2023 Corvette Z06 Engine Fails With Just 621 Miles on the Clock

This 2023 Corvette Z06 suffered a fatal blow even after its owner followed break-in procedures, but he was able to get a new engine in record time. With a handful of lucky customers taking delivery of their shiny new ...

3rd Most Expensive Corvette Ever, GT3.R Pricing, Corvette Racing Bounces Back & More! | CorvetteForum Curated

The Corvette Racing team shows promise at Daytona, a Corvette ZL-1 sells for over $3 million, and the C8 Stingray compared to the C8 Z06 are a few of the items that make our top stories of the week!  ...

5 Corvettes That Really Know How to Make an Entrance!

These Corvettes and their owners know how to show off, whether that be with driving skill or witty banter. GM’s Corvette is a vehicle that has captured the minds and hearts of many for a number of reasons. One, ...

2023 Corvette Z06 Sells for an Astounding $275K at Auction

Somebody wanted this 2023 Corvette Z06 bad enough to pay a substantial premium, and it isn’t even fully loaded. It’s no secret that the 2023 Corvette Z06 is the one of the most coveted new vehicles on the planet ...

Camping at MacMulkin Chevrolet to Get on the E-Ray Reservation List!

Judging by the early response to the Corvette E-Ray, it seems as if many folks are pretty excited about the electrified sports car. Revealed a long time ago, the recently-launched 2023 Corvette Z06 is still one of the hottest ...

VIDEO: Take a Deep Dive Into the C8 Corvette Production Process at Bowling Green

C8 Corvette production is a fascinating, complicated process that involves countless moving parts – no pun intended. The eighth generation Corvette was a massive success from the day it debuted, and has remained in low supply and high demand ...

Dave Kindig vs Jeff Hayes: Who Made a Better Custom Corvette?

Two titans went head to head at Barrett Jackson with custom Corvettes. Dave Kindig vs Jeff Hayes. Which one do you think sold for more? Which one would you rather buy, and why? Cruisin’ through CorvetteForum today, I happened ...

Who Needs a Truck When You Can Daily Drive a C7 Corvette Like Harry!

Harry is 80-years-old and owns a C7 Corvette. It’s his only car. It’s also his only truck. So he uses it for hauling, camping, and hunting. Harry is our new favorite Corvette owner. #GOAT As most Corvette fans are ...

Chevy Reveals Corvette Z06 GT3.R and We Can’t Wait for the Street Version!

The Corvette Z06 GT3.R will begin racing in the 2024 season, so let’s hope Tadge and crew have a Z06.R package in the works! Just as the Corvette Racing C8.R previewed what was coming in the C8 Z06, now ...

Crazy Widebody C8, Corvette Sales Rise, Extended Warranty Goes Away, New Stripe Options & More! | CorvetteForum Curated

The Corvette increases segment market share, a Corvette with a famous ownership history heads to auction, and more stripe options coming in 2024 are a few of the items that make our top stories of the week! What is ...

The C4 Corvette (History of the Corvette, Part 6)

Fitting for the decade of excess, Chevrolet introduces their most radical Corvette yet, the C4. A timeless design and true return to form. Welcome to Corvette History Part 6: The C4. Here are our prior installments: Part 1: Origins ...

Used Car Prices are Finally Dropping as Corvette Prices Rise

America’s Sports Car rounds out the Top 10 list of used car prices that are still rising, but is this about to change??? The American auto industry has survived depressions, recessions, and even a couple of World Wars. But ...

Removing a C5 Corvette Engine by Lifting the Body off Is Possible, but Not Easy

There is certainly an easier way to remove a C5 Corvette engine, but it isn’t as entertaining as this one. There’s generally more than one way to accomplish virtually any task, and in some cases, many, many different ways. ...

Vintage C3 Corvette Go Kart Brings Out the Kid in All of Us

This realistic C3 Corvette go kart was built in the 1980s and is sure to conjure up some fond memories for many of us. Many of us grew up driving go karts, and for some, it’s essentially we learned ...

