Pics: 45 cars gather for the 2022 TeamBHP Kolkata monsoon meet

Post breakfast, the return drive started by 10-30 am. Majority of the participants headed back to Kolkata, except 9 cars, who decided to go for a small OTR! BHPian Samba recently shared this with other enthusiasts. 45 cars, 47 ...

BMW Neue Klasse Platform To Support Quad-Motor Electric Supercar With 1,341 HP

But a high-performance EV hasn't been green-lighted yet.

Return of the Luxury Muscle Car: Chrysler Debuts 2023 300C with 485HP 6.4L Engine

With all of the excitement and hype that’s surrounded the Dodge Challenger and Dodge Charger over the last several years, one might forget how big of a deal those cars’ LX platform-mate, the Chrysler 300C, once was. The Scat Packs, ...

The 1,000hp+ Family Wagon

‘Gatebil is home to some of Scandinavia’s craziest cars, wildest on-track action and the maddest parties; it’s an unforgettable experience.’ If you asked me to explain Gatebil events in a nutshell, that would be it. It’s also the exact reason why ...

1967 Chevy Corvette Sting Ray L71 427/435 HP

The L71 was Chevrolet’s most powerful engine in 1967 which replaced the big-block L71 from the previous year. Using it’s famous ‘Tri Power’ intake manifold was rated by the factory at 435 bhp. Costing $437.10, 3,754 Corvettes were made with ...

BMW's built a 536bhp electric 'Dune Taxi' prototype

Motorsport Video shows electric off-roader flinging through the Arabian Desert. So, where is the Dakar held these days? First things first: BMW hasn’t said a single thing about taking on the Dakar Rally. Nor a tilt at Extreme E. All ...

Video: How to build a 1000hp Barra on a budget

You’ve all heard the noise about how a Barra is the cheapest and easiest way to get into the 1000hp club, so in this episode of Carnage, we decided to test the theory with the new engine for our ...

Ford surprise-drops track-focused 500-hp 2024 Mustang Dark Horse

Ford had a crowd of media, owners, and enthusiasts gathered in downtown Detroit to welcome the new seventh-generation Mustang, but also to prank them when the event’s host hastily said “goodnight” after introducing the coupe and convertible EcoBoost and V8 ...

2023 Jeep Grand Wagoneer Gets 510-HP I6 Engine Standard On Some Trims

There's also a price cut for Series II and Obsidian trim levels.

Dodge Charger King Daytona rules 807 hp as latest Last Call model

Dodge’s creative sendoff for the aging Challenger and Charger is well underway, with five of seven 2023 special edition cars announced to date. The latest is the Dodge Charger King Daytona, a tribute to drag racing legend William “Big ...

New Ford Mustang Dark Horse arrives with 500bhp

Ford unveils Mustang Dark Horse, with other track-focused versions on the way

BMW Dune Taxi electric off-roader teased with 536 hp

BMW recently teased an electric off-road racer called the Dune Taxi in a promotional video released by its Middle East division. The automaker hasn’t made a formal announcement about the Dune Taxi or where it will be racing, but ...

Track-focused 2024 Ford Mustang Dark Horse targets a 500-hp Coyote V-8

Ford revealed its redesigned 2024 Mustang on Wednesday at the 2022 Detroit auto show, but the new design wasn’t the only surprise. Included in the range this time is a new track-focused Mustang Dark Horse model which boasts a ...

BMW Dune Taxi Electric Prototype Breaks Cover With 536 HP, 738 LB-FT

The wild-looking body is made from natural fiber-reinforced polymer.

2023 Dodge Charger King Daytona arrives with 807 hp as fifth Last Call model

The Dodge Charger and Challenger as we know them are going away after the 2023 model year, so Dodge is celebrating with a series of seven Last Call models, the fifth of which was unveiled Wednesday. That fifth installment ...

2023 Dodge Charger King Daytona Is A "Last Call" Hellcat With 807 HP

Only 300 of these special Hellcat Redeye Widebody models will be built, and each one is orange.

