How much does it cost to charge an EV vs fuel a car in 2022?

But how do the savings of an EV compare in 2022? How much does it cost to fuel a petrol car vs charge an electric car in 2022? MG ZS EV vs ZST Kia Niro EV vs Seltos Hyundai ...

August 2022 COE Results 1st Bidding: Premiums See A Mix Of Increases and Decreases Across All Categories

In the 1st COE bidding exercise for August 2022, Cat A closed at $80,000, Cat B at $107,001, Cat C at $56,089, Cat D at $11,000 and Cat E at $113,000. Cat A (Cars up to 1600CC & 97KW) ...

Learner driver car insurance explained

If you want to learn to drive in your own, or a parent’s, car you’ll need to get the right learner driver car insurance cover

How to pass your CBT test: motorbike and moped training explained

Compulsory basic training - or CBT - allows you to ride unsupervised on the road and is the first step to a full motorcycle licence

Week Of 25th July: LTA To Revise COE Quota Calculation Method, First Look At The All-New Range Rover And Audi RS 3 Sedan mReview!

In this edition of mRecap, we take a look at LTA revising COE quota calculation method, a first look at the Range Rover and test-drive the Audi RS 3 Sedan! LTA To Revise COE Quota Calculation Method With The ...

Paperwork, handover and how to complain

Everything you need to know about all the paperwork involved in buying a car, and what to do if you need to complain...

How to negotiate a car sale

Follow our simple haggling tips to make sure you get the car you want for the best possible price...

3.5-tonne tow ratings: Busting the great 3500kg myths

4×4 DUAL CAB UTES Toyota HiLux Ford Ranger (3.2-litre) Mazda BT-50 Isuzu D-Max Holden Colorado VW Amarok V6 Nissan Navara 4×4 HEAVY-DUTY SUVs Jeep Grand Cherokee 3.0 litre V6 diesel auto Nissan Patrol Y62 Ti & TiL Land Rover ...

EV charging stations in Australia explained

Download the EVGuide Report, 2022 Electric car charging stations in Australia The future of EV charging stations in Australia  What are the different types of charging stations? There are a lot of things to dislike about service stations: petrol ...

How to write the perfect car advert

The way you word your advert can make all the difference to the amount of interest you receive and the speed at which you sell your car...

Payment, paperwork and avoiding scams

Finding a buyer for your car is one thing: making sure you complete the sale safely is another. Here's how to avoid any nasty surprises or scammers...

What is a plug-in hybrid and should you buy one?

These models can be a great first step into the world of electrified cars and have the potential to save you a lot of money in fuel – but only if they fit into your lifestyle...

July 2022 COE Results 2nd Bidding: Premiums See Increases Across All Categories Again

In the 2nd COE bidding exercise for July 2022, Cat A closed at $78,899, Cat B at $110,003, Cat C at $54,889, Cat D at $10,910 and Cat E at $114,001. Cat A (Cars up to 1600CC & 97KW) ...

Driving hacks for newbies that can improve safety

We were all newbie drivers at the beginning of our driving “car-reer”. Driving on our own brought both feelings of excitement and anxiety, especially when we had to drive to an unfamiliar location. On the road, our moves were tentative ...

Holiday car hire tips - don't get ripped off

Don’t let a massive car hire bill spoil your holiday by following our money-saving tips...

Week Of 11th July: Honda Accord Euro R Motorist Buyer's Guide, Tesla Model Y First Drive And Audi RS 3 Sportback mReview!

Motorist Car Buyer’s Guide: Honda Accord Euro R  First Drive: Tesla Model Y – Silent High Rider Malaysians Can Now Apply To Convert Their Driving Licences Online In A New Traffic Police Trial mReview: Audi RS 3 Sportback – ...

Car security: how to keep your car safe

Car thefts are rising and thieves are using high-tech equipment to steal them, but there’s plenty you can do to deter the criminals...

Car security: what to do if your car is stolen

What should you do if you discover that your car has been stolen? There are a few simple steps you should take to minimise your losses and get the insurance claim going through as swiftly as poss...

Plug-in hybrid vehicles on sale in Australia in 2022

UPDATED: July 13, 2022 MG HS Plus EV Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross PHEV Ford Escape ST-Line PHEV Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Cupra Leon VZe Cupra Formentor VZe Mini Countryman All4 Hybrid Mercedes-Benz A250e Peugeot 508 GT PHEV Peugeot 3008 GT Sport ...

Wheel alignment: What causes misaligned wheels?

You’re happily cruising along on a straight road and listening to your favourite tunes, when you suddenly notice that your car is pulling to one side. Perhaps it’s just the road, you think. So, you make a steering correction ...

How far can you drive with your fuel light on?

How far can you drive on ’empty’? It’s a common question, especially when fuel prices are so high. How much fuel does my ‘reserve tank’ carry? Firstly, how big is your tank? The driving environment matters in knowing how ...

