ferrari 812 gt stolen from valet and crashed

The thieves definitely went large and couldn’t handle what they took…

If you think spending a lot of money to protect your precious ride, including handing it over to professional valets instead of just parking it in a general parking lot, will keep it safe from thieves, think again. With crime out of control in many areas, everything from Kias to Ferraris are getting swiped if not the wheels or catalytic converter being pulled off. The owner of a 2021 Ferrari 812 GT learned this the hard way recently after the valuable exotic was left with the valets at Cliff House hotel in York, Main.

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The crime, which went down back on July 23, shocked many. After all, plenty of people had no idea anyone in Maine owned a single Ferrari, other than maybe Stephen King. Actually, the owner is reportedly from Canada. In any case, a Ferrari stolen from a valet parking lot at a high-end hotel sounds like the plot from a Hollywood movie, so people are understandably captivated by the story.

Things took a turn for the worse when police finally located the Ferrari. While the Italian performance car had thankfully been dumped by the thieves on the side of a road in York, it unfortunately had extensive front-end damage. It’s not too hard to guess the thieves bit off more performance than they could handle. What’s more, the windshield had been kicked out from the inside, so the crooks likely had been trapped from the body deforming in the wreck and instead of calling for help, extricated themselves. It’s good to see criminals being more self-reliant these days.

A Ferrari 812 GT could sell for as little as $400,000 brand new, which let’s be honest is not chump change. However, on the open market they can fetch upwards of $700,000 depending on how they’re optioned and if they’ve been stolen, then crashed. Hopefully the owner had excellent insurance coverage, because someone is going to be left with a big repair bill.

Police in York are still looking for the suspect(s).

Source: Portland Press Herald

Photos via York Police Department

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