Revel, NineDot Energy & Fermata Energy initiate V2G in New York City grid

In the USA, Revel, NineDot Energy and Fermata Energy announced that the first Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) program connected to New York City’s grid is now live at Revel’s Red Hook, Brooklyn warehouse. Revel is an electric mobility and infrastructure company ...

The Mobility House trades with power from car batteries

German charging and energy storage technology specialists The Mobility House have started trading the flexibilities of 4,500 electric car batteries on EPEX SPOT SE. For this purpose, the company has its own connection to the European power exchange. The ...

UK: Over £20 million to install 1,000 EV charging points

The British Government has selected nine local authorities to develop over a thousand charge points for electric cars. The new EV infrastructure will spring up in England, including Durham, Nottinghamshire, and Suffolk. This latest funding comes through the £450 ...

Tritium opens US plant for EV chargers ‘Made in America’

Australia’s Tritium has opened its factory in the state of Tennessee. President Joe Biden had endorsed the company’s US plant when announced earlier this year since it follows his ‘Buy American’ policy. The Tennessee facility was announced in February ...

LAX installing 1,300 EV charging stations

The Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) targets having 1,300 charging points for electric vehicles by the end of the year. The overhaul will place the airport among the largest charging facilities in the US. While information is scarce, the ...

L-Charge tests mobile, off-grid fast charging stations

The British charger manufacturer L-Charge has started what it says is an extensive test run of a mobile fast-charging service for electric vehicles in Europe. The special feature of the charging stations is that they are off-grid using LNG, ...

Volkswagen Bank now offers charging infrastructure financing

Volkswagen Bank has started financing charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. The offer is aimed at companies that want to electrify their vehicle fleet and need to install the necessary charging infrastructure at their respective company headquarters. Loans of 50,000 ...

Hubject to cooperate with Fines Charging in Bulgaria

In Bulgaria, Hubject has announced a cooperation with Fines Charging, one of the largest charging station operators in the country. The cooperation will connect Fines Charging’s charging points to Hubject’s e-roaming platform Intercharge. Fines Charging currently has 55 DC ...

Duke Energy starts V2G pilot with Ford pickups in Florida

In the USA, Duke Energy has started a pilot project for the use of bidirectional charging with new Ford F-150 in Florida to support the grid with vehicle-to-grid technology (V2G). The research and development pilot program aims to test ...

Nio opens second battery swapping station in Norway

The Chinese electric car manufacturer Nio has opened its second battery exchange station outside China. Like the first, the battery exchange station is located in Vestby, Norway. But the first stations are soon to be built in Bergen. Vestby ...

Xpeng reveals 480 kW charging column

The Chinese electric car manufacturer Xpeng has presented its new S4 fast charging column that offers a maximum charging power of 480 kW. The first S4 column has already been put into operation. According to a practical test shown ...

ChargeEurope to add 1,000 charging stations globally

Following the launch of its Warsaw pilot network in July, the Polish company ChargeEuropa has announced its expansion to 1,000 charging locations over the next two years. ChargeEuropa relies on advertising to finance its charging stations. The young company ...

Xpeng partners with Plugsurfing for charging in Norway

The German charging provider Plugsurfing has just signed another cooperation agreement with a Chinese electric car manufacturer. Xpeng drivers in Norway will now receive Plugsurfing’s charging solution and a co-branded charging key that will give them access to 300,000 ...

EVgo orders chargers from Delta Electronics

US charging infrastructure operator EVgo has contracted Delta Electronics to supply 1,000 fast charging columns. The Delta devices for EVgo will mainly be HPC columns with up to 350 kW power and power sharing functionality. The exact charging pole ...

Electrify America to install chargers at Ikea locations

Volkswagen’s US subsidiary Electrify America will install more than 200 high-power charging stations at Ikea locations in the US. The fast chargers, with outputs ranging from 150 kW to 350 kW, will be set up at more than 25 ...

WiTricity raises another $63m; Siemens leading this latest round

Wireless charging specialist WiTricity says it completed a new funding round of $63 million (€60.9m). Anchored by a $25 million investment from Siemens AG, the round includes new investors and new ones on board. The company wants to bring ...

Allego adapts EV charging fees due to electricity price hike

Allego will increase charging tariffs in most European countries in the company’s network on 1 September due to rising electricity prices across Europe. The three levels of charging speeds introduced during the last price rise at the beginning of ...

Canada releases more EV infrastructure funding (ZEVIP)

The Government of Canada says it will invest over $2.4 million in parking provider Indigo Park Canada. The funding will help the company to install 500 EV chargers at 68 sites across British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Quebec and New ...