Week Of 4th July: July's 1st COE Bidding, Chinese Cars And Mercedes-AMG GLB 35 Buyer's Guide!

In this edition of mRecap, we take a look at the prices for the 1st COE bidding in July, Chinese cars and a buyer’s guide for the Mercedes-AMG GLB 35! July 2022 COE Results 1st Bidding: Increases Across All ...

Top five hybrid SUVs in Australia

So what exactly is a PHEV, and what is a hybrid SUV? Toyota RAV4 Hybrid Download the EVGuide Report, 2022 MG HS +EV Lexus UX250h Luxury Volvo hybrid SUV: Volvo XC60 Recharge Plug-in Hybrid Subaru XV Hybrid Hybrid and ...

July 2022 COE Results 1st Bidding: Increases Across All Categories Yet Again

In the 1st COE bidding exercise for July 2022, Cat A closed at $78,001, Cat B at $107,800, Cat C at $54,001, Cat D at $10,889 and Cat E at $110,524. Cat A (Cars up to 1600CC & 97KW) ...

Top 10 most energy efficient EVs in Australia

Download the EVGuide Report, 2022 Tesla Model 3 Hyundai Kona Electric Lexus UX300e Hyundai Ioniq Electric Kia Niro EV MG ZS EV Mini Cooper SE Mercedes-Benz EQA250 Nissan Leaf e+ Mazda MX-30 E35 Astina The Model 3 is currently ...

A Serious Look At Chinese Cars

It wasn’t too long ago that Chinese cars were nothing more than shoddy replicas of what the Europeans, Japanese and Koreans could churn out. But Why Do Copycat Cars Even Exist? The EV Wave The Truth About Modern Chinese ...

Which EV charges the fastest? - the top 10 fastest charging EVs in Australia

Download the EVGuide Report, 2022 1. Porsche Taycan 2. Audi e-Tron GT 3. Audi e-Tron 4. Tesla Model S 5. Tesla Model X 6. Mini Cooper SE 7. Mercedes-Benz EQA 8. Hyundai Ioniq 5 9. Kia EV6  10. Volvo ...

Van leasing explained: how it works, costs, pros and cons

Leasing a van is a great option for businesses that need a vehicle and want to keep their costs in check. Here’s how to do it…

Singapore's First Electric Formula SAE Race Car, Built Completely By Undergraduates!

What do you get when you have a group of dedicated engineering students and an idea to go fast? You take that idea and build a race car out of it. Specifically, you build a Formula SAE (FSAE) race ...

Existing Vehicular Emissions Scheme To Be Extended To 2025, Tighter Pollutant Thresholds To Be Introduced In 2024

LTA has announced that the enhanced Vehicular Emissions Scheme (VES) will be extended for three years to 31 December 2025. However, tightened pollutant thresholds will come into effect from 1 January 2024. The VES is an outcome-based feebate scheme to ...

EVs Should Not Imitate ICE Car Characteristics

I’m the only writer in Motorist’s editorial team to believe that manufacturers should stop trying to make their electrified offerings behave like their petrol-powered counterparts. Simulated Driving Characteristics Accentuating The EV Characteristics I’m the only writer in Motorist’s editorial ...

Five Noteworthy Cars Of Goodwood

Mercedes-AMG ONE McMurtry Speirling Viritech Apricale Ford Supervan 4 The Future Is Fast (But Quiet) You’d be very satisfied with the events that were running concurrently last weekend if you are a motorsport fan. The most relevant event to ...

Australian Road Rules: L- and P-plate restrictions by state and territory

UPDATE, June 2022: Learner and probationary driver restrictions by state Australian Capital Territory What age do I have to be to get a licence in the ACT? How many passengers can I carry in the ACT? Can I tow ...

Can Hydrogen Really Be An Alternative To An All-EV Future?

The Internal Combustion Engine’s days are numbered. With even legacy automakers pledging to ditch dinosaur juice for electrons, it seems like the future would be mind-numbingly rapid, but silent. The Toyota Mirai Factor What’s The Catch? Too Many Pros ...

Week of 20th June: June's Second COE Bidding, Maserati Launches Mid-Size Grecale SUV And BMW iX xDrive40 Sport mReview!

In this edition of mRecap, we take a look at June’s second COE bidding, Maserati lanching the mid-mize Grecale SUV in Singapore and test drive the BMW iX xDrive40 Sport! June 2022 COE Results 2nd Bidding: Increases Across All ...

JB mGuide | 7 Best Hotels To Stay At In Johor

In this mGuide, we will be sharing some hotels that we recommend if you are looking for a spot to tide you through the night! 1. Renaissance Johor Bahru Hotel 2. DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel 4. Amari Johor Bahru ...

What is ISOFIX?