VIDEO: Rebuilding a C6 Corvette Z06 in a Home Garage After Track Carnage!

This C6 Corvette Z06 was in great shape with few miles, and after getting a new engine, it’s ready to rock once again. While the prices of used, new, and collector vehicles have skyrocketed over the past couple of ...

GM Explains Why New E-Ray Is a Hybrid and Not an All-Electric Car

With GM and other automotive manufacturers rushing to make all-electric vehicles why did they decide to make the new E-Ray a hybrid? The new E-Ray Corvette has been dominating the headlines recently. And with good reason. The C8 Stingray ...

ProCharged C8 is a Z06 Killer, C6 ZR1 vs Hellcat, 400 Mecum Corvettes & More! | CorvetteForum Curated

The Corvette E-Ray is here but who is going to buy it? Corvettes take over the Mecum auction, and a C5 retro review are a few of the items that make our top stories of the week!  E-Ray, E-Ray, ...

Son Gets Dad’s 1955 Corvette Back After Losing It in a Coin Toss

The owner of this 1955 Corvette grew up wrenching on the car, and years later, made up for losing his chance to own it. In the Corvette world, many fans of the fiberglass sports car have either grown up ...

Rare Experimental Callaway C6 Corvette GT4 Is One of Just Five Built

Just five examples of the Callaway C6 Corvette GT4 rolled off the assembly line and headed to Europe for FIA competition. Throughout the course of the past seven-plus decades, many rare Corvettes have graced this earth, often featuring obscure ...

1955’s ‘Kiss Me Deadly’ Marked the Movie Debut of the Now-Iconic Corvette

The Corvette has played a role in many pop culture moments over the last seven decades, but it all started with 1955’s Kiss Me Deadly. Having become an important piece of American history over the past seven decades, the ...

The BEST Corvette E-Ray Videos (So Far)

These must-watch videos give an in-depth look at the Corvette E-Ray’s styling, features, technology, and performance. Yesterday our friends at GM unveiled the long-rumored 2024 Corvette E-Ray. The first hybrid Corvette. The first all-wheel-drive Corvette. And the quickest Corvette ...

Billionaire Larry Ellison Gets Speeding Ticket in C8 Corvette on His Own Island

Just because you own an island doesn’t mean you can speed on it, as Larry Ellison recently found out after getting pulled over in his C8 Corvette. It’s essentially a well-known fact that money can get you a lot ...

Corvette E-Ray Debuts as a 655 HP AWD Monster!

First-ever AWD Corvette E-Ray combines a 6.2-liter LT2 V-8 with electric propulsion, vaulting it from 0-60 mph in 2.5 seconds! Chevrolet just confirmed the AWD Corvette E-Ray in time for the 2024 model year. The timing of the announcement ...

Ryft Titanium Exhaust: Best-Sounding C8 Corvette Pipes Yet?

This C8 Corvette equipped with the new Ryft titanium exhaust sounds like an old-school muscle car on steroids. With the C8 Corvette a few years old at this point, the aftermarket is chock full of goodies for those looking ...

Corvette Named Best Value, 1963 Split-Window Racer, Corvette Museum Turns 70 & More! | CorvetteForum Curated

Corvette Museum turns 70, a 1963 split window rescued, and the E-Ray debut set for January 17 make up our top curated stories of the week!  It is time for our second installment in the CorvetteForum Curated series. Once ...

C3 Corvette Owner Recalls Harrowing Kidnapping, High Speed Chase, and Becoming a Hostage

Working at a convenience store, this C3 Corvette owner didn’t expect to experience a life-altering experience at the age of 24. Many of us wake up each day and turn on the news, only to hear depressing and sometimes, ...

Grandpa’s LS3-Powered 1962 Corvette Impresses During Its First Dyno Session

A fresh frame-off restoration has this 1962 Corvette looking great, but it’s also running pretty good, too. In the expansive and quickly-growing world of Corvette restomods, GM’s LS family of powerplants have become a go-to choice, for obvious reasons ...

