WA State responds to Musk’s Tesla Cybertruck “boat” abilities teaser with serious warning

Elon Musk’s recent comments about the Tesla Cybertuck and its expected capability to briefly serve as a boat have prompted the Washington State Department of Natural Resources to issue a serious warning to any EV fans who see themselves ...

South African firm buys 307 Tesla Powerwall batteries to help with load shedding

South African retail firm TFG has bought 307 Tesla Powerwall battery storage units to support operations while state-owned power utility Eskom continues load shedding practices. Load shedding is the practice of switching off parts of the electric grid when ...

China-only Toyota bZ3 EV sedan to be 30 percent cheaper than Tesla Model 3

Automotive News reports that the China-only Toyota bZ3 EV sedan will go into production and begin its sales by end of this year. The Toyota bZ3 is said to be co-developed with BYD and uses the company’s signature blade ...

Tesla Cybertruck Will "Cross Rivers, Lakes And Even Seas," Musk Says

CEO tweeted that the Cybertruck "will be waterproof enough to serve briefly as a boat," without explaining how that will be possible.

Elon Musk: Tesla Cybertruck will be able to “serve briefly as a boat”

Electric Tesla boss tweets revelation that incoming electric truck will be waterproof The Tesla Cybertruck will be “waterproof enough to serve briefly as a boat”, according to Elon Musk. The Tesla boss tweeted that the long-awaited Cybertruck needs to travel ...

Watch how Tesla Solar Roof and Powerwalls survived in a hurricane

Tesla Solar Roof and Powerwall owners are showing how their energy products faired in Hurricane Ian after it hit Florida. Yesterday, Hurricane Ian hit Florida and the state is still accessing the loss of lives and damages that the ...

Tesla AI Day 2022: livestream link posted online, Optimus teaser released

Tesla AI Day is only hours away! The Texas-based company tweeted a teaser of the Optimus Bot recently, building up anticipation for this year’s AI Day. The lucky few who receive a ticket to the event are likely already ...

Toyota President takes dig at self-driving cars while criticizing the electric vehicle transition

Toyota Motor Corp President Akio Toyoda recently shared a subtle dig at self-driving cars during a meeting with the company’s dealers. The Toyota executive argued that the electric vehicle transition would take longer than expected. “Just like the fully autonomous ...

Tesla Solar Roof withstands 155 mph winds, Powerwall survives hours-long underwater ordeal

Tesla products like the company’s electric vehicles are not just known for their sleek looks and bleeding-edge tech — they are also known for their durability. This is one of the reasons why Tesla’s cars like the Model 3 ...

Canada proposes financial plan for more EV battery plants 

Canada’s federal government is trying to convince Canadian pensions to finance construction of a dozen EV battery plants in the country. The financial plan aims to build electric vehicle battery production facilities as Canada seeks to become a “supplier ...

Tesla Model 3 and Model Y subscription now available on Flux - starting from RM 7,200/month

Flux has now added the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y EVs to its growing list of model offerings under the company’s all-inclusive monthly car subscription service. You can drive home the Telsa Model 3 Long Range starting from ...

SpaceX brings Starlink service to Martinique & Guadeloupe

Martinique Internet Data Guadeloupe Internet Service SpaceX recently announced that Starlink internet is available in Martinique and Guadeloupe, extending its reach even further in the Caribbean. Martinique Internet Data Martinique is an island that is also an overseas territorial ...

Tesla owners' survey finds Aussie drivers 'not suffering range anxiety'

Snapshot Most Tesla owners driving 10k+ kms a year 90 per cent use a public charger less than once a week Most charging takes place at home The largest survey of Tesla owners in Australia to date has found the ...

SpaceX wants to boost Hubble Space Telescope’s orbit with Dragon spacecraft

NASA and SpaceX have signed a Space Act Agreement to study the feasibility of boosting the orbit of the iconic Hubble Space Telescope, potentially ensuring that the highly successful observatory will remain operable well into the middle of this century. ...

Geico Insurance Refuses Coverage For Tesla Body Damage

Why won’t Geico Insurance cover Tesla vehicles? Is the Tesla owner suing Geico Insurance? What does Subrogate mean? After an accident, a Tesla owner in Phoenix, Arizona, was refused insurance coverage. In a sudden series of events that the ...

Volkswagen is financially ready for electrification, says CFO

Volkswagen CFO Arno Antlitz said that the auto group is in an excellent financial position to fund electrification. According to Reuters, the Volkswagen CFO clarified that he believes the auto group is financially ready for electrification. From the auto ...

Tesla Cybertruck is going to be ‘waterproof enough’ to cross rivers

Elon Musk says that Tesla Cybertruck is going to be “waterproof enough” to cross rivers and serve as a boat for short periods of time. It looks like Musk read Electrek this morning when we reported on the world’s ...

Tesla sales grew 63% year-over-year in September

TrueCar has released their estimates for September, and they anticipate that Tesla sales will be 63.4% higher year over year. TrueCar estimates auto sales each month, and this month, they estimate that Tesla will grow sales by 63% compared to ...

