Why American trucks such as the Ford F-150 are better overseas

Full-sized pick-up trucks are growing in popularity on Australian roads with more and more makers lining up to sell them. This is the next big arrival.

Mercedes considering V8 comeback for C63

Having ditched the thumping V8 engine from its sports sedan heroes, Mercedes is reportedly considering a return to muscle car power.

Ford Bronco four-wheel-drive tested

This rugged beast has the ingredients to be a smash hit in Australia, but there are no guarantees it will reach our shores despite its local roots.

Fisker confirms three new electric cars due by 2025

An exciting new electric car brand has detailed three new models due to go on sale soon, and they would be very enticing to Australian drivers.

Electric muscle cars in the fast lane

The famous tuner known for creating fast Mustangs could lead the charge for beefed-up battery-powered machines into the new era.

Why Aussies are wrong about Nascar

A behind the scenes look at American stock car racing reveals there are plenty of lessons to be learned in motorsport.

Ads on a fuel dispenser nozzle! Haven't seen anything like this before

I went to fill up my wife’s Ford Fiesta petrol and noticed that the fuel dispenser nozzle had a little screen on it. BHPian Jeroen recently shared this with other enthusiasts. Just now I took my wife’s Ford Fiesta ...

There is finally some good news for new car buyers

Australians bought more cars last month than any July previously, suggesting Aussies on the hunt for a new vehicle might have the upper hand.

Two Mazda models recalled amid fears faulty wire could cause serious harm or death

Two popular car models have been recalled amid fears a wiring issue could cause serious harm or death.

2024 Toyota Prado revealed for Australia

Toyota Australia has revealed a big update to one of the country’s favourite big family SUV and it’s tougher and better looking than ever.

Ford Mustang to keep V8 power

The iconic performance car has been part of the Blue Oval line-up for decades, but the global push for electrification clouds its future.

Nissan Leaf hit with urgent recall notice

A giant Japanese car maker has asked owners to bring their cars back to dealerships to fix a vital safety issue that could have serious consequences if left unchecked.

Next-gen Mini to get in-car video games 

Most digitally advanced Mini yet

2024 Mitsubishi Triton new car review

Sales of this once-popular workhorse have dived this year, but a range of significant upgrades should see it resume the fight with Toyota’s HiLux and Ford Ranger.

2023 Ford Mustang Mach-E to arrive soon

After a long wait, the Blue Oval’s will introduce a hot new model in Australia later this year – and it has the numbers to challenge a familiar favourite.

Aussies split over the super-sized US pick-up trucks clogging Aussie roads

A new generation of super-sized US-style pick-up trucks is taking over Australian roadsthe humble ute, but they’re triggering mass outrage.

Acura's Most Popular Models Going Electric Before 2030

A new report claims that the MDX, RDX, and TLX will be reinvented as electric models in the second half of the decade. Acura and its parent company Honda have been slow to embrace EVs in North America, but that's ...

Ford Wants You To Use EVs Like Giant Power Banks To Prevent Grid Collapse

Vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology will allegedly help strengthen the grid. The increasing number of EVs requires higher electricity consumption, which has led to many concerns that electricity grids across the country, and the world, would not be able to sustain the ...

Chevrolet announces prices for new Corvette Z06

In an extraordinary move, this manufacturer has told its Australian car dealers they are ‘free to determine the prices’ of this alternative to exotic European sports cars.

Toyota recalls Lexus car over potentially fatal battery defect

A luxury vehicle has been recalled over fears a manufacturing defect with the battery could result in a potentially fatal vehicle fire.

New Software Claims 25% Faster EV Battery Charging Time

The system is also capable of improving battery life by 30%. As more electric vehicle (EV) models are rolling out in the market, the need for faster charging time is as clear as day. UK-based WAE Technologies may have a ...

Stellantis' IBIS Battery Technology Set To Revolutionize The Small EV Segment

Hopefully, this will lead to many more sub-$20k EVs. Stellantis has introduced an innovative battery that integrates the inverter and charger functions. Called the Intelligent Battery Integrated System (IBIS), this new system is the result of a four-year collaboration between ...

Calls for SUV drivers to pay higher parking fees to fight pollution

There are calls for drivers of certain cars in one Aussie city to pay more for parking in an effort to tackle pollution, with the suggestion fiercely dividing opinion.

