Ford Mustang and its various Shelby brethren such as the GT500. Carroll Shelby had previously been tasked with turning the mule that was the 1964/65 Mustang into a potent racing pony. This ...

Rare Shelby Cobra CSX4000 hits the auction block

Photo / Supplied A rare Shelby Cobra CSX4000 Series Roadster hits the auction block next month. And while the listing states it’s a 1965 model, the car in question was actually built in the early 2000s when Shelby launched ...

BMW M4 Competition v Ford Mustang Shelby GT500

With 760bhp, the latest Shelby GT500 is Ford’s fruitiest Mustang ever, and it’s got chassis chops to match. But can it get the measure of BMW’s new M4 Competition?

First Shelby Speedster arrives in SA

The Shelby Speedster transforms a Mustang Convertible into a two-seater roadster.

Shelby Speedster debuts in South Africa – The coolest Mustang you can’t buy

American muscle Living up to a legacy The Shelby Speedster is coming to South Africa this month, but there’s a catch. Only three examples of the special-edition Shelby were made available to the local market, and they’ve already sold ...

Driving the Hertz-Shelby GT-H and GT-500H

Hertz is unleashing 900-horsepower Shelby Mustangs on the public this year. Here's what to expect peeling out of the rental counter.

1965 Shelby Cobra Competition Roadster Is An Ultra-Rare Race Car

This vivacious vehicle is sure to turn heads at any track day. Shelby is a famous name within the automotive industry for the legacy and fiery records that its bearer left behind. From the race track to the sales floor, ...

The Ford Mustang Shelby GT500-H Is a 900+ HP Rental

Inspired by the Rent-A-Racers of yore, Shelby and Hertz are back at it again.

Hertz offers 900 BHP Shelby Mustang as rental

Hertz claims that the Shelby Mustang GT500-H is the “most powerful rental car ever built by Shelby”. Car rental platform Hertz has announced a three-year partnership with Shelby American to rent out tuned Mustangs to customers across 11 cities ...

670kW rental: Hertz reveals new Ford Mustang Shelby GT500H

Photos / Supplied If you aren’t familiar with the Hertz and Shelby relationship, then we need to take a dive back into history. Back in the day (1960s), the two brands paired up to give customers access to overpowered ...

Put the Hertz On Your Vacation With This Rentable 900-HP Shelby Mustang

What is a Mustang Shelby GT-H? 2022 Mustang Shelby GT500-H—The Most Powerful Shelby Rental Car, Ever How to Rent a Shelby GT-H In 1966, the consummate salesman—Carroll Shelby—convinced Hertz Rental Car to buy 1,001 Mustang Shelby GT350s, give them ...

Shelby GT500 Hertz Rentals Are Back! Can You Handle the Power?

Shelby American and Hertz teamed up to bring you these dream rentals History of the Hertz Rent-A-Racer program Who doesn’t love the concept of renting a Ford Mustang? Hate them or love them; they are fun to drive. This ...

First Shelby GT500 Prototype Found, and the Restorer Wants Your Help 

This could be the most significant Shelby car ever, and it was thought to have been lost decades ago.

Tuned Ford Mustang GT With 850 HP Tries To Take Down The Shelby GT500

The Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 is an absolute beast of a car but there are a number of tuners out there that will take standard Mustang GT models and give them even more power than the GT500. Britain’s Clive ...

Passion for Everything Shelby Runs Deep for Ontario Businessman

The self proclaimed MD (for Meat Doctor, having grown up in the family beef slaughterhouse) got his chance to experience power for the first time when Dad bought him a 1981 Trans Am.

The Tale of a Lost and Found Shelby Pony Prototype

Research proved that the car was a Shelby Automotive Pre-Production Engineering and Marketing Development car. One of just four.

Shelby GT350 ups Performance for 2019

The upgraded 2019 Mustang Shelby GT350 improves on precision and balance all to deliver faster lap times and performance on-track and on the street.


