Ford cuts F-150 Lightning prices by nearly $10,000

Ford has cut F-150 Lightning prices by nearly $10,000 on some configurations of the all-electric pickup, while other variants are seeing price cuts by at least $6,000. Citing increased plant capacity, production scaling, cost reductions, and improving raw battery ...

Another SpaceX Falcon 9 joins the 16 Launch Club

Launching at 11:50 p.m. ET (03:50 UTC) on July 15th, another Falcon 9 joined the 16 launch club. The launch took place from Space Launch Complex 40 at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station. Just days after the Falcon 9 B1058 ...

Tesla Cybertruck production line leaks suggest no RHD variant for now

Tesla Cybertruck fans were graced with a number of updates and leaks over the weekend. But apart from an official photo from the electric vehicle maker announcing that the production of the all-electric truck is already underway, more images ...

Tesla (TSLA) goes live with Q2 2023 earnings call livestream link

Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) has gone live with a link to its Q2 2023 earnings call livestream. All eyes are on Tesla’s electric vehicle margins in the second quarter, as the company achieved record delivery numbers following the adoption of aggressive ...

Starlink being tested on Yellowstone for volcanic and seismic data monitoring

Elon Musk’s Starlink satellite internet system is being used to help monitor seismic and volcanic activity at Yellowstone National Park. Starlink’s capability to provide stable internet connection to remote areas would be invaluable to Yellowstone, as a good number ...

2024 Chevy Silverado EV work truck gets higher EPA range estimate

General Motors (GM) incoming President of North America, Rory Harvey, stated that the 2024 Silverado EV received a higher EPA range estimate than previously expected. Chevrolet’s dedicated Silverado EV website stated that the all-electric pickup truck has a GM-estimated ...

First Tesla Cybertruck built at Giga Texas

The first Tesla Cybertruck has been produced at Gigafactory Texas. An image of the production all-electric pickup truck was posted by the electric vehicle maker through its official Twitter account. As is typical of the company’s other product-related milestones, ...

Leaked Tesla Cybertruck frame image shows disappointing design detail

A leaked Tesla Cybertruck frame image shows a disappointing design detail that many owners hoped to have, as there is no cargo tunnel into the vault that would extend the hauling length allowing for long materials to extend from ...

Tesla Shanghai employees rewarded following strong quarter

Tesla employees at the company’s plant in Shanghai reported they had been rewarded sizeably in the form of a large increase in quarterly bonuses after a strong performance in Q2. Various employees said their bonuses amounted to about 1.5 ...

Tesla App Update shows Apple AirPlay is on its way

Tesla’s latest App Update for Version 4.23 shows Apple AirPlay is on its way, confirming a feature addition that CEO Elon Musk promised to discuss with the automaker’s Audio Engineering team last year. It appears Tesla is planning to ...

Tesla’s U.S-banned Cyberquad for Kids looks for success in new market

Tesla’s U.S.-banned Cyberquad for Kids will look for success in a new market, as the automaker’s Chinese division is reportedly set to launch the vehicle. In China, Tesla is marketing the vehicle as the “Cyberquad Toy Car” and is ...

Tesla NACS Hyundai adoption still on the table

The President of the Hyundai Motor Company, Chung Jae-hoon, shared that the South Korean automaker is still considering the adoption of Tesla’s North American Charging Standard. President Chung briefly discussed Hyundai’s thoughts on using Tesla NACS for its vehicles during the ...

Elon Musk discusses SpaceX Starlink in Malaysia with Prime Minister

Elon Musk and Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim discussed possibly bringing SpaceX’s Starlink internet connection to the Southeast Asian country. The pair also discussed Tesla’s interest and investment decisions in Malaysia. Thus far, SpaceX’s Starlink internet services are offered in Japan ...

Tesla Model Y RWD now available in South Korea

The Tesla Model Y Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) is now available in South Korea. Social media posts from the electric vehicle maker indicate that the entry-level all-electric crossover will be imported from Gigafactory Shanghai. The announcement was made through ...

SpaceX evaluation closes in on $150 billion valuation

SpaceX may be classified as a centicorn as it nears a $150 billion evaluation. The space-faring company has reached a new milestone evaluation after signing a share sale agreement with new and existing investors. CNBC obtained a copy of the ...

Ford dealer says company has ‘a real problem on their hands’ with massive EV bet

Ford’s inventory of electric vehicles, including the Mustang Mach-E and F-150 Lightning, is increasing, and one dealer said that the company has “a real problem on their hands based on the bets they’ve made,” and that their EV push ...

Tesla’s entry into India won’t include duty waivers, gov’t official says

Tesla’s entry into India won’t include duty waivers that would allow vehicles to be imported into the market for a reduced rate, government official Sanjay Malhotra, the country’s Revenue Secretary, said. Earlier today, reports that Tesla was considering an ...

Tesla just made Wiper Controls easier than ever

Tesla’s Wiper Controls just got easier for owners in the newest software update, as the company has added the ability to control the arms from the steering wheel, making them more accessible. Wiper Controls are usually located on the ...

