Tesla’s 3rd-largest individual shareholder suggests clever strategy for TSLA buyback

The third largest individual Tesla shareholder, KoGuan Leo, advised the company to buy back TSLA shares with its free cash flow. KoGuan believes that Tesla can buy back its undervalued stocks while investing in FSD, the Optimus, and more ...

Hyundai, Kia agree to pump $16.5bn into EV production in South Korea

Hyundai Motor Group and affiliate automaker Kia have agreed to spend $16.5 billion to produce electric vehicles at a new factory in South Korea. Hyundai Motor Group, which includes Kia, Hyundai Motor, and Genesis, said the factory will build ...

Elon Musk’s deal with Twitter not ‘on hold,’ company won’t renegotiate from $44bn

Elon Musk’s deal with Twitter, which was agreed upon on April 25 for $44 billion, is not on hold and will move forward, company executives told employees on Thursday. Musk, who said the deal was on hold pending proof ...

Tesla Model X Buyers Are Apparently Waiting Two Years For Delivery

Many who ordered the refreshed Model X in 2021 have now seen their delivery date pushed to 2023.

Tesla Model X Sees 71 Percent of Range While Towing a Luxury Travel Trailer

The Bowlus Terra Firma only cost the EV about 100 miles.

Ford recalls 464 Mustang Mach-E units for software glitch causing unintended acceleration

Ford is recalling 464 units of the 2021 Mustang Mach-E due to the presence of a potential software glitch that could cause unintended acceleration. The submission date for the Ford Mustang Mach-E recall is listed as May 13 and ...

NHTSA Launches Investigation Into Fatal Newport Beach Tesla Crash

What’s happening NHTSA is investigating another fatal Tesla crash. Why it matters This is the 35th investigation launched since 2016, with those crashes resulting in 14 fatalities. What’s next NHTSA will determine if Tesla’s Autopilot was involved in the collision. ...

Tesla Releases New Full Self-Driving Beta Software Update — Here’s What You Need To Know

Tesla FSD Update 2022.12.3.10 Details The Driver’s Role In Tesla’s Autopilot System PALO ALTO, CA – NOVEMBER 05: A view of the dashboard in a new Tesla Model S car at a Tesla showroom on November 5, 2013 in ...

Ford F-150 Lightning dealer demo units begin to flood lots outside of Dearborn

Ford’s introductory all-electric pickup, the F-150 Lightning, recently began production, and finished units are flooding parking lots near the automaker’s Dearborn production plant, preparing to make their way to dealerships as demo vehicles. Ford has already warned dealers of a ...

ARK founder Cathie Wood says Tesla removal from S&P ESG is ‘ridiculous’

ARK Invest found Cathie Wood called Tesla’s removal from the S&P’s Environment, Social & Governance Index “ridiculous” after the automaker was not included on the list due to “a decline in criteria-level scores” in low-carbon strategies and its “codes ...

Tesla's New Full Self-Driving Update Has Loads Of Potential Improvements

Tesla shares for the first time in its release notes that it used some 250,000 fleet video clips to train the software for the update.

Tesla Hack Demonstration Shows Even High-Tech EVs Can be Stolen

It’s as simple as tricking your Tesla into thinking you’re nearby How do I keep my Tesla from being stolen? Telsa electric vehicles certainly have no shortage of high-tech gadgetry. However, everything has a fault point. Whether it be ...

Some Tesla customers are now expecting a 2-year wait for their new Model X

It appears that Tesla customers who ordered a refreshed Model X are in for a longer-than-expected wait. As shared by several Tesla reservation holders online, the company has updated their estimated Model X delivery dates once more. This time ...

Wedbush drops Tesla price target amid “epic disaster” lockdowns in Shanghai

Wedbush analyst Dan Ives opted to lower his price target for American electric vehicle maker Tesla from his previous $1,400 per share to a still-optimistic but more conservative $1,000 per share. Ives cited headwinds in China as a driver ...

Tesla whale suggests $15 billion TSLA buyback amid dropping share prices

Tesla whale and billionaire Leo KoGuan, who is estimated to be one of the electric vehicle maker’s largest individual shareholders, has called on the company to announce a $15 billion buyback. KoGuan shared his suggestions through a tweet to ...

Tesla’s Elon Musk sees net worth shrink by $12B amid ESG fiasco, GOP support announcement

Elon Musk recently saw over $12 billion wiped off his net worth following TSLA stock’s recent drop and the S&P Global Ratings’ decision to boot Tesla from its ESG index. Musk’s decline in net worth also comes amidst his ...

NHTSA Probes Tesla Model S Crash That Took Three Lives In California

A Model S hit a curb and then ran into construction equipment. Sadly, all three occupants were deceased at the scene.

Tesla Turo Rental Ends in Renter Dismantling Car; Now It Doesn’t Work

After the Tesla Turo rental incident, the car stopped functioning properly Did the body shop really mess up his Tesla, or is it a coincidence? Recently, we brought you the story of an unfortunate Tesla owner who rented his ...

Tesla expands Supercharger access for other electric cars in Europe

Tesla has expanded the opening of Superchargers to Non-Tesla cars in Europe and has become “the largest 150kW+ CPO instantly,” according to Jeroen van Tilburg, Head of Supercharging EMEA. Drivers of EVs other than Tesla may now use the ...

Elon Musk’s “doppelgänger” from China banned from local social media

Elon Musk’s “doppelgänger” from China, who has been fondly dubbed by the internet as “Yi Long Musk,” has reportedly been banned from major Chinese social media platforms. The social media user caused quite a lot of headlines in the ...

