484,000 Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC SUVs Recalled for Seat Belt Assemblies

GM’s lineup of redesigned full-size SUVs are once again the subject of a recall, this time including both model-year 2021 and 2022 variants of the Cadillac Escalade, Chevrolet Suburban and Tahoe, and GMC Yukon and Yukon XL. Faulty rivets ...

The 2023 GMC Canyon Is Begging for Your Attention; Will You Give It?

What makes the 2023 GMC Canyon worthy of our attention? What trims and builds are offered for this GMC pickup truck? How much power will you find in the new GMC Canyon? What makes this truck better on the ...

2023 GMC Canyon Up Close: Abandoning the Streets for the Hills

A Visual Knockout Best-in-Class Interior? The Rocketship For many years, the GMC Canyon and Chevrolet Colorado were basically two minor variations on the same theme. Same platform, same looks, same engines and same interiors, the biggest difference between them ...

2023 Chevy Colorado vs. 2023 GMC Canyon: Which Is Right for You?

How do the 2023 Colorado and 2023 Canyon compare? What engine do these trucks use? Which truck should you buy? When it comes to buying a mid-size truck, there are plenty of options on the table. And, if you ...

Are electric utes dumb? Or are we missing the point of the GMC Hummer, Ford F-150 Lightning, Tesla Cybertruck and others | Opinion

The GMC Hummer is big and heavy, meaning its electric drivetrain is not as efficient as it could be. Earlier this year I wrote a piece questioning the logic behind the modern obsession with building big, powerful and opulent ...

2023 GMC Canyon, 2023 Cadillac XT6 top this week's new car news and reviews

More 2023 models roll into dealer lots, and automakers this week disclosed the pricing on new and carryover models. Without exception and as news to no one, prices are up year over year, ranging from only $500 on the ...

Is the 2023 GMC Yukon Worth Waiting For?

Should you wait for a 2023 GMC Yukon? What’s new with the 2023 Yukon? Is the 2022 GMC Yukon worth buying? Don’t wait for the new Yukon Buying a GMC Yukon is common for many Americans. It’s one of the ...

Is the 2023 GMC Canyon AT4X Cooler Than the Most Popular Midsize Truck?

The 2023 GMC Canyon AT4X is here, and it’s mean What’s new with the 2023 Toyota Tacoma?  Is the Canyon AT4X worth it? The GMC Canyon AT4X will need more than an update to beat the most popular midsize ...

Taller, Wider & Tougher: GMC Debuts 2023 Canyon Pickup with Serious Off-Road Capability

The Same But Different The New Top Dog Last month Chevrolet debuted its redesigned third-generation Colorado mid-size pickup, and that a new version of its corporate sibling the GMC Canyon wouldn’t be far behind. And today GMC has taken ...

Is the Ford Ranger vs. GMC Canyon Battle About to Get Real?

Ford Ranger vs. GMC Canyon? It’s close. 2023 Ford Ranger vs. GMC Canyon: by the numbers The Canyon is new for 2023 The Ford Ranger was new in 2019 GMC is putting Ford on notice with its new GMC ...

Premier clin d’œil: Chevrolet Colorado et GMC Canyon 2023

Un GMC Canyon de luxe Un (seul) nouveau moteur pour tous Un look plus agressif À chacun sa version du Colorado Les camionnettes intermédiaires de General Motors, soit les Chevrolet Colorado et GMC Canyon, connaissent un important succès depuis ...

2023 GMC Canyon Debuts With Rugged AT4X Trim, Advanced Safety Features, Underbody Cameras & More

2023 GMC Canyon: What’s New? 2023 GMC Canyon AT4X Pricing & Availability The 2023 GMC Canyon is billed as the official “vehicle of nowhere,” and based on the spec sheet, it would seem the new Canyon can go just ...

2023 GMC Sierra HD 2500 and 3500 will get more expensive

GMC Sierra HD pickups are about to get more expensive again after recently becoming more expensive, according to GM Authority. In July, GMC and Buick raised the prices on certain vehicles in their lineups anywhere from $975 to $1,675 ...

