1947 Lincoln Continental Cabriolet

1947 Lincoln Continental Cabriolet. This sleek looking convertible comes in canary yellow with white wall tires.

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1947 Pickup Truck – Two Shades of Grey

1947 Pickup Truck. This hot pickup truck sports 2 shades of grey.

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1941 Graham Hollywood

1941 Graham Hollywood. Due to their very limited production, Graham vehicles are quite rare compared to old cars made during the same period. The Graham Hollywood model was produced in 1940 only and sold during 1940 and 1941. During these two years, less than 2600 models were built and ...

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1946 Plymouth Special Deluxe

1946 Plymouth Special Deluxe. Waiting lists were common for these old cars at dealerships. Those wanting a new car placed their name, and often a cash deposit, with the dealer

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1940 Cadillac V-16

1940 Cadillac V-16. 315 of these old cars were sold in the first year, 138 in the next. The production of the 1940 models ended in December 1939 due to World War II

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1946 Chevrolet Pickup Truck

1946 Chevrolet Pickup Truck in metallic blue.

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1949 Mercury Sled

1949 Mercury Sled. This old car is super smokin’ hot in purple with some amazing custom work. The paint job almost looks like real smoke.

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1946 Chevy Fleet Liner Cab

This is a Fan submission from Nigel who owns this old car. Submitted by: Nigel Tomkinson

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1949 Harvester Pickup Truck

1941 Plymouth Special Deluxe

1941 Ford | Pickup Truck

1945 Chevy Pickup Truck

49 Chevy

1940 Ford | Street Rod

1947 Oldsmobile | Old Car

1949 Mercury driven by James Dean | Old Car

1940 Pontiac Deluxe

1947 Plymouth Special Deluxe | Old Car

1942 Ford Super Deluxe

1940 Chevy | Old Car


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