Tesla Model Y registrations are surging in the United States: study

The Tesla Model Y may spend a bit more time as the world’s top-selling car. As per a recent study from Kelley Blue Book, Americans registered twice as many Tesla Model Y crossovers year-over-year in the period between January ...

UAW renegotiates contracts with Detroit 3: EV production in focus

The United Auto Workers (UAW) union started negotiations with the Big Three in Detroit: Ford, General Motors, and Stellantis. The talks include electric vehicle (EV) production as automakers focus on cost reductions for the shift. UAW POV The UAW ...

Tesla pondering 500k annual EV production in India: report

Discussions are reportedly taking place between Tesla and the Indian government about an investment proposal to establish an electric vehicle factory in the country. Government sources reportedly noted that the facility will have a production capacity of 500,000 electric ...

SpaceX Starlink partners with Optus to cover “100% of Australia”

SpaceX Starlink partnered with Optus to provide 100% of Australia with the internet. SpaceX and Optus are developing a type of connectivity that has yet to be offered in Australia. Optus claimed that it already covers 98.5% of Australia’s ...

Tesla Giga Berlin looks to launch Phase 2 to reach 1M annual capacity

Gigafactory Berlin has developed a bit of a reputation among Tesla’s vehicle production facilities. While it is capable of producing Model Y units with excellent quality, and while it is home to the company’s most advanced paint shop, Giga ...

Tesla Giga Shanghai hits 1 million Model Y milestone

An image from Tesla China has confirmed that Gigafactory Shanghai recently achieved yet another notable milestone. As per a photo from the electric vehicle maker, Giga Shanghai has successfully built its 1 millionth Model Y crossover. The milestone is ...

Lucid reports Q2 deliveries and production, stock tanks

Lucid Group (NASDAQ: LCID) reported its deliveries and production for Q2 2023 this morning, and its stock tanked as a result of the numbers, which showed fewer cars were built and deliveries remained flat. Lucid delivered just two fewer ...

xAI launches as Musk’s newest startup takes shape

Today, on July 12, Elon Musk’s newest startup venture took shape as xAI and its official website were launched with some vague details regarding the nature of the company. It is no secret Musk has been a vocal proponent ...

The Boring Company Vegas Loop to get next station in 2024

The Boring Company’s (TBC) next Vegas Loop station will launch in 2024. The Wynn Las Vegas Resort expects TBC’s Encore station to start operations early next year. Earlier this week, The Boring Company stated that Prufrock-2 arrived at Encore Resort, ...

Tesla Cybertruck completed body-in-white image leaked

An image reportedly taken from Gigafactory Texas has revealed what appears to be Cybertruck body-in-whites. The state of the body-in-whites in the photo suggests that Gigafactory Texas is closing in on the initial production of the all-electric pickup truck. The ...

Tesla’s price cuts nearly wipe out Autonomy subscription service

Tesla’s price cuts have helped the automaker find new customers and grow its sales throughout the U.S. and other markets. But for companies that have made a business out of renting Teslas to customers on a subscription-based platform, it ...

Tesla Solar Roof price hikes lead to $6 million settlement

Tesla has reached an agreement to settle a class-action lawsuit brought forth by Solar Roof customers who were faced with higher prices for installations in 2021. The settlement amounted to a bit over $6 million, as per a document ...

Tesla warns Model 3 customers: federal tax credits likely reduced next year

Tesla has updated the Model 3 sedan’s landing page with a new message about the all-electric sedan and its eligibility for the US Inflation Reduction Act’s (IRA) federal tax credit. As per the EV maker, reductions to the Model 3’s ...

Tesla Chair urges Australia to ignite tech startup revolution for economic growth

At a business forum in Brisbane on Wednesday, Tesla Chair Robyn Denholm highlighted that Australia could not rely on its natural resources indefinitely. Instead, the Tesla Chair stated that the country should make itself into a place where startups ...

Tesla NACS mandate in TX deferred amid pushback

Texas deferred the vote to grant federal funds to build electric vehicle (EV) chargers amid pushback against the mandate to include Tesla’s North America Charging Standard (NACS) at EV stations. Three sources familiar with the matter informed Reuters that ...

Tesla’s Boring Co. people mover seemingly teased in leaked video

A leaked video showing what is allegedly a prototype of a Tesla-made people mover for tunneling startup The Boring Company has emerged online. If the vehicle in the video is indeed the tunneling startup’s people mover, it will make ...

Mercedes-Benz EV sales up 123% to 56,300 units in Q2

It appears that German automaker Mercedes-Benz is seeing some momentum in its electric vehicle offerings. As per a press release from the luxury automaker, the company saw battery electric vehicle (BEV) sales rise 123% to 56,300 units in Q2 ...

Tesla rivals face rising inventory — and it’s becoming an issue

A survey from Cox Automotive estimates that electric vehicle sales in the US auto market could surpass 1 million units for the first time in 2023. Electric cars currently account for about 6.5% of the country’s automotive sector. Cox ...

NIO ET5 electric sedan to launch in the United Kingdom

The NIO ET5 mid-sized electric sedan will launch in the United Kingdom (UK). NIO smart electric sedan will be debuting at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. “We are delighted for ET5 to make its UK debut here at Goodwood, ...

