rendering tries to preview cadillac's sub-lyriq electric crossover

Cadillac Sub-Lyriq Crossover EV Rendering

Will it look like a slightly smaller Lyriq or is Cadillac preparing a much more daring design?

Cadillac recently revealed the $300,000+ Celestiq electric sedan, the American luxury automaker’s attempt to offer a rival to the world’s most exclusive sedans, from the likes of Rolls-Royce or Bentley. Below it sits the far more attainable Lyriq (which starts at $62,990), but it won’t be the smallest EV to wear a Cadillac badge and a recent teaser from General Motors gave us a glimpse of what a sub-Lyriq electric crossover might look like.

GM Design shared the design sketch on Instagram without directly saying what it represented. They don’t even say it’s a Cadillac, although this is plainly obvious if you compare the sketch to the Lyriq that it appears hewn from the same block, with the same family look and overall shape.

The still unnamed smaller Cadillac crossover will be roughly the same size as the Chevrolet Equinox EV, and it will be built on a version of the same platform, although it may have more performance and different specs, so the two won’t be technically identical. Analyzing the design sUS: First 36 Cadillac Lyriq Were Delivered To Customers In Q3ketch, the model it previews will definitely be a bit sportier looking than the Lyriq, with a more aggressive shape and details than its bigger brother.

More renderings

TopElectricSUV produced this rendering which tries to preview the model, although we don’t think it will actually look like this. Frankly, it just looks like a smaller Lyriq, and Cadillac will not go down that path, as the aforementioned design sketch seems to suggest, even if said sketch doesn’t actually preview the production model.

If, however, Cadillac does choose to just shrink the Lyriq and give it minor detail changes to create the smaller model, well, this rendering is spot on. And since it is expected to be mechanically related to the Equinox EV, it will probably have similar proportions, wheelbase, battery pack size and level of interior room.

Let us know in the comments if you’d prefer the model to look more like the Lyriq or more like the rendering.

Source: Top Electric SUV

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