Which New Chevrolet Models Offer a Manual Transmission?

All Chevrolet Spark trim levels are available with a manual transmission There is only one Chevy sports car that’s available with a manual transmission Why don’t more Chevrolet models come with a manual transmission? Being able to row your ...

Little Girl Ripping Donuts in Her Barbie Corvette Is the Cutest Thing You’ll See Today

Showing off for the crowd, this adorable kid also has some serious skill behind the wheel of her Barbie Corvette. Aside from our love of Corvettes, there is one common thread that most of us share – we all ...

Used Guide: 2016-2022 Chevrolet Spark

Tip 1: Air conditioner problems Tip 2: Display trouble Tip 3: Transmission problems Tip 4: Connectivity checkup Tip 5: Dig around the cargo area Final thought The last-generation Chevrolet Spark hit Canadian roads for model-year 2016 with a $9,995 ...

Corvette History Part 4: The C3 (1968-1973)

Hot on the heels of the iconic C2 Sting Ray comes the longest-running Corvette generation, racing through 14 years of production. Adding a Little Extra Muscle Grand Tourer Meets Muscle Car: A Match Made in Heaven The Corvette that ...

Lingenfelter Reveals New C8 Corvette Convertible Supercharger

This new C8 Corvette convertible supercharger helps the LT2 crank out 700 horsepower and it co-exists peacefully with factory systems. Nearly since its inception, a variety of aftermarket companies have offered power adders for the C8 Corvette, whether that ...

Corvette of the Year 2022: Vote for Your Favorite C4 NOW (& Congrats C3 Winners!)

CorvetteForum’s Corvette of the Year 2022 contest continues. Vote for your favorite C4 now, and checkout the C3 winners.  How to Vote CorvetteForum’s Corvette of the Year 2022 contest continues. Vote for your favorite C4 now, and checkout the ...

Detroit 2022: Chevrolet Adds RST Performance version to its 2023 Tahoe

At the Detroit Auto Show, Chevrolet of course had electric models to show off, but the firm also had another model to unveil. And this time, they put environmental correctness aside, at least temporarily. What they showed us runs ...

Chevrolet To Begin EV Marketing Campaign Via NFL Football

There's no question that GM is touting its electric future like none other, and Chevy already has a reputation for producing EVs.

New Chevrolet Corvette Z06 gets naturally-aspirated 5.5-litre V8

For now, the Z06 will be the most powerful version of Chevrolet’s new mid-engined Corvette

Gorgeous 1967 Corvette L71 Coupe Is the Real Trifecta

This beautiful red-on-red 1967 Corvette L71 coupe was refurbished a decade ago, but it continues to rack up awards. For Corvette fans, it’s hard to beat the big block cars of the C2 generation, a collection of amazing rides ...

2023 Corvette Z06 Gross Vehicle Weight Rating Comes in at a Portly 4,000 Pounds

Dry weight is far less, but this gives us an idea of the true running weight of the 2023 Corvette Z06. Back in October of 2021, GM revealed a number of details about the 2023 Corvette Z06, including its ...

Road Trip: 2022 Chevrolet Silverado High Country in Nova Scotia

This summer journey could be best described as a Post-Lockdown Catch Up — a week in Nova Scotia wherein I attended an overdue Anne Murray band reunion on the North Shore, a family gathering near Bridgewater on the South Shore, ...

Chevrolet's 2023 Tahoe just got an RST Performance Edition

With the release of the 682-hp Cadillac Escalade V, GM has shown it’s ready to go big for performance SUVs. Sporty utes are nothing new, but typically they’re smaller than the gargantuan Chevy Tahoe. Available on top of the RST ...

1969 L88 Corvette Sells For Astonishing $631K

1969 L88 Corvette Sells For Astonishing $631K Huge Range Legend of L88 Exponential Hike Market Cooling Down? Likely Garage Queen 1969 L88 Corvette Sells For Astonishing $631K Listed on BaT for the second time this year, this L88 C3 ...

1963 Corvette Emerges From Long-Term Storage With Tons of Dust

1963 Corvette Emerges From Long-Term Storage With Tons of Dust Dusty but Notable Long Term Storage Fairly Common Refresh and Forget Some Questions Second Chance 1963 Corvette Emerges From Long-Term Storage With Tons of Dust Yet another cool barn ...

This 1962 Corvette Has a Rare Gold Grille

This 1962 Corvette Has a Rare Gold Grille Gold Accents Main Attractions One Theory Change of Plans? Random Process Stellar Example This 1962 Corvette Has a Rare Gold Grille This is one of very few 1962 models equipped with ...

2024 Chevrolet Equinox EV Up Close: Fighting on Multiple Fronts

What Does the Equinox EV Mean for the Bolt EV and Bolt EUV? What Does the Equinox EV Compete With? Is It Even Worth Your Consideration? 2024 Chevrolet Equinox EV | Cars.com photo by Christian Lantry The latest electric ...

2023 Chevrolet Tahoe RST Performance Adds a Bit More Power, Style

Photo: Germain Goyer Chevrolet didn’t just come to the 2022 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit this week to display its future electric vehicles including the Equinox EV, Silverado EV and Blazer EV. The event also marks the debut ...

Chopped-Down C5 Corvette Is the Strangest Thing We’ve Seen Today

Would you pay $11k to bring home this incredibly strange, significantly shortened C5 Corvette?  We’ve seen our fair share of strange Corvettes over the years, whether they’re cars that folks have chopped up, added body parts from other cars ...