Elon Musk says the Tesla Cybertruck will cross rivers, lakes, and seas with waterproof ability

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said the Cybertruck will cross rivers, lakes, and seas “that aren’t too choppy,” because it will be waterproof enough to “serve briefly as a boat.” The Cybertruck was unveiled in late 2019 and was set for ...

Elon Musk says Tesla's Cybertruck will be able to 'serve briefly as a boat' to cross rivers and lakes

The Tesla Cybertruck. Tesla Elon Musk tweeted out new details about Tesla’s upcoming Cybertruck.  He said the pickup will be able to float and serve as a boat for short periods.  Tesla says the Cybertruck will go into production ...

Elon Musk Says Cybertrucks Can "Serve Briefly as a Boat"

We do not recommend using a long-delayed electric truck with bulletproof windows as a boat for any amount of time.

Tesla employee was hit by a car in bizarre Supercharger ICEing incident

A Tesla employee was reportedly hit by a car in a bizarre ICEing incident at a Supercharger station in Austin, Texas. The police are now asking for the public’s help in finding the suspect. When used in reference to ...

Geico’s refusal to cover Tesla body shop rates leaves owner without a car until December

Why local Tesla body shops aren’t accepting Geico Geico’s Proposed Solution A Tesla owner in Phoenix Arizona, Jeff, shared more details about his recent struggles with getting his car repaired. Teslarati recently reported on a story shared by Wham ...

Retail investors are about to throw in the towel and finally sell if Apple and Tesla stumble, Vanda Research says

Lucas Jackson/Reuters Retail investors are on the verge of throwing in the towel and selling stocks if Apple and Tesla tumble, according to Vanda Research. Both Tesla and Apple have considerably outperformed the S&P 500 over the past year ...

Elon Musk sets expectations for Tesla AI Day 2

Elon Musk has started to set some expectations for Tesla AI Day 2, which we now know is going to feature “lots of technical detail and cool hardware demos.” While it has been a long time since Tesla had ...

Porsche IPO explodes onto German stock exchange

The Porsche brand’s initial public offering today exploded onto the German stock exchange in Frankfurt. Earlier this year, Volkswagen Group (VWAGY) decided to list its Porsche brand on the German stock exchange, and estimates had already placed it as ...

Tesla employee hit by car after ICE-ing, vandalism incident at Austin Supercharger

Being a Tesla employee definitely has its perks, but if an incident at an Austin Supercharger is any indication, it appears that working for the electric vehicle maker could also come with some risks. One Tesla employee seemed to ...

Lordstown brings Endurance truck to commercial production, expanding EV pickup market

Financial Stability The Third Electric Pickup Truck Lordstown Motors announced this morning that it has started commercial production of the Endurance pickup truck, expanding the electric pickup market by an additional vehicle in the early days of U.S. EV ...

Hertz Seeing "Very, Very Solid" Demand For Tesla EVs, CEO Reveals

Stephen Scherr says Hertz's Tesla fleet is off to a great start, with strong demand from leisure and corporate travelers alike.

Tesla Appoints Airbnb Co-founder Joe Gebbia to Its Board

Gebbia Waives Any Entitlement to Cash Compensation Gebbia Takes an Advisory Role at Airbnb Joe Gebbia, who is best known for being an Airbnb co-founder, has officially joined Tesla’s board of directors on September 25, as per CNBC. A ...

Tesla And Ford Have High Brand Loyalty: What About New Customers?

Brand loyalty is certainly important, but if a company can't get new customers, that's a concern.

Tesla Raises Supercharger Prices In California

Charging is still cheaper than paying for gas, but it's starting to get pricey in some cases.

Tesla AI Day 2 will feature “hardware demos” and tons of technical details: Elon Musk

Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently provided a teaser on what will be happening during the company’s AI Day 2 event this Friday. Considering Musk’s recent comments, it appears that AI Day 2 will be filled to the brim with ...

Australia's cheapest electric car could be a.... Toyota? Bargain-basement bZ3 electric vehicle to be a cut-price alternative to the Tesla Model 3!

Bargain-basement Toyota bZ3 EV coming soon. Toyota will launch an affordable EV internationally before the end of the year, with reports pointing to the incoming bZ3 being a more affordable alternative to the Tesla Model 3. To be launched ...

GM’s driverless Cruise robotaxis are causing headaches for San Francisco motorists

GM’s Cruise driverless robotaxi service has been rolled out to San Francisco successfully, but the cars themselves have caused some headaches for motorists in the city. This is represented by several incidents involving Cruise’s driverless robotaxis causing issues in ...

SpaceX, NASA moving forward with plans to build second Dragon launch pad

SpaceX and NASA officials have confirmed that they are moving forward with plans to modify the company’s second Florida launch pad to support Crew and Cargo Dragon missions. First reported by Reuters in June 2022, SpaceX began studying the ...