Study: Tesla EVs Lose Minimal Range On Hot Days

Tesla EVs come with a heat pump that seems more efficient than rivals. We know that various external factors can affect the estimated range advertised by EV makers, one of which is temperature, including extreme heat and cold, but it ...

New Cork Hybrid Will Make Noise Insulation More Sustainable

Cork is not just for wine. Amorim Cork Composites has launched a new cork and thermoplastic blend that it claims improves acoustic insulation while being more sustainable than traditional materials. The new product is called MAC020 Heavy Mass Layer, and ...

Audi Confirms Chinese Battery Expertise For New EVs

Audi and SAIC further strengthen their partnership to develop new EV technology. According to a recent report from Bloomberg, Audi and Chinese state-owned automaker Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC) have reached a collaborative agreement through which to develop new electric ...

What Is Track Mode In A Car?

What Is Track Mode On A Car? What Does Track Mode Affect? Tesla’s Track Mode Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) Track Mode Settings The Importance Of Closed Circuit Driving Courses Everything you wanted to know about track mode. Read in ...

World-first portable heating and cooling appliances now on sale

Innovative EcoFlow WAVE 2 portable air-conditioner and GLACIER 3-in-1 fridge and ice-maker now available in Australia

Electric BMW M3 Will Borrow Tech From Hyundai Ioniq 5 N

The secret to making electric cars fun is to make them flawed. When the BMW M3 goes electric, it looks like the brand will take a page out of the Hyundai Ioniq 5 N playbook by giving it a simulated ...

Elon Musk In Talks To Share Full Self-Driving With Major OEM

Tesla owners can also transfer FSD over to a new car (for a limited time only). During Tesla's second-quarter earning call, Elon Musk revealed that a “major OEM” is investigating the option of licensing its Full Self-Driving (FSD) software and ...

10 Best Cars For Seniors: Golden Years, Golden Rides

What Senior Drivers Need In A Car Ease Of Ingress And Egress Seating Position And Vantage Point Adjustable Steering Wheel Comfort And Convenience Driver Assistance The Best Cars For Senior Citizens In 2023 1. Toyota Camry 2. Honda Accord ...

New York Police's Camera-Based Artificial Intelligence Vehicle Monitoring System Bound To Spark Outrage

Is this a valuable crime-fighting tool or an invasion of privacy? Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) technology is nothing new and helps law enforcement officials search for vehicles connected to crimes or known criminals. However, a new report from Forbes ...

Polestar 2 electric car gets massive changes

A car maker has fundamentally changed the layout of its top-selling model in a move that may be without precedent in the history of the car industry.

Dramatic car chase across Sydney ends in crash

A dangerous car chase has ended with  a car crashing into a traffic light and the driver arrested. 

Tesla Charge On Solar Finally Makes EV Charging Emissions-Free

Tesla's Charge on Solar function can reduce your carbon footprint and electricity bills. Tesla consistently rolls out software updates, and the latest has brought several new features to the fray, including a “Charge on Solar” function that lets owners charge ...

Why VW's EV Composites Will Succeed Where BMW's Failed

Loadbearing Composites Wireless EV Charging Lightweight Body Parts And Paper-Based Interiors VW believes AI has a vital role to play in extending EV range, structural rigidity, and charging ability, and America is the hub of this innovation. Volkswagen will ...

Tata Group to invest over £4 billion in UK gigafactory

Tata Group, the owner of Jaguar Land Rover, has chosen the UK for its first gigafactory outside India, which will secure UK-produced batteries for the Jaguar Land Rover, as well as other manufacturers in the UK and Europe. Production ...

Tesla V4 Superchargers Resolve Payment Issues For Non-Tesla Owners

The updated charging stall has been spotted at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Tesla has introduced the updated V4 Supercharger station in Europe, which will seemingly accept multiple payment methods for the first time. This will rectify one of the ...

This Robot Will Auto-Impound Your Car For Illegal Parking

With Eastract roaming the street, people may think twice before occupying a disabled parking space. A new video from the UK has given us a glimpse of a rather unique towing device that can collect your vehicle remotely and simply ...

Carbon Hybrid Wheels Were Hiding All Over The Goodwood Festival Of Speed

Several of the breathtaking vehicles on display were shod with these lightweight wheels. At this past weekend's 2023 Goodwood Festival of Speed, several of the vehicles were sporting Dymag's carbon hybrid wheel technology. The British firm supplied its industry-leading wheels ...