ISOFIX is a system that makes it easy and safe to fit child car seats securely

June 2022 COE Results 2nd Bidding: Increases Across All Categories Again

In the 2nd COE bidding exercise for June 2022, Cat A closed at $74,989, Cat B at $106,001, Cat C at $53,011, Cat D at $10,302 and Cat E at $104,400. Cat A (Cars up to 1600CC & 97KW) ...

Are Electric Cars Really The Way Forward Now?

I Have My Reservations Things Will Be On The Up, But Time Is Needed For The Technology To Mature Stop-Gap Measures? The Hybrid Side Of Things Need I Say More? Electric cars seem to be all the rage in ...

Baby and child car seat laws explained

Newborn to six months baby seat laws Six months to four years car seat laws Four years to seven years car seat laws Seven years and older Children with additional needs Buses, taxis and ride-sharing Have you had trouble ...


Best five utes for towing

JB mGuide | 7 Breath-Taking Nature Attractions In Johor Bahru

Week of 13th June: Evolution Of Car Start Procedures, Buying Or Selling A License Plate and 2022 Lexus NX350 F Sport mReview!

Are You Looking To Buy Or Sell A Car License Plate?

Are electric cars sustainable?

Bidirectional charging explained: A guide to V2L, V2G, and V2H technology

How to prep your car for wet weather

Revisited: How Much Can You Really Save Pumping Petrol In JB?

Why Race Car Engines Do Not Work In Road Cars

Week of 6th June: Race Car Engines, June's 1st COE Bidding Significantly Increases Prices And Polestar 2 mReview!

Here’s What To Look Out For In A Car Loan!

JB mGuide | 7 Most Popular Seafood Restaurants in JB

June 2022 COE Results 1st Bidding: Significant Increases Across All Categories

Five habits that all good drivers possess

How long can a baby be left in a car seat?

Blue Badge scheme: eligibility, benefits, application process and renewals

Top tips on running an electric car

Week of 30th May: 2022 Tesla Model 3 Performance Review, Tips on EV Driving And How Driving Assists Work!

Driving Assists And How They Work: Part III

How Differently Does An Electric Vehicle Drive?

Hybrid vs electric cars: Which should you choose?

A Nifty Guide to Buying Your First Car (2022 Edition)

mRecap: Week of 23rd May 2022 - Woodlands Checkpoint Expansion, Nissan Qashqai, Alfa Romeo Giulia Veloce, Suzuki Jimny mReview!

Singapore-Malaysia Border Reopening - One Month On, Passport Wait Times, And More!

May 2022 COE Results 2nd Bidding: Increases Across All Categories Except Cat A

mRecap: Week of 16th May 2022 - mRecap: Week of 16th May 2022 - May's 2nd COE Bidding, Singapore-Malaysia Border Reopening And Toyota RAV4 Hybrid mReview!

Hybrid vs plug-in hybrid: What's the difference?

Towing guide 2022: UK laws, licences, capacities and top tips

Caravaning for beginners: how to choose a caravan and tow it with confidence

Kitting out your caravan: best camping accessories for 2022

Top 20 best touring caravan sites in the UK

Buying a motorhome in the UK: complete guide and top tips

Best motorhomes 2022: the top 5 picks for all budgets

Business car leasing: how to lease company cars and save

What is Android Auto? Full review and user guide

mRecap: Week of 9th May 2022 - Range Rover Sport Unveiled, New BMW 216i Gran Coupe Launched And Audi S3 mReview!

Electric vehicles with the longest ranges 2020

Free electric car charging and where to find it

What is Ford SYNC 4?

Touch 'n Go Card Expired? Here's How To Get A Refund!

May 2022 COE Results 1st Bidding: Cat E Sees Further Price Drops, Slight Increases Across Some Categories

mRecap: Week of 2nd May 2022 - Sim Racing Association, May 1st COE Bidding Further Drops Cat E Prices And Alfa Romeo Stelvio Super mReview!

Pay-as-you-go black box car finance explained

mRecap: Week of 25th April 2022 - Personal Or Car Loan, Stop-Start Myths And Misconceptions And Audi E-tron mReview!

What is black ice on roads and how do you recognise it?

What is ABS or anti-lock braking system?

How to fix a scratch on your car and other paint repair tips

Can you check if you've been snapped by a speed camera?

Should I Use A Personal Loan Or A Car Loan To Purchase My Next Car?

Ex-Motability cars – should you buy one?

Stop-Start Myths And Misconceptions

mRecap: Week of 18th April 2022 - COE Price Significantly Drops Across All Categories, Ultimate Guide To Driving Into Malaysia And Citroën e-Berlingo mReview!

The CUPRA Leon SP Is Your Best Companion For Work And Play!

Which car should I buy? Ford Falcon XR8 Ute v Holden Crewman SS

Car suspension explained

Top things to consider when buying a family car

Car leasing with insurance: what is it and how does it work?

Driving Assists And How They Work: Part II

The Highway Code: What is it and how do I learn it?

Why Is Petrol So Expensive In Singapore?


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