Dodge's 807-hp 2023 Charger King Daytona set to rule the strip

Dodge’s latest Last Call special edition is – as you might have been able to predict by now – another retro throwback model, this time specifically hearkening back to the custom 1969 Charger Daytona raced in the ’70s by “Big ...

Hennessey VelociRaptor 6x6 pickup returns with 558 hp

If you’re in the market for one of the biggest, baddest pickup trucks around, Sealy, Texas-based Hennessey Performance Engineering has you covered. Regardless whether you’re a Ford, Chevy or Ram fan, Hennessey has a monster 6×6 pickup truck for ...

All-new 725hp Ferrari Purosangue unveiled

Powered by a 725hp twelve-cylinder engine, the long-awaited Ferrari Purosangue is set to become the most powerful luxury SUV on the market, posing a serious challenge to the likes of the Lamborghini Urus and Aston Martin DBX. While its luxury ...

Hyundai RN22e super-saloon review: 577bhp dual-motor electric concept tested

Another new fast Hyundai concept? What’s in the water there? Well, like an Ioniq 6 that’s been religiously attending the gym… Pity about the name though… That’s a healthy amount of power… Noise? Gearshifts? In an EV? A waste ...

This is the Ferrari Purosangue, Maranello's first foor-door four-seater with a 715hp V12

The wait is over. Ferrari has finally unveiled its highly anticipated Purosangue SUV and it's not quite what we expect. In fact, the company is adamant it's not an SUV, and they won't even entertain thoughts of calling it ...

Ferrari Purosangue 'Not An SUV' Officially Unveiled - 715hp V12 Four-Door Four-Seater

6.5-litre V12 with 715hp and 716Nm Enough space for four adults AND a big boot Exterior's beautiful form yet functional Big Ferrari, big price tag Ferrari has officially unveiled its first-ever four-door four-seater and we already know what's it ...

2023 Chrysler 300C says farewell with 485-hp Hemi

Chrysler is saluting the 300C’s near-70-year legacy with a limited-run sunset model that’s more powerful than any production vehicle to ever bear the nameplate. The car’s history dates back to 1955 and the Chrysler C-300, a 300-horsepower V8 coupe built on ...

The 725hp Ferrari Purosangue is a V12 family car that insists it’s NOT an SUV

Ferrari said not so long ago it would never build an SUV. So what does that make this newcomer, the Purosangue? In Ferrari’s words, it’s not an SUV or a crossover – it’s a sportscar. The first four-door four-seater in Maranello’s history, ...

Chrysler 300C Survives for 2023 With a 485-HP Hemi V-8 and Yes That's a New Photo of It

With just 2200 examples set to be built for North America, this is the 300's final run before production ends.

2023 Chrysler 300C Debuts With 485-HP V8 For Sedan's Final Year

Chrysler is only making 2,000 units of the 300C for the US. Prices start at $55,000.

If You’ve Wanted a 485-HP Hemi-Powered Chrysler 300, Here It Is

Stellantis announces the 300 will depart next year, so this special-edition 2023 Chrysler 300C will pay homage.

2023 Chrysler 300C with 485-hp V-8 marks end of the road for iconic nameplate

The Chrysler 300 is about to be killed off, again. But the full-size sedan will go out with a bang. On Tuesday, the 2023 Chrysler 300C limited edition was announced with big V-8 power as a last hurrah for the ...

2023 Chrysler 300C brings back big V-8 power with 485 hp

An iconic nameplate has returned to the Chrysler lineup once again. On Tuesday, the 2023 Chrysler 300C broke cover with a large V-8, special badging, and limited availability of only 2,200 units. Each will cost $55,000 and be among ...

1500-HP Daily Driver C8 Blasts 8 Second Quarter

Is this a world record? While it doesn’t seem like the Corvette was really made with the drag strip in mind, because of the suspension design and mid-engine platform, it shouldn’t surprise you that these cars are fast. When I ...

