New Lamborghini Sterrato off-road supercar unveiled in full

The Sterrato is a wild, jacked-up version of the Lamborghini Huracan with V10 power 

Revived Bertone Brand Teases Mid-Engine Supercar

Eight years after the original Gruppo Bertone folded, and on the occasion of its 110th anniversary, the new Bertone announces itself to the world.

Randle tops Adelaide Supercars Practice 1 as Jones hits wall

Thomas Randle Tickford Racing’s Thomas Randle has set the fastest lap in Supercars Championship Practice 1 at the Valo Adelaide 500 as Macauley Jones hit the wall at Turn 8. A red flag was called with 59 seconds remaining ...

Grove reveals new car number for Payne for 2023 Supercars season

Matt Payne will drive Car #19 in 2023 Grove Racing has revealed which number Matt Payne will take for his Penrite-backed Mustang in the 2023 Supercars Championship. The New Zealander will drive Car #19 alongside team-mate David Reynolds’ #26, ...

2014 McLaren P1 Is A True Supercar

Flamboyant, rare, and fast, that’s the McLaren way. McLaren, the absolute pinnacle of racing Pedigree and performance on a road track. If you see one of these vehicles roaming around town, and you know exactly what kind of performance they ...

Supercars admits Gen3 parity process incomplete

The Gen3 Ford Mustang Supercars has admitted the Gen3 homologation process is yet to be finalised after question marks were raised by one manufacturer. The category recently conducted its latest VCAT process on the Gen3 prototypes ahead of the ...

Supercars wants Singapore round

Supercars wants a race in Singapore Supercars CEO Shane Howard says the appetite remains for the category to race at the Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix. Momentum gathered in 2018 for the championship to expand into the Asia the ...

Mostert unfazed by Supercars’ retro livery ‘curse’

Chaz Mostert with his #2 ZB Commodore in its early-1990s retro Holden Racing Team livery Chaz Mostert is unfazed by suggestions of a retro livery ‘curse’ as he prepares to contest the Valo Adelaide 500 with an early-1990s Holden ...

Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato 2023: off-road ready supercar to rival 911 Dakar detailed in full

The gravel-bashing supercar will be limited to just 1499 units when production kicks off next year

Rally supercar! Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato officially debuts

The Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato was initially just a concept, which debuted in 2019. Lamborghini has finally launched its Huracan Sterrato off-roading supercar as a limited-run production model, years after its initial debut as a concept in 2019. There have ...

De Tomaso's Track-Only Hypercar Packs a V-12 that Revs to 12,300 RPM

The De Tomaso P900 packs a 900-horsepower 6.2-liter naturally aspirated V-12 and weighs around 2000 pounds. The company claims that the V-12 is being developed to run on carbon-neutral synthetic fuels, and a Judd-built V-10 will be available for ...

The perfect Auckland apartment for supercar owners

Photos / Supplied Let’s say you have a supercar or two parked in your driveway and fancy the idea of an apartment in the city, but are worried about the parking situation. What do you do? Well, there is ...

De Tomaso P900 Unveiled as Track-Only Hypercar for the Wealthy Few

Photo: De Tomaso Automobili Another week goes by and another exotic sports car pops up. This time, it’s the P900 by Italian automaker De Tomaso, now owned by Chinese group Ideal Team Ventures. Styling is unmistakable as an evolution ...

Praga Bohema, Czech Hypercar, Blurs the Line between Road Car and Race Car

Praga is a Czech automaker on the verge of launching a spectacular hypercar with a power-to-weight ratio that makes the McLaren Senna look obese. We’ve now driven that car, the Bohema, in prototype form on a circuit in the U.K. ...

Czech maker Praga launches road-legal hypercar for petrol-heads

LONDON/PRAGUE: Praga, an old-established Czech car brand that few have heard of, has just launched a track-focused supercar which should delight combustion fans. The carbon-tubbed Bohema is unashamedly petrol-powered with not a battery cell in sight. It uses an ...

Battista hypercar grabs world records in acceleration and braking

DUBAI: Italian performance carmaker Automobili Pininfarina has ticked off a list of world records while putting its all-electric Battista hyper GT through its paces in Dubai and showing off what its makers say is the world’s fastest accelerating road-legal ...

Triple Eight unveils Supercars Holden tribute livery

Both Triple Eight ZB Commodores Red Bull Ampol Racing has shown off its Holden tribute livery ahead of the brand’s final Supercars Championship event on the streets of Adelaide. CLICK HERE for a gallery of the revised livery Holden ...

