tesla is building more factories to increase production to 20 million evs by 2030

Tesla’s Chair, Robyn Denholm, confirms that they are building factories around the world.

At the National Press Club in Canberra, Denholm stated that they believe that the world will move forward towards electric vehicles and batteries that are lithium-ion based.

That is why Tesla is putting in the work to be present in all of the major markets around the world.

The Tesla Chair stated that they are building numerous Tesla manufacturing facilities around the world to support their goal of making 20 million vehicles a year by 2030.

In addition to its existing facilities in California and Shanghai, Tesla has only lately constructed manufacturing facilities in Texas and Berlin.

Tesla’s Factories

Tesla’s presence in various markets around the world plays a significant role for the company. Tesla’s overarching objective is to produce 20 million electric vehicles by the year 2030.

One way to get there is to ensure that its manufacturing operations are effective and productive worldwide. Additionally, this is also the reason why the EV company is doubling down on its initiatives in markets where they have strong demand.

According to Bloomberg, Denholm stated, “Producing vehicles on continents is important because, again, when you’re setting up a supply chain for the long term, you want those miles those cars travel before someone actually owns them to be the shortest possible, and that includes shipping and sea freight because all of those processes add to CO2 emissions.”

One of Tesla’s most significant markets is China. The company continues to receive a high level of demand for EVs. Tesla has a manufacturing facility in Shanghai, which also contributes a huge number to the overall production of EVs.

The EV company also experienced a turbulent operation during the past few months when China had a stringent COVID-19 lockdown due to the outbreak in the area.

However, after a production line renovation, the EV manufacturer’s China operations are back in full swing. In total, Tesla shipped 76,965 Chinese-made cars in August, barely short of the record-breaking 78,906 deliveries in June.

Tesla Increases Hiring for Semi Service Program

Tesla has been reported to be increasing its hiring in different markets.

The EV company recently opened up a hiring program in the country called the Semi Service Program. This hiring project was launched as aligned with what the Tesla CEO has tweeted recently.

Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO, stated that they would begin to ship out one of the most awaited vehicles in the company’s lineup, the Semi Truck, this year.

It appears as though the Semi Service Program is looking to hire a new pool of talent that will help the company service the customers who will receive the trucks.

According to Tesla, some of the job descriptions include:

    Being the first Semi Service technician.

    Supporting the Tesla Service Centers if Needed.

    Assisting Tesla’s first customers with any and all fleet repairs that may be required.

    Visit the company’s clients and assist their mechanics and other technicians at their workshops.

    Develop and continue to update a set of repair instructions that can be used by anybody who services a Tesla Semi.

Tesla in Thailand

Tesla is also building its presence in Southeast Asia. iTechPost previously reported the company’s plan to open a branch in Thailand.

It has been detected that Tesla has submitted the proper legal documents needed to put its cars for sale in the country. It also posted 16 job offers in the possible store branch in Bangkok, Thailand.

It posted job positions like Public Policy & Business Development Manager, Senior Accountant, Senior Recruiter, and Consumer Engagement Manager.

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