Facing lag during gear shifts in my Venue N-Line DCT: Clueless on cause, Indian, Member Content, Hyundai Venue N Line, Compact SUV

Its been less than 2 months that I bought the car and feel that it will not be able to take on curvy ghat roads

BHPian vijayendra16 recently shared this with other enthusiasts

Hello BHPians,

Wanted to know if anyone owns a Venue N Line 2023 Automatic and is experiencing power lag or under power in the 1.0 litre engine? I feel the car is very underpowered and gives a lag while shifting gears and when this happens when you are overtaking another car or are next to another car. It is very unnerving for me. Its been less than 2 months that I bought the car and feel that it will not be able to take on curvy ghat roads as pickup seems greatly compromised even though it is high on BHP and Torque.

Anyone feels the same?

P.S – Everything else about the car is wonderful except this, which is a big deal.

Here’s what BHPian SmartCat had to say on the matter:

Welcome to the world of Turbolag and Gearbox lag. What were you driving before you picked up the Venue DCT? There is a learning curve if you have upgraded from:

Manual transmission to automatic

Naturally aspirated engine to turbocharged engine

Now if you have upgraded from manual car with naturally aspirated engine, and you have never driven an automatic or turbocharged car before, it will be a double whammy.

Now all you have to do is to anticipate the road conditions (eg: steep incline) or driving conditions (eg: overtaking) beforehand and prepare the engine/gearbox. Modulate the accelerator pedal inputs such that gearbox is in the right gear and engine is spinning above 1500 RPM. You have to “train” your right leg to give inputs at the right time. Eventually, you will get used to its power characteristics over time and end up having a “normal” driving experience like everybody else. I have mentioned this in my review of Venue DCT.

BHPian vijayendra16 replied:

Thanks SmartCat. Yes, I upgraded (or should I say so) from a manual gearbox to the automatic DCT for the first time. Was driving a comparatively lower BHP and torque but in 1.6 litres Aveo sedan (Yes, I had it for 16 years).

The lag between gear switches is killing me and I feel the need for a better pick up. I guess I will get used to it eventually. I felt that I may be pressing the accelerator a little too low and felt that when I press it with my almost middle of the feet bottom, it responses better (Just my feeling). But honestly, I thought that the world of automatic technology would have gotten better but it could be just my lack of knowledge and theft that my N line is just 1.0 litre. I am assuming that bigger cc cars must be better in pickup and gearbox lag. I did some searches and understood that its all a game of RPM. I am hoping I don’t get stuck on a uphill curve on any ghat section road. About to go for a Goa trip so don’t want too much of a disappointment in my otherwise wonderful new car.

Here’s what BHPian searacer932 had to say on the matter:

There are three drive modes in the Venue N – Line – Eco, Normal & Sports.

I never felt the car to be lacking power in Normal and Sports mode. Eco mode is a different kettle of fish. I don’t think anyone can drive in Eco mode .

Did you check the drive mode?

Venue N Line is a superb car for both city and highway and you will never feel short of power unless you drive in Eco mode.

Here’s what BHPian Ashdel had to say on the matter:

I am coming from 15+ years of DDIS motor and got N Line 3 months back. Shift is drastic but i have learned a lot how to get the most out of this 1.0 turbo. Use Paddle shifters and modes depending on which tracks you are driving. I am sure you are going to love it.

Also power wise this 1.0 Turbo is at par with 1.5 NA engines – Almost. so its more kind of a mind shift which you will overcome in sometime.

Happy Revving !!!

Here’s what BHPian JediKnight had to say on the matter:

No automatic transmission will have the directness and connect you get with the drivetrain as a manual transmission does. So lower your expectations and try to understand the quirks and behaviour of your news auto transmission and change your driving accordingly. With time you will get the hang of it.

Here’s what BHPian sach.sri had to say on the matter:

As the others have mentioned, you need to get used to driving a automatic where the gear shifts are not under your direct control.

Each car will be different in its characterstics, i drive a XUV 500 with TC and one trick that i do when i want more power ( = lower gear) is to double tap the accelerator pedal, tap it once; release a press again – the engine downshifts immediately and gives a boost of power – and i must admit, it is such a rush being pushed back in the seat

Try this and see if this helps a bit, ofcourse the Mahindra engines and gearbox are tuned aggressively and they downshift on the slightest pretext, still.

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