De Tomaso P900 revealed – £2.5m V12-powered supercar with a 12,300rpm redline

Iconic name reveals new project fitted with an all-new bespoke V12 engine and track-focused aero

De Tomaso follows up P72 with new P900 V-12 hypercar

De Tomaso unveiled the P900 hypercar on Monday, further accelerating the revival of the historic Italian performance marque. It started in 2019 with the reveal of the P72 supercar, which is a showstopper powered by a Roush-tuned Ford V-8. The ...

Kiwi leg drops off Supercars’ calendar

Organisers trying to find a new venue for 2024 season after impending closure of Pukekohe Park Raceway upsets plans for 2023.

Best supercars 2022

Want to go fast and make a statement whilst doing so? These are the best supercars on sale right now

Bertone name revived for supercar project

One of Italy’s oldest design houses, Stile Bertone, succumbed to bankruptcy in 2014, with the last of the company’s assets put up for sale in 2018. Included among the assets were the rights to the use of the Bertone ...

Zenvo TSR-GT represents a faster, rarer version of Denmark's supercar

Danish automaker Zenvo has revealed an ultra-exclusive version of its TSR-S hypercar. Dubbed TSR-GT, it’s limited to just three examples—which have already sold out. The last planned model built on Zenvo’s TS platform, which dates back to the TS1 that ...

Rivian equips new hypercar-focused suspension system

The Rivian R1T all-electric pickup and R1S all-electric SUV will equip a new intelligent suspension system geared for hypercars. Rivian will source its new suspension system from Tenneco, its previous suspension provider. However, the R1T and R1S will now ...

The Ferrari Vision Gran Turismo is a lightweight, 758kW hypercar - but it's not real

The hypercar looks mega, but will only be available to drive virtually in the Gran Turismo universe. Ferrari has revealed its latest creation in the form of the Vision Gran Turismo hypercar – a digital creation built specifically for ...

Mercedes-AMG’s first hypercar smashes famous lap record

The new Mercedes-AMG One, the automaker’s first hypercar, has smashed the Nurburgring record in the road-legal production as well as super sports car categories. The AMG registered a time of 6:35.183 minutes around the 20.832km Nordschleife section of the ...

Feeling Nostalgic? Here Are 6 of the Fastest Supercars of the 2000s

Is the SSC Ultimate Aero TT the fastest supercar of the 2000s? Is Bugatti Veyron the fastest car? How fast can a Koenigsegg CCX go? Is the Saleen S7 Twin Turbo one of the fastest supercars of the 2000s? ...

Praga Bohema is a New Czech Supercar With a Nissan GT-R Engine

Challenge Accepted and Met Highly Exclusive Photo: Praga The world of exotic sports cars is about to welcome a new member. And you probably would have never guessed that it hails from Czech Republic. Ever heard of Praga? The ...

Italian design powerhouse Bertone returns with a new supercar

Another one for the elite to put a deposit on

The Good Oil: Mercedes-Benz's first BEV was a supercar

Photos / Supplied Mercedes-Benz is making a name for itself with battery electric vehicle (BEV) SUVs like the EQC, EQA and the latest EQB. But the German maker’s first BEV was in fact a supercar. You’ll probably remember it ...

Praga Bohema: 700bhp hypercar rhapsody, in blue

Convince me So far, so race car: what makes the Praga Bohema suitable for the road? Who actually builds this thing? How much does the Praga Bohema cost? Praga Bohema hypercar – front view, daylight Praga Bohema hypercar – ...

Audi R8 GT review: goodbye to Audi’s V10 supercar

Why is the Audi R8 leaving us? All sold?  Certainly looks aggressive… Not often. So is the GT just an R8 with a body kit? But it’s got a load more power right? A proper send off for the ...

The Praga Bohema is a Nissan GT-R powered RWD hypercar – 0-100km/h in under 2.3 secs

Still in the final few months of development, the Nissan GT-R-powered Praga Bohema hypercar has been unveiled by the Czech Republic race car manufacturer. It will be the brand’s first road-legal car and only 10 units will be made ...

No NZ event in 2023 but Supercars eyeing 2024 return

The last ever Supercars event at Pukekohe Supercars CEO Shane Howard has indicated that the championship is likely to be racing in New Zealand again in 2024 after the country was left off the 2023 calendar altogether. Notwithstanding a ...

The 777 Hypercar is a €7m Le Mans-inspired track toy

Developed in partnership with Dallara and Gibson, the track-only 777 Hypercar claims to offer LMP1 levels of performance to everyday buyers

New road-legal Praga Bohema supercar debuts

Czech track car manufacturer Praga has debuted a new road-legal supercar

Praga Bohema track-focused hypercar revealed

Czech race car specialist Praga has joined the ranks of hypercar manufacturers following the reveal of the new Bohema, an extreme track machine designed to also be driven on the road. The Bohema, the name a reference to 115-year-old ...

