How to Stay Safe on the Road

Most of us spend a lot of time on the road, whether it’s your daily drive to work, picking the kids up from school, heading on a long road trip, or simply driving down the road to get some groceries. ...

Why Does My Dog Pant in the Car? — and How to Stop It

Reasons why dogs pant, drool, and shake in a car High temperature Dogs pant because of car sickness Travel anxiety during rides Medical issues How to calm your dog’s anxiety during car rides and reduce panting, drooling, and shaking ...

Prime Cut: How To Build The Ultimate Trueno

If you want to build the ultimate mid-’80s rear-wheel drive Toyota, it turns out you don’t need to start with an AE86. As it sits today, this 1987 Toyota Sprinter Trueno SR is about as far removed from the base-model AE85 ...

GM self-driving unit Cruise issues software fix on 80 vehicles after crash

General Motors’ self-driving unit Cruise said it recalled 80 vehicles by updating software after a crash in June that left two injured. In June, Cruise became the first company in San Francisco to receive a permit to offer driverless ...

How to Sell Your Car Privately: 5 Tips to Simplify the Process

1. Determine Your Car’s Value 2. Create an Ad to Connect With Shoppers 3. Get the Paperwork Ready 4. Sell It Safely: Test Drives and Payment 5. Tie Up Loose Ends Whether you’re looking to replace your car or ...

The Importance Of Good Vehicle Maintenance, And How To Do It Right

Vehicle Maintenance Basics The Importance Of Regular Maintenance How To Maintain Your Vehicle What Should Your Vehicle Maintenance Include? Major Repairs You’d Like To Avoid What Happens If You Don’t Maintain Your Vehicle? Maintaining your car is important. Not ...

Returning Your Car & How to Choose a Car That’s Right for You

Returning Your Car: Can You Do It? CARSOME’s Five-Day Money-Back Guarantee How to Get a Car That’s Right for You Know What You’re Looking For Remember to Test Drive Get the Extended Warranty Make It CARSOME for Peace of ...

How to watch self-driving racing cars at a safe distance

Roborace will be the world’s first racing series for autonomous electric vehicles. The electric racing vehicles are controlled by an AI and are operated without a driver in the vehicle. Originally announced as a global framework series for Formula ...

Water entered into my Ford Ikon: Spent Rs 15K to fix multiple things

The car now runs well but has started to sound even more throaty after the leaky exhaust was fixed. BHPian Sanidhya mukund recently shared this with other enthusiasts. A leaky door garnish beading caused water to enter into my ...

How to make your company stand out to 565,000 car enthusiasts

TopAuto is one of South Africa’s leading automotive websites and is an excellent place for your company to reach car owners and prospective buyers. To find out more about advertising on TopAuto, click here. This is because over 565,000 ...

How to Transfer Your NCD & Carry Your Insurance Savings Over to Your Next Car

What Is a No Claim Discount (NCD)? How to Calculate Your NCD Rate? How to Transfer Your NCD to a New Car? Steps to Transfer Your NCD to a New Car in Malaysia What Happens to Your NCD If ...

Police Chief Shares How To Quickly Get Your Car Stolen

Don’t do this! If you have a car you just don’t want any more but dread the process of selling it, Atlanta Police Department interim chief has a good tip for how you can get it stolen. All you need ...

What we’d do to fix F1’s grid penalty mess

Deduct championship points Grid penalties are fine – just simplify them Current solution is inelegant – but a necessary evil The case for in-race penalties There are few better alternatives The spate of major Formula 1 grid penalties at ...

How to Check a Car’s Safety Ratings

What are the NHTSA and IIHS? How do I check my car safety ratings? Which car safety features are most important? What are the safest cars on the road? Before buying a new car, you’re going to want to ...

Buying an Electric Vehicle? Here’s How to Prepare Your Home

Things to do before buying an electric vehicle Do you get a charger when you buy an electric vehicle? Home charging solutions for your electric car The world of electric vehicles has been changing rapidly over the past few ...

How to Protect and Maintain Car Vinyl Wraps

It is Still Important to Wash Your Car Frequently Remove Caustic Contaminants As Soon As Possible Trust the Experts Photo : Yoshi from Pexels It is an investment to have a quality vinyl car wrap done on your vehicle, ...