Next-generation GMC Canyon, Chevy Colorado spied together

With the debut of the next-generation GMC Canyon coming in a couple of months (in off-road-ready AT4 guise no less), it’s no surprise that both it and the Chevy Colorado are out testing without the heavy coverings of early ...

2023 GMC Hummer paint choices are out of this world

The 2022 GMC Hummer EV Edition 1 came in one color: Interstellar White. Despite production issues potentially pushing Edition 1 builds into the 2023 model year, the Edition 1 will stick to being bathed in that single brilliant shade. ...

GMC Canyon Focuses on Luxury, Off-Road Performance for 2023

With updated suspension geometry and a modest lift, GMC's new Canyon lineup is made for venturing from the beaten path.

The GMC Canyon is an American truck built for the wilderness

Truck No, *you're* humming 'Canyoneroooo'… We’re afraid we have to plead a bit of ignorance here, because that whole ‘overlanding’ thing is… something we’ve never really got. So when GMC brings out the Canyon AT4X, calls it ‘The Most Advanced ...

Pebble Beach Preview, 2023 GMC Canyon: RAC #84

We finish with something a little different by playing with the configurator with the new 2023 Nissan Z.

2023 GMC Canyon Details Emerge; First-Ever AT4X

2023 GMC Canyon (Left to right: AT4, AT4X, Denali) We recently reported on a tease for GMC’s new Canyon midsize truck– and now it’s here, boasting the first-ever Canyon AT4X model. The 2023 Canyon is all-new, rocking a higher and ...

Maybe You Should Wait to Buy an Updated 2023 GMC Canyon

You could get a deal on an outgoing 2022 Canyon GMC is completely redesigning the 2023 Canyon The previous generation was an unloved value leader The updated 2023 GMC Canyon will have more power, no diesel option Hunting Raptors ...

GM Voluntarily Recalls GMC Hummer EV For Battery Connector Concern

The National Highway Traffic Administration is not involved.

GM Adds $1,500 OnStar Charge to All New Buicks, GMCs, Cadillac Escalades

It’s not getting any cheaper for shoppers interested in a new Buick or GMC thanks to parent automaker GM’s recent institution of a new charge for an OnStar and Connected Services subscription the automaker says is optional. The only ...

Does the Chevy Colorado ZR2 Make the GMC Canyon AT4 Obsolete?

2022 GMC Canyon AT4 off-road truck What is the 2022 Chevy Colorado ZR2? Does the ZR2 make the AT4 obsolete? Off-roading is all the rage in 2022. Everything from full-size pickups to compact models now offer an off-road variation ...

GMC Unveils 2023 Canyon With New AT4X Model

Only One Cab/Bed Configuration One Engine, One Power Level A Redesigned Interior A New AT4X Variant Photo: Louis-Philippe Dubé Things are getting hot right now in the mid-size pickup segment. Last week, we covered the unveiling of the 2023 ...

2023 GMC Canyon Debuts With Rugged, New AT4X Trim That Costs Over $60K

Underbody cameras, a larger digital cluster, a winch-wielding Edition 1, and a hardcore off-road trim come to GMC's mid-sizer.

The 2022 GMC Canyon AT4 Is Missing an Important Feature

Why doesn’t the 2022 GMC Canyon AT4 have this important feature? Canyon AT4 technology features 2022 GMC Canyon AT4 safety features The Canyon AT4 is missing an important feature If you’re interested in buying a new off-road midsize pickup ...

2023 GMC Canyon: Who Needs Roads?

Under the Hood Pricing and Release Date 2023 GMC Canyon | Manufacturer image Competes with: Chevrolet Colorado, Ford Ranger, Honda Ridgeline, Hyundai Santa Cruz, Jeep Gladiator, Nissan Frontier, Toyota Tacoma Looks like: The new Colorado with a different grille ...