Praga Bohema Prototype Debuts As Future Track-Focused Supercar

The powerplant is derived from the Nissan GT-R.

Bertone Is Coming Back, Teases New Supercar With Mid-Engine Shape

The original company declared bankruptcy in 2014, but two brothers are working on a proper Bertone revival.


The Praga Bohema is a £1.1million, 700bhp supercar with Godzilla’s heart

Praga Bohema review: GT-R-powered Czech supercar prototype driven

De Tomaso Teases New P900 Hypercar, And It Debuts On November 29

Hyperion unveils mobile hydrogen stations for XP-1 supercar

Hyperion Motors presents 1.5 MW fuel cell hypercar

Roland’s View: Supercars’ biggest secret

Pininfarina sets record 0-60 mph time with Battista hypercar

Pininfarina Battista hypercar performance figures announced

Pininfarina Battista hypercar achieves 1.86sec 0-62mph time

777 Hypercar Is A 730-HP Racing Experience Based At Monza

Driver’s Eye helmet cameras for Supercars in 2023

Supercars set for shorter races at 2023 Australian GP

Drako Motors presents electric hypercar with nearly 1,500 kW power

Hypercars are too hyper: Why the constant quest for faster supercars is ultimately pointless | Opinion

Cameron Hill confirmed at MSR for 2023 Supercars season

Porsche 911 Dakar unveiled; A limited-run 4x4 supercar

Twin-turbo V6, RWD: what's the Maserati MC20 supercar like on a track?

Praga Teases Track-Focused Road-Legal Supercar For November 23 Debut

Praga hypercar in the works

Insane new $3m supercar sets world record

Roland’s View: Supercars’ calendar scandal

Lucid Gravity SUV Launching In 2024 With Seven Seats, Supercar Speed

2005 Porsche Carrera GT: German’s Supercar

Donkervoort F22 teased as ultra-lightweight supercar

Mercedes-AMG One hypercar smashes Nürburgring lap record

Which Supercar Would You Choose?

Lamborghini Huracán Sterrato is new off-road supercar

WEC’s Le Mans Hypercar and LMDh ready to do battle in 2023

Will electric cars be the end of Lamborghini? Italian supercar boss reveals new hope that will keep petrol power alive

Ex-Supercars ace sets hypercar record

McLaren Electric Sedan Being Planned, Hypercar Not Happening: Report

Aston Martin Victor review – one-off V12 hypercar driven

Impending EV shift driving Japan's ultra-rich to buy supercars, celebrate final days of engines

McLaughlin: Supercars could withstand ‘big deal’ of van Gisbergen leaving

An artist has rendered these amazing pictures of abandoned modern supercars

Reborn Toyota MR2 to fire out a massive 370kW: All-electric GR model to deliver true supercar speed - reports

Mercedes Hints At Imminent Nurburgring Record With AMG One Hypercar

Ferrari, Lamborghini and other supercar sales boom in Japan

Ferrari To Race 499P Hypercar In FIA World Endurance Championship

Here's the Master Plan for Lamborghini's Ambitious Hypercar and GTP Programs

Extra driving an advantage for Gen3 Supercars, says Story

Provisional licence holders banned from driving Supercars, S5000

Aehra SUV Debuts In Italy With Supercar Doors, Motorcycle Mirrors

All-electric Lexus supercar makes public debut at SEMA

VIDEO: Gen3 Supercars begin aero testing

Ferrari 360 Running On Synthetic Fuel Is A Carbon Neutral Supercar

These Supercar Barn Finds Are Actually Clever, Fictional Renderings

Porsche recalls 911 supercar over loose screw

Lamborghini's record sales results: Supercar brand weather-proof in global financial storm

Gen3 Supercar VCAT underway

Lamborghini Signs Iron Lynx to Run Its 2024 Hypercar and GTP Programs

A supercar broker for celebrities says: 'I've bought cars in saunas, in swimming pools, and on airplanes'

Amanda Toh-Steckler and her McLaren Ultimate Series supercars : Garage Queen

Alfa Romeo Boss Hopes Supercar Announcement Will Be Made In March 2023

Supercars in the mountains and city cars in the, um, city: episode 2 of new Top Gear TV

PremiAir confirms Golding for 2023 Supercars season

Next-gen 2024 BMW M5 spied, may eat supercars for breakfast

Ferrari’s 499P is its answer to the Le Mans Hypercar class

Ohio's Supercar: the Acura NSX

Supercars set for all-important Gen3 VCAT next week


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