Set to launch! 2023 Polestar 3 electric SUV details revealed ahead of the Tesla Model X rival's debut

The Polestar 3 will rival the likes of the Tesla Model X and BMW iX when it launches in mid October. Polestar has set a launch date for its second fully-electric model, the Polestar 3, confirming a debut on ...

GM pushes back return-to-office plan amid employee resistance

Veteran automaker General Motors has pushed back the start of its return-to-office plan. The decision was reportedly made amidst criticisms from company employees. GM’s return-to-office plan was outlined in a memo last week. According to the plan, employees must ...

Tesla aiming to raise Giga Shanghai production by over 30% in Q4: report

A recent report has suggested that Tesla China intends to raise its vehicle output from Giga Shanghai by about 33% in the fourth quarter. This was despite the electric vehicle production facility reportedly being kept at 93% capacity through the ...


Tesla to keep output at upgraded Shanghai plant below maximum

More Tesla Semis Out On Public Roads Prior To Upcoming Deliveries

Battle-scarred Tesla Semi spotted after apparent runaway truck ramp test

Tesla’s overall fleet in South Australia sees 10% growth in August 2022

Tesla expects ‘very high volume’ deliveries at end of quarter, asks workers to help

General Motors requires workers to report in-person for EV development

Tesla China Said To Reach 80,000-90,000 Deliveries In September

Tesla AI Day 2022 Expectations: FSD Beta and Optimus Bot updates

NASA spacecraft successfully slams into asteroid ten months after SpaceX launch

Tesla Fremont Factory is in full throttle in Q3’s final stretch

Tesla EV fleet jumps by 10% in South Australia

The Boring Company offers additional $15M to finance San Antonio Loop 

Man Versus Musk film has ties to Tesla Energy competitors

Hyundai Ioniq 5 vs. Tesla Model Y: Should You Buy Either?

Number of EVs in the US up by 87.5% since 2021

Twitter CEO delays deposition with Elon Musk over personal reasons

Tesla recalls a third of cars ever produced

Vermont introduces gas vehicle buyback program

Tesla Model 3 is the most recognized EV by AI

Is EV charging at night bad for the grid? Stanford researchers think so

Tesla’s used car business is ‘as big as publicly traded used car retailers’

Previous Tesla executive joins Alpha Motors advisory group

Tesla countersues California agency behind race bias lawsuit

When Chinese car-makers find inspiration in the Tesla Model 3

Move over Tesla! Why Mercedes-Benz and Ford are winning the new electric car race

Tesla's Future Lithium Refinery: County Meeting Booked In Texas

China’s electric vehicle subsidy program extended to end of 2023

Tesla Berlin Gigafactory Fire Prompts Production Halt Demands

BMW unveils new iX1 crossover in competitive European EV market

Tesla countersues California agency behind race discrimination lawsuit

Tesla Semi electric trucks spotted being shipped around ahead of deliveries

Social Media Personalities Offered $100 To Bash Elon Musk, Tesla

Volkswagen ID.4 test drives can be scheduled with Amazon’s Alexa

Fisker commits to Ocean launch in India with plans for local manufacturing

Tesla China expects over 80k deliveries this month: report

What Is Tesla AI Day? Here's Everything You Need To Know

Tesla Reportedly Shifts Focus To Texas And Away From Berlin

Tesla Giga Texas facade starts getting iconic white paint, rooftop solar shows great progress

Tesla Giga Berlin cardboard fire prompts critics to demand production halt

A fire broke out at Tesla Gigafactory Berlin; locals call for production stop

Fisker could beat Tesla to India with plan to launch Ocean EV

Rivian shows off R1T and EDV service vehicles capable of handling 80% of all repairs

SpaceX produces 1M Starlink terminals ~19 months after preorders opened

SpaceX breaks pad turnaround record with two Falcon 9 launches in six days

Tesla Model Y Vs Ford Mustang Mach-E: Best EV Family Hauler?

Tests Show the Tesla Model Y Loses More Range in Summer Than in Winter

Starlink is now activated in Iran

Why are there so many conflicting reports on Tesla’s Giga Berlin battery plans?

Tesla Set To Add 500,000 Square Foot "Ecological Paradise" To Giga Texas

Report: Iran blocks SpaceX Starlink website after Elon Musk activated internet for Iranians

Filmmaker offers influencers $100 to bash Tesla, Elon Musk.

Tesla Expects Thousands Of Humanoid Robots To Work In Its Factories

I drove the Tesla Model Y and found 7 reasons to buy Elon Musk's $66,000 electric SUV over rivals

EV Sales expected to reach all time highs in 2022

Starlink broke top 100 most downloaded iPhone apps on Wednesday

An electric Acura NSX is coming… hopefully

General Motors converts ICE drivetrain facility to EV motor production

Podcast: Tesla finally launches CCS adapter, Tesla Bot distraction, Hertz going with GM EVs, and more

Elon Musk activates Starlink for Iranian citizens after US Sec of State issued a General License

Is Toyota’s New b3z EV a Real Tesla Model 3 Fighter?


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