ZEV taxi company Viggo installs public HPC hubs

EV-exclusive ride-hailing company Viggo announced building a network of ultra-fast charging stations through its subsidiary ViggoEnergy founded last year. Viggo plans to open more than 60 urban hubs with 500 charge points accessible to the public as part of ...

Gridserve raises £200m to boost EV charging across the UK

EV infrastructure firm Gridserve has secured a £200m investment from Infracapital (about €237m). The company intends to invest fresh capital into expanding its national charging network of so-called Electric Forecourts and Electric Hubs. Infracapital joins with existing partners, TPG ...

Siemens & Mahle join up to harmonise wireless EV charging

Siemens and have signed a letter of intent to collaborate in inductive charging of electric vehicles. However, rather than developing technology, both companies intend to coordinate efforts in harmonisation. The goal is to close gaps to ensure full interoperability ...

Avatr & BP to install ultra-high-power charging in China

Avatr, the Chinese EV maker backed by Changan, CATL and Huawei, has announced a new partnership with British Petroleum (BP). They want to build out ultra-rapid charging infrastructure in China and aim for 240 kW of power delivered per ...

New York City EV pilot may lead to 10,000 on-street chargers by 2030

UK-based Connected Kerb has been selected to deliver on-street charge points across New York City in what the company calls a “groundbreaking flagship project”. Provided for the New York City Department of Transportation (NYC DOT) and Newlab, the pilot ...

BorgWarner acquires V2G specialist Rhombus

BorgWarner continues to broaden the emobility portfolio. The US campany announed that it has acquired Rhombus Energy Solutions. Rhombus offers V2G and Underwriters Laboratory-certified charging and counts Proterra among its clients, alongside charging and grid service providers. Frédéric Lissalde, ...

Alpitronic’s hyperchargers pass Plug&Charge audit

Alpitronic’s HYC150 (150 kW) and HYC300 (300 kW) Hyperchargers have successfully passed Hubject’s audit for Plug&Charge and are now fully certified. This means that more than 10,000 already installed Hyperchargers can be retrofitted by the end of 2022. The ...

Tesla opens paid charging at (some) Destination Chargers

Tesla is enabling paid charging at Destination Chargers, however, the rollout is limited. Operators must have at least six Tesla wall boxes and so far, the function appears to be exclusive to the US market. Destination Chargers are Tesla ...

E.On to set-up 2,000 high power charging stations by 2024

Energy company E.On has announced installing 2,000 ultra-rapid charging stations across Europe by the end of 2024. The German utility joins forces with Alpitronic to provide HPC equipment. Their plans reach beyond 2024. By 2026, E.On plans to own ...

Ingka to install 1,000 EV chargers at Ikea stores in Scandinavia

Ingka Group, which owns most Ikea stores, says it will install over a thousand EV charge points at Ikea stores in Sweden and Norway. By late 2024, Ikea Sweden would add 700 new charging points and Ikea Norway more ...

Webasto want to sell parts of their EV charging division

German automotive supplier Webasto is looking for a partner and investor in its business with charging equipment for electric cars. Still, according to local media, Webasto does not want to sell its complete charging division. Handelsblatt broke the news ...

Free to X progresses Italy’s largest High Power Charging network

Free to X, the high power charging project by Autostrade per l’Italia Group (ASPI), has provided electrive with an upgrade. Their DC ultra-rapid charging network, lining main highways in Italy, now operates 24 HPC hubs between Milan and Bari, ...

Tritium and EVCS expand West Coast EV charging network

Tritium has announced a follow-up order from EVCS that added 300 fast-chargers to an existing deployment of 500 50-kW columns. EVCS is among the largest CPOs on the West Coast and will deploy the 300 chargers across California, Oregon, ...

Heliox & Recoy integrate energy prices into V2X smart charging

Heliox has teamed up with Recoy to integrate its ‘Real-time Optimisation Platform’ into its fast-charging equipment. Recoy’s platform considers energy prices in real-time and helps optimise flexible assets such as electric vehicles, stationary batteries, e-boilers and electrolysers. The companies ...

Infineon & Delta to develop bidirectional 3-1 charging system for homes

The German chip manufacturer Infineon Technologies and the Taiwanese charging infrastructure manufacturer Delta Electronics have developed a 3-in-1 system that integrates solar power system, home storage and charging station. Thanks to bidirectional inverters, the electric car can not only ...

Iberdrola & BP to spend €1BN on EV charge points

Iberdrola and BP have announced a strategic alignment to advance battery-electric charging infrastructure. The partners earmarked €1bn for deploying up to 11,000 fast charge points across Spain and Portugal. Up to 600ktpa production capacity of green hydrogen is the ...

