porsche ipo explodes onto german stock exchange

The Porsche brand’s initial public offering today exploded onto the German stock exchange in Frankfurt.

Earlier this year, Volkswagen Group (VWAGY) decided to list its Porsche brand on the German stock exchange, and estimates had already placed it as one of the largest IPOs in German history. Today, they completed that task, listing the Porsche brand for an issue price of 82.50 euros, giving the brand a market cap of roughly 75 billion euros and becoming the biggest IPO in a decade in Germany.

Porsche’s stock, not to be confused with Porsche Automobil Holding SE; the group that owns and controls Volkswagen Group, is exclusively tied to the luxury car brand. And while many were expecting the Porsche brand’s IPO to succeed on its first day of trading, few expected the brand to near the market cap of the controlling company Volkswagen Group at 80.1 billion, according to Reuters. Reuters also points out that Porsche stock quickly eclipsed the valuation of historical rivals Ferrari (RACE) and Mercedes-Benz (MBG.DE).

Shockingly, shares in parent companies Porsche Automobil Holding SE (POAHY) and Volkswagen Group both declined following the Porsche brand IPO, with some speculating that investors moved shares to the profitable luxury brand and away from the more diversified and larger controlling companies.

Porsche has been one of Volkswagen’s successful brands in the electrification process. The Porsche Taycan has garnered worldwide success, and the brand will likely be expanding its EV lineup soon. While some view the historic company as lagging behind brands like Tesla and Lucid, others see a brand that has found success in maintaining a gas lineup while expanding EV offerings, coming out ahead of other legacy brands, Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Audi.

What remains unclear is how the brand’s new hot stock will react as the brand continues to electrify. Porsche has created a name for itself in gas vehicles, going as far as now entering Formula 1, a racing series still very attached to gas-powered vehicles. This attachment to combustion engine tech could prove fruitless in Europe, which is aggressively legislating against ICE vehicles.

Disclaimer: William does not own stock in any of the aforementioned brands.

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