Hertz rent-a-racer program returns with 900-plus-hp Ford Mustang Shelby GT500-H

New Mustang Shelby GT500 Goes From Zero to Stunting to Zero Faster Than This Link can Load

Ford Tweaks Mustang Shelby GT350R for 2020

Heritage Package for Shelby GT350 and GT350R is a Nod to their Racing Past

2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 debuts in Detroit

Ford Releases 2020 Shelby GT500 Mustang Power Figures

Carroll Shelby's Aston Martin Headed to Auction

2020 Shelby GT500 Breaks Quarter Mile Record… Again 

Ford Mustang Mach-E electric car versus Shelby GT500 supercharged V8

Hertz And Shelby Debut A 900-HP Ford Mustang You Can Rent This Summer

Don’t Be Gentle, It’s a Rental: Shelby, Hertz offer 900-hp Mustang

You Can Now Rent a 900-HP Shelby Mustang From Hertz

Anyone Can Rent This 900-HP Ford Mustang Shelby GT500-H From Hertz

Pair of Experimental Shelby Mustangs Unveiled at Barrett-Jackson

The Ford Shelby GT500KR Mustang is a 900bhp ‘King of the Road’

Rare Peruvian Shelby GT350R To Be Sold at Mecum Indy

Ford Shelby Mustang GT500KR returns in royal glory with over 900 hp

Lots Of Toyota EVs, The Hoonitron, Sierra EV, And Shelby GT500 KR: RAC 50

Hail to the King: Ford Mustang Shelby GT500KR Returns With 900 HP

Shelby Celebrates 60th Anniversary Appropriately: With a 900-HP Ford Mustang GT500KR

America Takes Over Europe As Dodge Viper Races Shelby Mustang, Cadillac CTS-V Overseas

Snakebit: The Shelby Mustang GT500KR returns with 900 hp

Shelby GT500 Drag Races Ford Mustang Mach-E GT Performance, Wins Every Time

Ford Shelby GT500KR returns with over 900 hp

Ford Mustang Shelby GT500KR: 913 CV y mucha fibra de carbono

Ford Shelby GT500KR returns in royal glory with over 900 hp

Thieves Steal Shelby GT500s Straight From The Factory

Segerstrom Shelby Event Center Opens Amid Copious Cobras, Many Mustangs

Shelby GT500 Faces Mach-E GT Performance In Mustang Family Drag Race

Shelby Mustang GT500KR Celebrates 60-Year Anniversary With Over 900 HP

Shelby GT500KR Returns As Road Legal 900-HP+ Monster

Hertz Teases New Shelby GT500 Rental Car Ahead Of May 10 Debut

Shelby celebrates 60 years with 900-horsepower Mustang GT500KR

The Ford Shelby Mustang GT500KR Returns With Over 900 HP And Carbon Fiber Kit

Stolen Ford Mustang Shelby GT500s Crash Through Gate at Flat Rock Assembly Plant

900+-HP Ford Shelby Mustang GT500KR Celebrates Shelby American's 60th Year

Gone In 60-ish Seconds: Four New Ford Mustang Shelby GT500s Stolen From Flat Rock Assembly Plant

Ford Mustang Shelby GT500KR Returns With 900 HP, Carbon Fiber Galore

2022 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500KR Gets 900 HP, New Suspension, and Lots of Carbon

2022 Shelby GT500KR revealed, Australian examples limited to two per year

KR Comeback: Shelby Reintroduces GT500KR Mustang for Company’s 60th Anniversary

1965 Shelby Cobra 289 Automatic Is One Of Shelby’s Rarest Cars

New-build right-hand drive Shelby Cobras now available in the UK

Thieves Steal Four Ford Mustang Shelby GT500s From Flat Rock Assembly Plant

Right-hand-drive Shelby Cobras on sale in UK

Four Mustang Shelby GT500s Stolen From Factory In Hollywood-Style Heist

Clive Sutton is bringing these Shelby Cobras to the UK

Ford Shelby Mustang GT500KR - Shelby Reincarnates The ‘KR’ Moniker For This 900-Horsepower Beast

$3.85 Million 1965 Shelby GT350R Flying Mustang "Unusually" Up for Grabs Again

GT500KR: Shelby's most powerful car confirmed for Kiwi buyers

1968 Shelby GT350 Is One Of Only 224 Rent-A-Racers

1962 Shelby Cobra 260

6th Grader Shares Carroll Shelby Race Car Legacy With His Class

Shelby GT500 vs. CT5-V Blackwing: Showdown of the Supercharged V8s

Ford Explains Why There's No Shelby GT500 Convertible

2020 Shelby GT500 Races 2022 BMW M4 Competition

1965 Shelby Continuation Cobra

Shelby GT500 Long Lost Prototype Was Found in a Field and Fully Restored

BMW M4 xDrive Duels Shelby GT500 In Drag Race With U-Turn

Rare 1965 Shelby 427 S/C Cobra Was A Race Winner At The 12 Hours Of Sebring


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