GreenFleet to host public sector and blue light webinar

Airport logistics specialist Amalga begins to electrify fleet

2014-2017 Ford Mustang slapped with safety recall

Veg box supplier Riverford optimises EV fleet with Webfleet

Tesla Implementing Apple AirPlay Soon Instead Of CarPlay

Ford Mustang Mach-E's BlueCruise Update Will Let You Go Hands-Free For Longer

Off-The-Shelf Carbon Chassis Is Supercar Solution With F1 Tech

Feds Rallying For More Self-Driving Cars While Public Fight Back With Street Cones

New Pirelli P Zero E Aimed At Performance EVs

Mini Creating AI Clones Of People To Convince Them To Buy Electric

9 Coolest Features Of The 2024 Hyundai Ioniq 5 N

VW Wants To Get Rid Of Turn Signal Stalks

New Acura ZDX Will Share Something With Bentley, Aston Martin, And Lamborghini

Porsche Finally Fixed Apple CarPlay's Annoying Flaw

Pirelli's New Street-Legal Semi-Slick Already Tested By Porsche At The Nurburgring

One Last Showdown: 2023 Ford Mustang Vs. 2023 Chevrolet Camaro

Toyota Says EVs Alone Will Not Stop Global Warning

BMW Ready To Mass-Produce Color-Changing Cars

BMW May Offer EV Buyers Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Power As No-Cost Option

Pininfarina-Designed Hydrogen SUV Heading To Goodwood Festival Of Speed

Self-Driving VW ID. Buzz Will Start Testing In The US

Ford Reveals New Exit Warning System For Mustang Owners

872-HP Electric Motor Revealed For Mystery Hypercar

Hyundai Considering Drift Mode Subscription For Future Performance Cars

BMW's New Infotainment Screen Will Move As The Driver's Seat Reclines

Toyota Plans To Share EV Technology With Mazda, Subaru And Other Japanese Carmakers

New App Shows All Your Car's Important Data On CarPlay

Toyota's GAC Reveals Ammonia-Powered Engine 90% Cleaner Than Gas

Ford Drivers Will Soon Control Their Car From Their Smartphones

BREAKING: Koenigsegg Gemera Production-Spec Gets 2,300-HP V8

Ford Wants Bronco Owners To Stand While Driving Off-Road

Lucid CEO Expresses Concern Over Tesla's NACS Connector Becoming The Gold Standard

Toyota's AR Goggles Are Way Better Than A Head-Up Display

Tesla Introduces Several Nifty Features In Latest OTA Update

Audi's AI Robots Judge Your Welding Worse Than The Internet

Why cheaper EVs suddenly have a much more promising future

Lucid Planning $50,000 Tesla Model 3 And Model Y Rivals

Toyota Ensures New Mild Hybrid Tech Is WRC Ready

GM Buys Software Startup To Curb EV Battery Failures

Next Mercedes S-Class And EQS Coming With Yoke Steering Wheel

Stellantis Launches EV Charging Service Despite Having ZERO EVs In The US

US Lawyers Question The Legality Of Mercedes-Benz's Self-Driving Cars

Toyota's Brand Loyalty Slips As Buyers Look To Ford, Chevrolet, And Tesla

Porsche Shares More Details About New Flagship Electric SUV

Porsche Taycan With 3,835 Lb-Ft Of Torque Is The Future Of EV Tuning

Best Cars For Snow: 10 Top-Rated Vehicles for Snowy Climates

Tesla Model X Receives Updated Model S Headlights

Bentley Backtracks On Its Harsh Autonomous Driving Stance

Hyundai Working On Ground-Effect Aerodynamics For New Cars

10 Futuristic Concept Cars Showcasing The Technology Of Tomorrow

Audi Announces A Ton Of Updates For 2024 Model Year

Volkswagen Wants Your iPhone To Replace The Gauge Cluster

WATCH: Chevrolet Explains How The Corvette E-Ray's Performance App Works

Insider Info Reveals Tesla Model 3 Facelift Is Worth Waiting For

Volkswagen's New EV Platform Will Have Up To 1,700 HP From 2026

BMW Wants Cartoon Images To Replace Boring Car Visuals

Multiple Patents Suggest Hyundai N Vision 74 Will Go Into Production

Toyota Is Building Cars To Be Upgradeable, Not Replaceable

BMW Bringing Special Editions And Loads Of Hydrogen To Goodwood

Manual Subaru BRZ About To Get Something From The Automatic


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