TVS Apache RR 310 air filter change: How to replace it yourself

While installing the new air filter, ensure that the colour code on its side & the lettering on the filter cover are on the same side. Tools Required While installing the new air filter, ensure that the colour code ...

Smart motorways: what are they and how to use them

Like them or not, smart motorways are being rolled out across the UK. We explain the different types and how to use them...

How to convince kids to wear seat belts in cars

The moment they grew beyond a certain age, it becomes extremely difficult to convince them to buckle up. BHPian enj0y_ride recently shared this with other enthusiasts. Many of us might have already gone through this: It’s never easy to ...

8 ways to save on car insurance and lower your rate

Lower your premiums and keep more money in your pocket with these eight tips

Bangernomics: how to buy a banger and run it for peanuts

Buying and running a car for peanuts might seem like a gamble, but it’s achievable if you follow a few rules

Diorama Build Shows How To Create A Hangout Place For Hot Wheels

Every detail found on this build was made from scratch. Nice.

Travelling in a car with keyless entry: How to carry the spare key

If my main key doesn’t work for some reason, I want to be ready with the spare key no matter in which part of the country I am. BHPian sudheendrasp recently shared this with other enthusiasts. I was a ...

How to Wash a Car: The Basics

What is the correct order to wash a car? How do you wash a car for beginners? How do I dry my vehicle after washing it? Washing cars sounds simple at first, but there are some better ways to ...

Volkswagen Caddy Shows How To Not Pass The Moose Test

To be fair, the MPV wasn't wearing the correct shoes for the occasion.

How to Create a Picture-Perfect Ad

Highlight Special Features Which Photos Should I Post? Recommended Photos CARS.COM — Take photos that show shoppers why they should buy your car. Fill the entire frame of the picture without your car being cut off. Then follow these ...

How to choose the electric bike that's right for you

Classes of electric bike TotGuard Class 1 Electric Bike – $559.99 Hurley Single Speed Class 2 E-Bike – $605.88 VELOWAVE Class 3 Electric Bike – $1,599.00 Types of electric bike Other things to consider How to decide which bike ...

How to amuse yourself while travelling with online activities

Indian Dreaming Big Red Queen of the Nile  More Chilli  When you’re on your travels, there will probably be a number of occasions when you feel like curling up on your hotel bed, or in your camper, for a ...

How to cut driving costs with smart home EV charging

With the cost of living and fuel prices hitting new highs, we’ve joined forces with Hive and British Gas to help you save money on every electric car journey...

How to change the spare wheel on a Ford Ranger

How to change the spare wheel on a Ford Ranger Let’s get it done The Ford Ranger is well known for being able to tackle different terrains but just like any other vehicle Pius susceptible to flat wheels We ...

How to see if the car you want qualifies for the new EV tax credit

First step: the assembly requirement More requirements are coming What can a car buyer do? President Joe Biden hands Sen. Joe Manchin a pen used to sign the Inflation Reduction Act, which has drastically changed how the federal EV ...

How to choose the best family car for you

Best small family car Best mid-size family car Best large family car  Best 7 seater family car Best value family car Best luxury family car Best SUV family car Best family sports car Best new family car Best car ...

How to expertly pack a 4x4

Pack light Pack low Pack the rack Pack for access Pack tight Pack right One of the best things about owning a four-wheel drive is the spectacular locations you can access off the beaten track. Of course, the farther ...

Watch And Learn How To Fix Your Throttle Grip And Corner Better

Your best training tool can apparently be found at your favorite local ice cream shop.

2023 BMW i4: Here’s How to Choose the Best BMW i4 Trim

What is the BMW i4, and what trims are offered? The best BMW i4 trim for you How much does the 2023 BMW i4 cost? Ever since the BMW i-series was introduced in 2011, we have seen some exciting ...

Bugatti configurator guide: how to spec your Chiron

We discover what it’s like to choose the customer specification for a £3.2million Bugatti Chiron Super Sport

Practising mindfulness A series of workshops invites people to learn about ACT therapy and how to live in the present moment

Gain Metacharunon, creator of the three-part programme ‘Wisdom Of Self’, with Collective Cycle Of Pure Impermanence by Jood Jung. Ae* was diagnosed with a serious illness which required surgery. He was reluctant to tell his parents about his condition ...