Motorola’s Secret C4 Corvette EV Prototype Has Been Found

Not much is known about this mysterious C4 Corvette EV, including why it was built in the first place. It’s no secret that a Corvette EV is in development, as General Motors itself has hinted that such a machine ...

Chevrolet Corvette C8 (2021) review: born in the USA, shockingly good in the UK

There has to be more to it than an engine movement… That interior looks wild… How’s the performance, then? How does the Corvette handle? Where can I buy one in the UK? Chevrolet Corvette C8: verdict ► Mid-engined Corvette ...

The 2023 Chevrolet Tahoe RST Performance Edition Gets Police-Spec Suspension

With 433 hp on deck, it's also the most powerful Tahoe ever.

Chevrolet Introduces 2023 Tahoe RST Performance Edition

Chevrolet has announced the introduction of its 2023 Tahoe RST Performance Edition full-sized SUV. “The 2023 Tahoe RST Performance Edition is designed for those who want the best of both worlds — the everyday comfort and capability of a ...

2023 Chevrolet Tahoe RST Performance Edition Turns Up the Heat

A Little More Oomph Pursuit-Rated Performance Pricing and Release Date The 2023 Chevrolet Tahoe RST Performance Edition made its debut today at the 2022 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Featuring “performance induction and exhaust systems,” the RST ...

2023 Chevrolet Tahoe RST gains power boost with Performance Edition pack

Chevrolet has upped the performance of its Tahoe RST for 2023 with the addition of a new package, aptly labeled the Performance Edition package. Unveiled on Wednesday at the 2022 Detroit auto show, the package essentially brings upgrades originally ...

2023 Chevrolet Tahoe RST Performance Edition Gets Power And Poise

Though not quite a rival for the Dodge Durango SRT Hellcat, the 433-horsepower Tahoe is still pretty quick for a full-size SUV.

2023 Toyota Tundra is 'no ordinary conversion' as Japanese brand looks to go above and beyond what Ford F-150, Ram 1500 and Chevrolet Silverado offer

The Tundra will join the Ram 1500 and Chevrolet Silverado in the booming big ute market. The Toyota Tundra is coming, but it won’t be an easy path to get the full-sized pick-up into local showrooms towards the end ...

Chevrolet will let Corvette Z06 buyers build their engines

Chevrolet will soon offer buyers of the 2023 Corvette Z06 a chance to do what virtually no other new-car can — a help build their own car’s engine, specifically the C8’s incredible 5.5-litre LT6 flat-plane-crankshaft all-aluminum V8, according to ...

How Do You Handle People Who Touch Your Corvette at a Car Show?

Car show etiquette is well known among enthusiasts, but what about people who don’t share our love of Corvettes? Most of us thoroughly enjoy attending car shows of all types, whether it be as a participant or merely a ...

C8 News: Z06 Top Speed Confirmed & Ownership Requirement Lowered (And I Hope You Don’t Want Red Calipers)

One of the few things as quick as the C8 is the speed at which news articles related to it are released. We rounded up our favorite C8 tidbits. Edge Red Calipers Unavailable Z06 Ownership Requirement Reduced Not So ...

1969 Corvette L89 Is One of Just 390 Produced in Total

This 1969 Corvette L89 is a rare and powerful machine with plenty of hardware to back it up. Big block Corvettes remains as desirable as ever, whether we’re talking about the coveted C2 generation of the early, chrome bumper ...

Chevrolet Will Let Z06 Buyers Help Build Their Own Engines... For a Price

Chevy is bringing back one of the Corvette's coolest options.

Chevrolet Won't Offer Buyouts To Dealers Refusing Switch To EVs

Buick and Cadillac dealers that take buyouts could end up exclusively selling Chevrolet vehicles, Chevy's global VP Scott Bell says.

Chevrolet Will Let Corvette Z06 Buyers Build Their Own Engines

The confirmation came from Kai Spande himself, Corvette Assembly Plant's director.

Chevrolet will NOT buy out Chevy dealerships if they don’t sell EVs

Chevrolet Global Vice President Scott Bell has said that he will not offer dealerships a buyout if they don’t sell electric vehicles. In recent years, General Motors brands Buick and Cadillac have announced that they will give dealers a buyout ...

Driving Every Corvette Generation in One Day

After testing out one car from each Corvette generation, a clear winner of the group emerges. Over the course of most of our lifetimes, many of us have driven more than one vehicle from more than one Corvette generation, ...

Wild Widebody C6 Corvette Cranks Out Nearly 2,000 Horsepower

This widebody C6 Corvette features a laundry list of mods and a $125k price tag, but it didn’t last long. We routinely come across modified Corvettes on our never-ending quest to keep an eye on the market, and as ...

GM Will Let C8 Z06 Buyers Build Their Own LT6 Engine Starting Next Year

GM’s LT6 Engine Build Experience will launch in Q2 of 2023 and give C8 Z06 owners the opportunity of a lifetime. In the past, General Motors has offered customers what it calls the Engine Build Experience, which lets them ...

2022 Chevrolet Silverado Review: Fun and Capable In all the Right Places

What’s new for 2022? Which 2022 Chevy Silverado trim is right for you? How does the Chevrolet Silverado drive? Is the Silverado comfortable? How much power does the 2022 Chevy Silverado have? How much can the Silverado tow and ...


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