Tesla Building 100-Stall Supercharger Station In Mojave Desert Town

Located between LA and Las Vegas, the charging hub in Barstow, CA, will be the largest one in the country, the town's mayor claims.

You can speed up your Tesla Model Y delivery — but there are a few catches

Would-be Model Y owners near Giga Texas may be able to skip the line

Tesla to allow rival electric cars to use its Supercharger network

Scheme will initially see 15 sites in the UK opened up to non-Tesla owners, and is likely to expand across the country...

BMW i4 vs Tesla Model 3 vs Polestar 2: which should you buy

Which electric executive saloon is right for you? We compare the latest offerings from BMW, Tesla and Polestar to find out

Elon Musk dubs the S&P 500 ESG as “outrageous scam” after Tesla gets booted from index

Elon Musk is not happy that Tesla, a company whose sole purpose is to accelerate the world’s advent of sustainable energy, has been kicked off the S&P 500 ESG Index, an equity index that tracks and scores companies according ...

How Tesla is tackling the car insurance industry

By Dana Hull, San Francisco. For more than six weeks now, the tech and finance industry has been riveted by Elon Musk’s pursuit of Twitter. The topic has sucked up tons of oxygen and contributed to Tesla shares sagging amid a broader market rout and Shanghai’s shutdown to ...

SpaceX begins installing new ‘Raptor 2’ engines on Super Heavy booster

SpaceX has begun installing new ‘Raptor 2’ engines on Super Heavy Booster 7 after the prototype completed a range of tests and returned to the company’s South Texas ‘Starbase’ rocket factory. Earlier this month, SpaceX transported Booster 7 (B7) in ...

Researchers unlock Tesla cars in seconds via Bluetooth hack

The cybersecurity firm doesn’t yet have a solution to the problem. Sultan Qasim Khan, a researcher from the cybersecurity firm NCG Group has found a vulnerable flaw in the Bluetooth technology used to lock/unlock vehicles. Using the latest Tesla ...

The Boring Company San Antonio Loop’s net revenue expected to be $25M per year, fares to start at $10

On Wednesday, May 18, The Alamo Regional Mobility Authority (RMA) board was briefed on more details about The Boring Company’s (TBC) proposed tunnel from the San Antonio International Airport to downtown. Bexar County Public Works director and county engineer ...

Tesla FSD Beta V10.12 update going out to employees: Release Notes Update

Update: Release notes for Tesla FSD Beta Update 10.12 have been shared on Twitter. It reveals the extensive work Tesla has done to its self-driving software. The update features a long list of improvements to FSD Beta. FSD Beta ...

Just one new Tesla registered in Queensland in April as EV6 tops table

Polestar 2 edges the Model 3 in the sunshine state during April Prediction after Tesla’s Quarter 2 deliveries now written off The EV6. Source: Kia Electric vehicle uptake rose rapidly in Queensland in the first three months of 2022. ...

Tesla opens Superchargers for all EVs in more of Europe

Owners of non-Tesla electric cars can now use the Supercharger ultra-rapid charge network in Sweden, Spain, Belgium, Austria, and the UK. Previously, the network of DC fast chargers was locked for owners of Tesla-rivalling electric cars. The move is part ...

Volkswagen ID.Buzz pre-sales in Germany and parts of Europe to start on May 20

Volkswagen ID.Buzz pre-sales will start on Friday, May 20, in Germany and most of Europe. The European automaker will initially offer the fiver-seater ID.Buzz Pro variant throughout Europe. The ID.Buzz Cargo will also be available during pre-sales. The ID.Buzz ...

Mercedes electric G-Series turns to silicon battery tech from ex-Tesla engineers

Mercedes-Benz EQG. Source: Mercedes-Benz German luxury automaker Mercedes-Benz will use batteries with silicon anodes with 20% greater energy density than today’s lithium-ion cells in its upcoming electric G-Class. Developed by Sila Nanotechnologies, the batteries are expected to achieve 40% ...

Tesla FSD Beta V10.12 update going out to employees as 2022.12.3.10

The Tesla Full Self-Driving Beta V10.12 update is now going out to employees as 2022.12.3.10. According to Teslascope, the release notes for the update have not been released yet. Last week, Elon Musk noted that Tesla FSD Beta 10.12 contains ...

Tesla Superchargers Open to Other EV Brand Owners in the UK, Sweden, and More

Tesla Superchargers Open to Other EV Brand Owners Tesla Superchargers in the UK, Sweden, and More Tesla Superchargers in Belgium and Germany Tesla Superchargers are now opening up to other electric vehicles (EV) brand drivers in other parts of ...

Bluetooth Hacking Vulnerability Should Concern Tesla Owners

How Does This Work? The Thief Doesn’t Have My Phone or Key Fob, Though The Kinda-Sorta Solution As we continue to demand connectivity between our vehicles and devices, we open ourselves up to potential security issues. Take phone-as-key functionality, ...

California: Plug-In Car Sales Up 37% In Q1 2022, Two Teslas At The Top

Tesla Model Y and Tesla Model 3 were the most popular cars, far ahead of other models.

Tesla crash that killed three in California probed by U.S. safety agency

A Tesla crash that killed three people in California earlier this month is now being probed by a U.S. government agency. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) said it would open a Special Crash Investigation (SCI), probing to ...

Honda Prologue all-electric SUV teased prior to 2024 release date

Honda teased the introduction of its all-electric Prologue sport utility vehicle today, which will be the company’s first BEV sold in the United States. Prior to its launch in 2024, the Japanese automaker gave consumers a preview of the potential ...


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SpaceX completes 21st launch and landing of 2022

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