How to Figure out Your Vehicle’s Gas Mileage

Why gas mileage is so important How do you know what your vehicle’s gas mileage is? What is good gas mileage, and how can you get it? Hybrid cars offer the best gas mileage without having an all-electric powertrain. ...

Here’s How To Get an International Driving Permit

How do you get an International Driving Permit? More tips for getting an International Driving Permit Do you need an International Driving Permit to drive abroad? An International Driving Permit is a document recognized by over 150 countries. It ...

How to charge your electric car at home

Here's how to charge your electric car at home, maximizing convenience and cost


How to claim for charging your electric company car

NIU issues US recall of 2022 MQiGT EVO electric scooter, but fix is a software update

How to Charge a Chevrolet Bolt EV: Chevy Bolt Charging Basics

The most-stolen cars in America, and how to avoid being a victim of auto theft

How to Choose the Best Car Battery

How to Erase Personal Data From a Car: Avoid Identity Theft, Protect Your Privacy

TikTok user shares hack on how to save fuel

Electric car insurance: how to insure your EV

'Pimp My Ride' Coming Back, and Here's How to Watch It on YouTube

Why ISOFIX child seats are so much safer for Australia

Step by Step: How to Properly Detail the Outside of Your Car?

Is It Better To Buy a New Car or Fix Your Broken One in 2022?

Step by Step: How to Properly Detail the Inside of Your Car?

How to Know When It Makes Sense to Fix Your Car After a Car Accident, And When It Doesn’t

No easy fix to IndyCar’s ‘joke’ qualifying format issue

How to Stay Cool and Comfortable in a Hot Car This Summer

Paddle shifters: When & how to use them

F1’s porpoising fix comparable to halo, says one tech chief

How to See the Pebble Beach Concours and Monterey Car Week without Leaving Home

Bad credit car leasing: how to lease with a poor credit rating

How To Manage Auto Loan Debt (2022)

Mototrek Shows Adventure Riders How To Negotiate Uphill U-Turns

How to prepare to send your child on public transit alone

How to drive & park AMT cars on hilly roads & inclines

How To Buy a Car Amidst Never-Ending Supply Chain Pain

BMW is scouting startups: Here’s why and how to get an invite

DIY car maintenance checklist: how to save money on servicing

How To Drive Safe In an Earthquake

How to watch F1 in the UK in 2022

How to Track my BMW Order (2022)

How to rent an electric car — everything you need to know

Why your car's air conditioning is blowing hot air, and how to fix it

VW finds a permanent fix for creaking & rattling doors on my Taigun

How to pass your CBT test: motorbike and moped training explained

How to get the best deal on a new car

Paperwork, handover and how to complain

How to negotiate a car sale

10 Tips On How To Improve Your Car Security

The Spa-style fix for hated part of London Formula E track

XUV700's DPF clogged: How I activated self-clean mode to fix the issue

Volvo Cars Now Get Apple CarPlay via Over-The-Air Update — Here's How to Install

How to design a car (part six): electric vehicle design

Uber starts sending notifications about how to open Tesla doors as it expands its EV rides

Ban the Stink: 6 Bad Car Smells and How to Remove Them

How to fill up a fuel-cell car with hydrogen

How to Not Get Scammed When Buying a Used Car From a Dealership

How to drive an electric car

How To Choose An Exclusive Car

How to Not Get Scammed When Buying a Used Car from a Private Party

Rivian R1T: Here’s How to Get Yours Delivered in Around 6 to 8 Weeks

How to Find out the Year of Your Car Using Your VIN

How to write the perfect car advert

How to find your car's service history

Own a Proton X50? There's a software update for your infotainment, here's how to do it

How to Claim Your 1-Year CARSOME Extended Warranty

Proton X50 infotainment receives latest OTA software update, here's how to do it

Troubleshooter: Why does my mechanic want to fix a different problem first?

Rapid KL's sarcastic quip about eating in trains on social media backfires; Netizens say fix your services first!

How to get a heavy motorcycle driving license (A) in Sweden

How to replace the car battery on a Toyota Land Cruiser 200


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