The Boring Company’s Vegas Loop project reaches Encore and Westgate

The Boring Company’s (TBC) Prufrock-2 set a new milestone after reaching Encore and Westgate near the Las Vegas Strip in 10 weeks. Prufrock-2’s arrival in Westgate marks another milestone for TBC’s Vegas Loop. On Monday, The Boring Company announced ...

Tesla China insurance registrations listed at 3.2k in July’s first week

It is the start of the third quarter, and true to form, Tesla China appears to be focusing its resources on its vehicle exports. As per industry watchers in China, Tesla’s insurance registrations fell to just 3,200 units in ...

Tesla’s Elon Musk seemingly confirms Dojo supercomputer now online

The wait has been long, but it appears that Tesla’s Dojo supercomputer has started its operations. With Dojo in the picture, Elon Musk’s recent estimates about Tesla achieving autonomous driving in the near future may not be so farfetched ...


Tesla China local deliveries hit 74,212 in June, exports reach 19,468 units

Tesla Megapack Installation at Giga Texas continues to take shape

Tesla investment in France gains support from Finance Minister

UAW calls on Biden admin to soften proposed vehicle emissions cuts

Tesla’s Elon Musk takes the Cybertruck for a spin around Austin, Texas

Tesla Gigafactory Mexico permits all moving forward, initial buildout imminent: Governor

Mercedes-Benz joins the Tesla “NACS coalition”

Ford F-150 Lightning sales up over 100% in Q2 2023 vs 2022

The Tesla Cybertruck looks like a beast in the snow in NZ winter test videos

SpaceX set to launch 48 Starlink satellites from California

NHTSA asks Tesla for updated data amid Autopilot probe

Tesla Giga Shanghai cuts workers from battery line: Report

Volkswagen rolls out autonomous driving test program in TX

Nikola secures $41.9M award to build six heavy-duty hydrogen stations in CA

Tesla boosts referral program in the United States and China

Ariane V goes out in style, retires after 27 years of service

Tesla signs truce with Chinese Automakers to end EV price war

Rivian’s Amazon delivery van arrives in Europe

Volkswagen aims to grow 40% in S. America through EV subscriptions

Audi to announce EV production plans in Mexico: report

Tesla Cybertruck smoothly cruises through the 280 in Palo Alto

Tesla China’s stellar June results help disperse doubts in EV sector

Tesla Cybertruck rear light bar makes an appearance in recent sighting

Tesla Model Y becomes top-selling car in Iceland and Australia

Tesla China sees 17,400 insurance registrations in the week ending July 2

Rivian announces Q2 2023 earnings call schedule

Volkswagen cites “strong customer reluctance” amid low EV sales

Tesla China achieves wholesale record of 93,680 vehicles in June

GM acquires battery software startup ALGOLiON

Tesla Giga Berlin Model Y RWD available in Midnight Cherry Red & Quicksilver

Tesla free color option changes in North America

Lucid CEO shares take on next-gen EVs: “The electric car of the future only needs 250 miles”

Apparent Tesla Model 3 Project Highland unit spotted winter testing in New Zealand

Rivian announces deliveries of 12,640 EVs in Q2, beating expectations

Tesla NACS plugs mandated by Kentucky for EV charging state program: report

Amidst Tesla’s breakout Q2 numbers, fellow EV players see momentum

Tesla Malaysia to start selling cars by the end of the month

Tesla Model S Plaid racecar achieves sub-10-minute time at Pikes Peak

Tesla posts Q2 2023 Financial Results and Q&A Schedule

Tesla posts new Autopilot job in Australia

Tesla Q2 2023 delivery and production report: Over 466k delivered and nearly 480k produced

Tesla former AI Director receives innovators award for work on deep neural networks

Tesla VP Lars Moravy shares insights on Model Y’s first principles engineering

Tesla former AI Director receives WTF Innovators Award for work on deep neural networks

Tesla VP explains Model Y’s first principles engineering

Tesla driver behind tragic Model S crash in CA gets probation

Tesla launches discounts for Model S and Model X in China

Jim Cramer argues for Ford over TSLA: “At These Prices, I’ll Take Ford Over Tesla Any Day”

Stellantis signs Nickel and Cobalt supply deal

Tesla, Apple alumnus joins Rivian as head of communications

Tesla NACS Texas mandate gets push back from EV Charging firms: Report

Elon Musk advises caution for Tesla shareholders ahead of Q2 delivery report

SpaceX Starlink might be a deterrence to conflict over Taiwan

Analysts see a Tesla as first big purchase planned by previously laid-off tech workers

Tesla NACS coming to Blink Charging product lineup

Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerburg fight gets potential blockbuster venue

Tesla Cybertruck sightings are so frequent today, but the truck still looks like it’s CGI

J.D. Power: Tesla Supercharger network is more reliable than rivals

Tesla (TSLA) Q2 2023 vehicle delivery results: analyst consensus

Tesla includes “The Reacher” for Model S and Model X customers in the UK


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