Cadillac Models & History 1952

Thiswas Cadillac’s fiftieth anniversary year. Only minor styling and trim changes were seen, but some were specially planned to commemorate the occasion. For example, the V-shaped hood and deck emblems were done as gold castings. The Series 62 sedan was also characterized by a distinct, higher rear deck lid contour. This provided additional luggage space. Backup lights were standard equipment and were now incorporated in the taillights. The grille wraparound panels were redesigned once again. They now had broad chrome trim below each headlight with side scoop styling and a gold-colored winged emblem mounted in the center. At the rear, all models adopted a new Cadillac trademark, a through-the-bumper dual exhaust system. Deck ornamentation varied by series and, on 62s, took the form of a Cadillac crest over a broad golden ‘V’.

Cadillac History 1952, 1950s, cadillac, Year In Review
1952 Cadillac

The Coupe DeVille again had a script nameplate on the rear roof pillar. New standards included self-winding clocks, dual-range Hydra-Matic drive, improved direction signal indicators, glare-proof mirrors, stannate treated pistons, four-barrel carburetion and all other features seen the year before. Hydraulic window lifts remained as regular equipment on convertibles and Coupe De Villes.


  • Serial numbers and engine numbers were again one and the same.
  • They appeared on the right-hand side of the crankcase above the water pump and on the right frame side bar behind the engine support.
  • The first two symbols were ’52- or 1952.
  • The next two symbols indicated the series as follows: ’62’, ’60S’ or ’75’.
  • The remaining digits represented the consecutive unit number and began with 00000 for all series.
  • All series had the same ending number, which would be misinterpreted if listed.


Model Number Body Style Doors Model Seat Price Weight Production Total
52-62 6219 4-door Sedan 5 $3636 1887 kg 42,625
52-62 6237 2-door Club Coupe 5 $3542 1897 kg 10,065
52-62 6237DX Coupe DeVille 5 $3962 1911 kg 11,165
52-62 6267X Convertible Coupe 5 $4110 2009 kg 6,400


Type V-8 Overhead valves.
Block Cast iron block.
Displacement 5.425 Liter
Bore and stroke 96.8mm x 92.1mm
Compression ratio 7.50:1.
Horsepower 190 @ 4000 rpm
Power 142 kW @ 4000 rpm
Bearings Five main bearings.
Valve lifters Hydraulic valve lifters.
Carburetor Carter WFCB four-barrel Model 896S – also – Rochester 4GC four-barrel 7004500.


Model Wheelbase Overall Length Front Tread Rear Tread Tires
Series 62 Sedans 3200mm 5474mm 1499mm 1600mm 8.00 x 15
Series 62 (all others) 3200mm 5093mm 1499mm 1600mm 8.00 x 15
Dual Exhausts Standard
Rear axle ratio 3.07:1


Hydra-Matic drive on Series 75 $186
Wheel discs $28
Windshield washer $11
Oil filter $11
Fog lamps $37
License frames $4
Outside mirror $6
Vanity mirror $2
E-Z-Eye glass $46
Heater and blower $114
Pushbutton radio and rear speaker $112
Signal-seeking radio and rear speaker $129
Power steering $198
Autronic Eye headlight beam control $53
White sidewall tires Series 62 and 60S $34
Automatic window regulators $139
Wheel trim rings $11


1952 Cadillac Notes

  • Cadillac had the most powerful engine in the American industry this year, 190 hp.
  • Don E. Ahrens was general manager
  • Charles F. Arnold was chief engineer
  • Edward Glowacke was chief designer (Cadillac Studio)
  • James M. Roche was general sales manager
  • The 1,300,000th Cadillac of all time was built.
  • Military orders for T41El Walker Bulldog tanks and T41 twin 40mm gun motor carriages were secured by the Division this year as part of the Korean war buildup.
  • Hydraulically controlled power seats were standard on Coupe DeVille.
  • Cadillac production figures

Series 6259,090 (decreased 12,513) Coupe de Ville11,165 (increased 924) Series 6016,110 (decreased 2,521) Series 753,894 (decreased 1,271)

1952 Automotive Notes

  • Car sales reached 4.3 million, half have automatic transmission and one-third have V-8s
  • Charles E. Wilson was president of GM
  • Alfred P. Sloan, Jr. was chairman of the board at GM
  • Chrysler and GM make light modification, but Ford makes a complete restyle
  • Sears offers an Allstate which is a Henry J with new badging and grille
  • Buick offers power steering for $199 on the Roadmaster
  • Crosley merges with General Tire and Rubber
  • DeSoto gets a Firedome “Hemi” V-8 producing 160-bhp
  • Ford cars have “Power-Pivot” — a suspended set of brake and clutch pedals
  • Henry J Vagabond has a “continental” spare tire in the rear
  • Hudson introduces the Wasp
  • GM’s Hydra-Matic is now available in all models of Hudson
  • Marshall Teague wins 12 of 13 stock-car events drving the Hudson Hornet, they also win 27 NASCAR
  • Lincoln adds ball-joint front suspension
  • Lincoln has power steering and 4-way power seats as options
  • Lincolns take the top five spots in the 2000-mile Carrera Panamericana race
  • Pinin Farina redesigns the Nash
  • Packards finally get power brakes
  • James Nance is head of Packard
  • Plymouth and DeSoto feature overdrive transmission
  • Cadillac, Pontiac, and Oldsmobile install Dual-Range Hydra-Matic
  • Studebaker introduces their hardtop
  • Top American Automobile Corporations for 1952

1. General Motors1,697,009 (decreased 703,748) 2. Ford871,091 (decreased 485,251) 3. Chrysler777,470 (decreased 393,143) 4. Others555,567 (decreased 366,785)

  • Top model year production for 1952

Chevrolet818,142 Styleline Special109,506 Styleline DeLuxe671,472 Fleetline DeLuxe37,164 Ford671,683 Mainline163,861 Customline402,542 Crestline105,280 Plymouth396,000 Buick301,702 Series 40 Special120,153 Series 50 Super135,332 Series 70 Roadmaster46,217 Pontiac271,373 Chieftan Six19,809 Chieftan Eight251,564 Oldsmobile213,490 88 Deluxe18,617 Super 88118,558 Ninety-Eight76,244 Dodge206,000 Mercury172,087 Studebaker167,662 Champion101,390 Commander84,849 Nash154,291 Rambler53,000 Statesman50,500 Ambassador40,700 Cadillac90,259 Series 6259,090 Coupe deVille11,165 Series 6016,110 Series 753,894 DeSoto88,000 DeLuxe Custom Firedome45,800 Chrysler87,470 Windsor41,955 Saratoga16,354 New Yorker17,914 Town & Country1,209 Imperial9,780 Crown Imperial258 Hudson70,000 Pacemaker7,486 Wasp21,876 Commodore Six1,592 Hornet35,921 Commodore Eight3,125 Packard62,921 20046,720 2505,201 3007,325 Patrician 4003,975 Kaiser32,131 Virginian5,570 Deluxe7,500 Manhattan19,000 Willys31,363 Henry J30,585 Vagabond3,000 Vagabond DeLuxe4,000 Corsair7,600 Corsair DeLuxe8,900 Lincoln27,271 Cosmopolitan4,545 Capri6,872 Crosley6,614 Allstate1,566 A2304 Four (wb 100 in.)900 110 basic sedan 2d, 4200 111 standard sedan 2d500 113 Deluxe sedan 2d200 A2404 Four (wb 100 in.)666 basic sedan 2d, 4200 115 standard sedan 2d500

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