New 2023 Ferrari Purosangue SUV storms in with a 715bhp V12

The V12-powered four-door Ferrari Purosangue is the Italian brand's first SUV, and will be priced from around £350,000 when it arrives in the UK next year

No Ordinary SUV: Ferrari Purosangue Lands With 715-Hp V12

The Mightiest New Chassis Aerodynamic and Stable Sporty and Sustainable Interior Photo: Ferrari The much anticipated Ferrari Purosangue, the first SUV in the Italian exotic car manufacturer’s 75-year history, was finally revealed today. It’s actually described as a unique ...

Ferrari Purosangue revealed as V-12-powered SUV with 715 hp, suicide doors

Talk of a Ferrari SUV goes back several years and now one is actually here in the form of the Ferrari Purosangue, which was revealed in Pisa on Tuesday. The Purosangue, Italian for “thoroughbred,” is more of a low-slung ...

The 715bhp Ferrari Purosangue is a V12 family car that insists it’s NOT an SUV

First Look Electric suicide doors, very clever suspension and strictly four seats are all yours for, um, €390,000 Ferrari said not so long ago it would never build an SUV. So what does that make this newcomer, the Purosangue? In Ferrari’s ...

New Pagani Utopia hypercar launched with 852bhp twin-turbo V12 engine

Pagani Utopia front three quarter static Pagani Utopia rear light Pagani Utopia exhaust tips Pagani Utopia rear badge Pagani Utopia side mirror Pagani Utopia rear spoiler Pagani Utopia alloy wheel Pagani Utopia gear shifter Pagani Utopia centre console Pagani ...

My Octavia 1.8 TSI gets a Stage 2 ECU tune: Now produces 280HP & 350Nm

I am considering either changing the suspension or upgrading the exhaust next. BHPian rishabhsharma recently shared this with other enthusiasts. Hello BHPians, Last year I bought a used Skoda Octavia Mk3.5 L&K 1.8 TSI. I was quite happy with ...

Next-Gen Audi R8 Will Be An Electric Supercar: Electric Powertain To Produce Over 800Bhp

The next-generation Audi R8 will be an EV according to reports. Audi is all set to ditch the big V8 and V10 engines in favour of an electric drivetrain for the new R8. It will make use of the new-generation ...

2023 Peugeot E-308 Revealed With 250 Miles Of Range And 156 HP

It'll go on sale in mid-2023 in both hatchback and wagon flavors.

701bhp Novitec Maserati MC20 Revealed - It Will Get Loud

German tuning house Novitec has worked its magic on Maserati’s latest supercar, the MC20. The Novitec Maserati MC20 brings power and design upgrades along with the usual madder exhaust system. The biggest changes in the Maserati MC20 by Novitec come ...


Ferrari SF90 Hybrid Fights 1,000-HP Nissan GT-R In Close Drag Races

Texas Cops Have 1000 HP Hellcat On Patrol

Sleek Pagani Utopia unveiled as Huayra successor with 852-hp twin-turbo V-12

All-new Pagani Utopia revealed with 852bhp twin-turbocharged V12

The Pagani Utopia Is a Wild 864-HP Manual Hypercar

Pagani Utopia Debuts With 852 HP And Is Available With 7-Speed Manual

Maserati MC20 Tuned By Novitec Makes 711 HP, Gets Extra Aero Bits

The ID. XTREME is a rally-spec ID.4 concept with 377bhp

A70 Supra gets a modern widebody makeover and 500 hp

2023 Bentley Flying Spur Speed debuts – 6.0L W12, 626 hp, 900 Nm

New 612bhp Ferrari Roma Spider caught on camera

Porsche 912c Restomod Debuts With Carbon-Fiber Body And 170 HP

2024 Ford E-Transit Custom Specifications Released, Up To 217 HP

KTM X-Bow GT-XR Revealed With 486bhp On Tap - The Most Bonkers KTM Of Them All

Chris Vassilis's 840hp naturally aspirated LX Torana

KTM's new X-Bow GT-XR is a wild 486-hp racer for the road

Hyundai Ioniq 5 N Could Produce Around 600 HP, Feature A Drift Mode

KTM X-Bow GT-XR revealed as 493bhp road-legal GT2 car

Williams engineering outfit shows off 2,200-plus-hp modular EV platform for hypercars