The 2023 GMC Canyon Is More Off-Road Friendly Than Ever

General Motors tweaked the entire Canyon lineup for improved off-road performance.

Third-Generation GMC Canyon Debuts with Beefed-Up Looks, Tough AT4X Model

The Canyon gets a ground-up redesign for 2023. The AT4X model, a Colorado ZR2 sibling, brings off-road performance and a touch of luxury at a big price.

2023 GMC Canyon gets bigger, faster, more expensive

The Denali isn’t dead, but the top-dog in the GMC Canyon lineup will soon become an off-road focused model. On Thursday, the 2023 GMC Canyon debuted with a standard factory lift, a high-output engine, and a simplified trim lineup ...

First Look: 2023 GMC Canyon

Chevrolet has already released information on its all-new 2023 Colorado, and now GMC has given us an in-person look at the correspondingly-fresh 2023 Canyon, including its first-ever AT4X über-off-roader. jQuery(function(){ if (typeof jwplayer_load == typeof indefined) { var jwplayer_load = ...

$1,500 OnStar Subscription Now Required For New GMC, Buick Vehicles

GM vehicles now require an OnStar subscription for $1,500 What is the $1,500 OnStar package? General Motors calls the non-optional option an “upgrade” $1,500 OnStar subscription required for GMC, Buick vehicles Attention future buyers of a new vehicle from ...

The 2023 GMC Canyon AT4X Is Here, and Coming for the Toyota Tacoma

And this time it's definitely more premium than the Colorado.

Dead GMC Hummer: Dealership Says It Can’t Fix

Did GMC brick this hummer on purpose? GMC just issued a voluntary recall this week Is there a fix for the recall? A Tik Tok video that has since been deleted shows a lone GMC Hummer EV sitting off ...

Buick, GMC Now Require $1,500 OnStar Subscription On New Vehicles

It's technically listed as an option, but the cost is added to the MSRP and it can't be removed.

GMC Hummer EV sits lifeless in dealer service garage with no answers in sight

A GMC Hummer EV is sitting lifeless in a dealership garage with relatively no answers in sight, according to a TikTok posted to the platform. The video posted by @KaylaKolben on TikTok has since been deleted. Luckily, it was ...

3 Reasons to Pick the 2022 GMC Sierra Over the Toyota Tundra

2022 GMC Sierra vs. 2022 Toyota Tundra 1. The GMC Sierra has better access  2. The Tundra doesn’t have a flat load floor  3. The Sierra has automatic ambiance  Sure, the Toyota Tundra is finally brand new again. But ...

Did the US Army Just Buy a GMC Hummer EV?

What does the Army want with a GMC Hummer EV? Will the Army’s Hummer have any special equipment? What does the Edition 1 Hummer EV include? What is the power and range of the Hummer EV? Why would the ...


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Next-generation GMC Canyon is almost ready — are you?

GMC teases all-new 2023 Canyon one last time before reveal

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2023 GMC Canyon teased, debuts Aug. 11

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GMC Would Need Over a Decade to Clear Hummer EV Waitlist at Current Production Rate

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Uncle Sam Put the 2022 GMC Hummer EV to Work

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2023 GMC Sierra 1500 AT4X AEV Edition: Release Date, Price, Specs

General Motors Replies Regarding Why GMC Hummer EV Emissions Are So High

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The Worst Dealership Markups on Markups.org Include a $339,999 GMC Hummer EV

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GMC announces 2023 Sierra 1500 AT4X AEV Edition

2023 GMC Sierra 1500 AT4X AEV Edition Raises the Bar Even Higher

The 2023 GMC Sierra 1500 AT4X AEV Edition Can Do More Than Ever Before

GMC unleashes the new 2023 Sierra 1500 AT4X AEV Edition

The 2023 GMC AT4 Version of the Acadia Brings off-Road Ability

2023 GMC Sierra 1500 AT4X AEV Edition Debuts With Suit Of Off-Road Armor


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