Corvette E-Ray to Debut Next Week (Video!)

GM just dropped a #OneLikeNone teaser ahead of the hybrid, all-wheel-drive Corvette E-Ray debut on January 17! (Stealth Mode???) Chevrolet’s most capable Corvette generation — the C8 — is about to add a new brother to its grown stable. ...

Twin Turbo C8 Corvette Takes on Twin Turbo Shelby GT500 in Epic Drag Race

Despite its power disadvantage, this twin turbo C8 Corvette rips off some impressive passes. Though it took years to crack the ECU of the C8 Corvette, more than a few shops have been churning out twin turbocharged examples of ...

C8 Corvette Z06 GT3R Shown Fully Uncovered in New Promo Video

Previously spotted wearing heavy camo, now we’re seeing the C8 Corvette Z06 GT3R in the flesh for the first time.  The C8 Corvette Z06 GT3R racer has been in development for some time now, and GM has been happy ...

Corvette Loving Family Gets Tragic News After Long Journey to Acquire C8

This story of this Corvette loving pair is a reminder that life is precious and oftentimes, far too short. Generally, the CorvetteForum forums are full of inspiring stories related to Corvettes and their owners – ones that give us ...

1979 Corvette Shell Leads To Surprising Tax Bill For Kansas Man

The 1979 Corvette shell cost $1,000 in 2015. Missing its engine, transmission, and interior, the tax appraiser valued it at $12,000 in 2022. Like many car enthusiasts, Don Hawley bought a parts car to scavenge parts and keep his ...

A Stunning ZL-1, Joyriders Arrested, Q4 Production Numbers, Z06 Debates & More! | CorvetteForum Curated

Z06 named ‘Car of the Year,’ reckless joyriders arrested for driving 106mph, and a rare ZL-1 make up our top stories of the week!    Welcome to the first-ever episode (post?) of CorvetteForum Curated, a weekly series where we’ll ...

C8 Z06 vs C8 Stingray Drag Race!!! (A Story of Torque Curves and Cold Tires)

Despite a massive power disadvantage, the C8 Stingray doesn’t give up much in a straight line to the mighty C8 Z06. With more and more examples of the C8 Z06 hitting the streets – albeit in extremely limited quantities ...

C9 Corvette Coming in 2028, EV Variant in 2026: Report

The C9 Corvette should continue to be ICE-powered for years to come, but an EV variant is also set to debut before then. It may seem hard to believe, but the C8 Corvette is already on its fourth model ...

Should You Skip Run Flats When Buying New Corvette Tires?

For all their inherent convenience, run flat Corvette tires have multiple downsides that are worth highlighting. Run flat, or zero pressure tires – as they’re also known – have long been a staple on a variety of vehicles, particularly ...

2006 Corvette Z06 Prototype Is a Cool Yet Not Street Legal Collector’s Piece

This Corvette Z06 prototype is the very first of its kind, and it has lived a very interesting life, to boot. As most are well aware, automakers build mules, then prototypes prior to launching production vehicles, which gives them ...

C8 Corvette Z06 Drag Races GMC Hummer EV With Surprising Results

Though they’re nothing alike, the C8 Corvette Z06 and GMC Hummer EV put on one heck of a show in a straight line. With more and more C8 Corvette Z06 deliveries taking place each day, we’re beginning to see ...

The 1978 Corvette Pace Car Is The Best Corvette Pace Car

The 1978 Corvette brought the swagger back to America’s sports car with more performance and a stunning paint job. If you’re looking for a C3 Corvette, it’s hard to go wrong with the 1978 Pace Car. It’s more valuable ...

Custom Wrapped C8 Sits Extra Low On Unique Vossen Wheels

Custom Wrapped C8 Sits Extra Low On Unique Vossen Wheels It’s quite a bit different than any other build we’ve seen thus far. Unique Ride There’s no denying that the C8 Corvette has been an unmitigated hit since its launch ...


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