The KTM X-Bow GT-XR is a 486bhp GT2-inspired road car

Check out DMC’s 705bhp modified Maserati MC20

KTM's first road car is the 493-hp X-Bow GT-XR

My 202 BHP Maruti S-Cross 1.6 gets a new clutch kit & flywheel

900hp turbo LS-powered VS ute

Bentley Flying Spur Speed Revealed With 626bhp W12 Engine

Hyundai Vision N 74 concept review: 670bhp hydrogen hybrid drift car driven

Watch This 500-HP V-10-Powered M5 Touring Hit 205 MPH on the Autobahn

Bentley Flying Spur Speed returns with 626bhp W12

Bentley Flying Spur Speed Debuts With 626-HP W12, 207 MPH Top Speed

WATCH: Rare Zonda HP Barchetta painfully grinds to halt in accident 

Cupra Leon hot hatch now available with 148bhp and 187bhp engines

In Ralph Gilles’s 1000-HP “Hellucination” Dodge Charger, We Fight Temptation

1200bhp Maserati GranTurismo Folgore EV Revealed Ahead Of 2023 Debut - Who Said Electric Was Boring?

My 202 BHP S-Cross gets fresh upgrades: New brakes, tyres & wheels

$13.2 Million 3974 HP Flame Throwing ‘Thor’ Semi-Truck

Someone Crashed Their 1-of-3 Pagani Zonda HP Barchetta

Opus Tunes AMG GT 63 S E Performance PHEV To Produce Over 950 HP

Audi RS6 Avant Hides 1,200 HP Underneath Stealthy Satin Black Body

Pagani Zonda HP Barchetta Worth $17M Crashes During Supercar Event

BMW E30 M3 With 2JZ Engine Swap Terrorizes Nurburgring With 1,300 HP

Ariel ‘Hipercar’ EV: 1180 HP With Gas-Turbine Range Extender

1160-HP Ariel Hipercar Is an EV Sports Car with a Turbine Range Extender

1,180bhp Ariel Hipercar Revealed - Electric Hypercar Hunter Is Here

Here's Your First Look at the 1200-HP All-Electric Maserati GranTurismo Folgore

Confirmed: The 2023 Honda Civic Type R is getting 315 hp

2023 Honda Civic Type R Tracks in 315 HP, Tech Upgrades

New 2024 Ariel Hipercar revealed with 1,180bhp

Ariel Hipercar Debuts As Electric Sports Car With Up To 1,180 HP

Ariel Has a New 1160-HP EV Sports Car With a Turbine Range Extender

Ariel and Cosworth create high-performance electric road car prototype with 1180bhp and 150 miles of range

Ariel Hipercar Is A 1,180 HP Quad-Motor Jet Engined Range Extender Supercar

Aston Martin DBX 707 launched in Malaysia - 707 hp, 0 - 100 in 3.3 seconds, from RM1.09 mil

The 2023 Honda Civic Type R Makes 316 HP: Official Specs of Honda's Most Powerful Type R

2023 Honda Civic Type R checks in with 315 hp, better cooling, revised gearbox

2023 Honda Civic Type R Has 315 HP and Track-Minded Improvements

Honda Civic With 1,085 HP Drag Races Modded Audi TT RS In Close Battle

Can’t Afford Hummer EV? Buy This 1000 HP Chinese Copy Instead

Ariel tries its hand at EVs with 1,180-hp Hipercar prototype

Munro Electric SUV Has 376 HP And Can Wade Through 3 Feet Of Water

VW Golf Wagon Gets R32 Conversion And Big Turbo, Packs 1,080-HP Punch


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