The Mobility House finds new US partner in Endera

The Mobility House and Endera have made public their cooperation for managed commercial EV charging. They have already delivered electric shuttles and a smart charging solution to ACE Parking and Aladdin Airport Parking, both servicing the San Diego International ...

Study on energy storage in wireless charging roads

In the USA, a research team from Cornell University has published a study revealing concrete advantages in wireless charging roads equipped with energy storage systems. The research team developed a coupled transportation–power system framework for incorporation of a wireless ...

Daimler Truck completes demonstration charging park

Daimler Truck has completed the construction of a demonstration truck charging park at its site in Wörth am Rhein, Germany, which was launched in February. Near the industry information centre, customers will soon be able to test charging columns ...

Lightning eMotors reveals mobile DC charging station

In the USA, Lightning eMotors has launched its next generation of mobile commercial and passenger vehicle chargers, Lightning Mobile. This mobile charging station covers both long term and short term use cases. The order books are open with deliveries ...

South Korea’s Charzin enables eRoaming overseas via Hubject

The South Korean EV charging provider Charzin has joined Hubject’s e-roaming platform intercharge to enable subscribers to use their cards in the US and Europe. Hubject also provides Plug&Charge services to European EVs sold in Korea. Charzin offers a ...

Canadian Government funds 6,000 EV charging stations

Canada has announced deploying 6,000 EV chargers in a series of announcements during the national EV Week. Investment totals CAD 45 million, with local governments and companies such as Hydro Québec or Shell Canada benefitting from funding. Hydro Québec ...


P3 Charging Index: Kia EV6 is new long-distance champion

BE: Proximus to use 15,000 street cabinets for EV charging

Connected Kerb to install 1,000 on-street charge points in Gloucestershire

Volvo Trucks targets Californian charging corridor for electric trucks

VW launches HPC park with 2nd life batteries in Zwickau

GM & EVgo expand charging network in the USA

Allego purchases European charging network Mega-E

CAMS aims for 17,000 more charging points in China by 2025

Electreon & CTG sign MoU for charging partnership

PG&E and Tesla Powerwall customers stabilise grid energy

De Lijn goes for charging management from PSI Transcom

Network Rail adds 450 EV charge points at stations across the UK

EVCS raises capital for more chargers on US West Coast

Nio reveals 500kW charger and more at Power Day

Tender put out for 10,000 charge points in Sweden

BP & BOC explore H2 networks for HGV transport

Project Flow begins researching solutions for integrated charging systems in Europe

Chargfox acquired by Australia’s motoring associations

Pivot Power, Fastned, Tesla & Wenea commission the Energy Superhub Oxford

Enel X tests Arrival e-bus to see if it fits global portfolio

EO reveals two new chargers

CharIn presents the Plug&Charge official logo

Rivian opens first charging hubs in the “Adventure Network”

LG acquires EV charger maker AppleMango in South Korea

Electrify America: Siemens now investor and “key strategic technology partner”

Jolt & Endeavour Energy to install EV chargers in Sydney

Kroger increases EV charging offer across US stores

GM & EVgo to expand Plug & Charge collaboration

USA: Nissan and Wallbox to power home charging this summer

Gridserve & Moto open another two Electric Super Hubs

Skoda to install 200 ultra-rapid charge points in Prague

Hydro-Quebec orders 7,500 chargers from FLO

Schneider Electric acquires EV Connect

Delta Electronics reveals compact DC charging station

ABB to open charger factory in Italy

Elli & Mitnetz Strom start trial smart charging project in Germany

NSW expands charging in Australia

eTaxi Austria opens pilot charging test location

Sungrow enters the European e-mobility space: 30 kW DC charging station designed for urban destinations

Tesla opens select superchargers in Europe for 3rd party users

EV Safe Charge introduces Ziggy the charge-bot

Macerich adds fast-charging with Electrify America

Blink Charging acquires SemaConnect

TotalEnergies to integrate Plug&Charge this year

Fastned raises charging location targets

Norway’s Elbil introduces charging card & app for all

CharIN shows megawatt charging system for heavy EVs

Stellantis & Iveco confirm successful inductive charging tests

DKV Mobility integrates 285k charge points in the app

Siemens to install charging network in the UAE

Genesis partners with Shell Recharge Solutions in Europe

Siemens buys into wireless charging tech by WiTricity

FLO plans to build a new factory in the USA

Audi Charging Hub to open in Zurich this year

Fastned opens fast-charging station in London

Kempower launches liquid-cooled satellite charger for heavy-duty EVs

Oil company Eneos buys in to NEC’s charging network

Fastnet opens fast-charging station in London

Toyota’s smart home charging system with EV tech

Kesko announces plans for 100 new charging locations in Finland


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